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Online stores and e-commerce stores have been booming all over the world in 2020, and especially in Denmark. Many factors have come into play to drive this digital growth. However, the most prominent…

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

The data sharing pact between the EU and the US has been invalidated by the European Court of Justice. The decision was based on insufficient protection of European citizens’ data…

Must Know Social Media Marketing Statistics For 2022

Google Meet used to be paid services only for businesses. Now from June 2020 it has become free for all Gmail users. The change has come after using Zoom…

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Peso Model: The Ultimate Guide To Integrated Marketing

All cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function, and which are used specifically to collect the user’s personal data via analytics, advertisements, other embedded content, are termed non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. You may find it hard to believe that social media marketing can be lucrative for paid search campaigns. If you want to maximize your visibility on the internet, paid media campaigns have no other options. Consumers stay active on social media platforms for more than two hours every day, which explains the hype around paid social media. Businesses utilizing paid social media have witnessed an increase in daily traffic. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your existing campaigns, we can optimize your paid social media campaign for maximum results.

If you have products and services, you can use paid social media ads to generate qualified leads. Here are the best social media platforms to target for paid advertising.

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users, making Facebook ads a popular choice for paid social media campaigns.

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

Facebook ads have quickly gained traction in recent years. It allows you to develop image-based and text-based ads that have high conversion rates.

The Top 10 Best Social Media Advertising Tips

Facebook is the leading advertising platform, but Instagram has become popular for its interactive features. Instagram has more than 500 million users worldwide. The best part about Instagram is that you don’t need an Instagram account to promote ads. Your Facebook page can become the mouthpiece for your Instagram ads.

YouTube attracts 2 billion monthly traffic. Marketers use YouTube in conjunction with Google search ads to advertise their products and services. YouTube ads have three dominant categories – TrueView ads, Preroll ads and Bumper ads. Digital Lead helps you target videos by topic, keyword and category to expand them later.

Twitter is a preferred paid social media platform that attracts marketers, reporters, PR teams and visitors, who participate in important discussions and interact with like-minded people.

Tweets spread faster than other forms of content. You can use Twitter to create personalized and impact-driven ads to increase sales.

Social Media Marketing Types

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most preferred channels for B2B marketers. Marketers can align their marketing goals – lead generation, brand awareness, user engagement, website visits, conversions and many more – with their ads to create text ads, dynamic ads and sponsored content.

There are different ways you can use social media to drive traffic to your website. Apart from the popular ones, you can use Messenger Ads, Snapchat Ads, Yelp Ads, Pinterest Ads, all other various options.

Paid social media has a significant impact on your business. Our Facebook ad specialists and social media experts create meaningful paid social media ads that will increase your conversion rate.

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

As a leading Facebook campaign manager and Instagram advertising specialist, we help you target social media ads to optimize your brand awareness and help users make better decisions.

Must Have Skills For Paid Social Media Advertising Experts

Our paid social media strategies will help you find your target customer profile, demographics, hobbies, interests and other relevant data. DirecTV’s Cassie Wiley outlines the steps you can take to ensure your social media marketing never misses a trick

Pay-per-click advertising through social media can be beneficial in increasing ROI; However, many B2B search marketers are not using paid social media platforms in the most beneficial way. This leads to wasted money, lost time and exhausted efforts. Not ideal, right?

Let’s break down the top paying social media marketing mistakes you can tweak, starting today, to take your social campaigns from average to amazing.

As the popularity of social media continues to rise, businesses are constantly trying to leverage this growth to build their consumer base and place their ads on every social media channel they can find.

Power Up Your Social Media Plan With Paid Social Advertising

Before you go too far and invest money on every available social channel, ask yourself what is the best advertising channel to reach your target audience. There is no one-stop-shop for B2B social media marketing success, and no specific channel is optimal for every business.

Marketers make claims and prepare case studies proving that ads on certain platforms have better conversion rates and higher conversion volumes. However, many of these studies are based on clients in similar fields to theirs. Not all ads are created equal.

Find where your audience interacts online and make sure you fully hone your marketing efforts on those specific channels.

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

For example, an ad for a free demo of construction software has a higher probability of generating more conversions on LinkedIn, targeting an audience with the job title “construction project manager,” than on Facebook where user intent is low for lead generation.

Why Your Paid Social Media Is Losing You Money

Although both Facebook and Linkedin can generate a similar amount of engagement from users when targeting similar audiences, the intent of each user varies greatly. A study showed that clicks generated from LinkedIn are 500% more likely to convert into high-quality leads than Facebook.

On the other hand, a B2C ad promoting a new pair of shoes with a 10% discount coupon has a higher chance of converting on Facebook, where younger users are engaged in making a quick purchase, than on Linkedin.

Just as you wouldn’t use the same bid for every keyword, you shouldn’t use the same call-to-action (CTA) for every social platform. When deciding what your CTA is, first analyze user intent per platform. What is the audience looking for?

For example, users who are active on Linkedin are usually users with more professional purposes, such as looking for a job, following news in their industry or connecting with other professionals. With this professional intent, CTAs like “Free Download” or “Read White Paper” would work well.

Your Social Media Advertising Performance Agency

Conversely, users who are active on Facebook typically scroll through their feed, catch up with friends, or watch short viral videos. Ads that perform better on this platform are those that don’t require a lot of time or commitment.

CTAs here for B2B companies should include text along the lines of “Read more” or give users the option to play a video directly within the ad instead. It’s important to keep user intent in mind and know what CTA users on each platform will respond to when generating the highest number of clicks and conversions.

Additionally, knowing where your audience is in the conversion funnel must align with the intent of your calls to action. It’s not rocket science!

What Is Paid Social Media Advertising

Users seeing your ad for the first time benefit from a less aggressive CTA like “Read more” and are less likely to be interested in a “Contact a representative” CTA when they don’t know anything about your product. Put yourself in their shoes.

Facebook, Instagram Campaign Manager Advertising Specialist Freelancer

On the other hand, if you use a remarketing campaign, users are familiar with your website and product and are ready for CTAs like “View Demo”. They’re reviewing your content again, and they’re ready to take the next steps with you!

The next common mistake in B2B paid social media is not defining your target audience in your campaigns. Unless you have an infinite amount of money to blow, focus on generating MQL conversions over increasing traffic to your site.

Remember: For every click on your ad, you spend money. Therefore, you should only target audiences that are most likely to convert on your website. Quality over quantity!

Each platform is different and targets audiences in different ways. For example, LinkedIn can target based on position, job title and even company name. Using the example client mentioned earlier, a company that sells construction software would be able to target

Reasons Why You Need To Make Use Of A Paid Social Media Advertising

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