Nike Just Do It Campaign Analysis – Driven by a boycott from some fans and criticism from President Donald Trump, Nike released a full-length advertisement Wednesday featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The TV spot, scheduled to air Thursday right before the start of the NFL season, will feature female athletes, youth with disabilities, references to refugees, and people of different races. The goal of the campaign, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It” mantra, is to reach a younger generation who are more likely to support Kaepernick’s activism than the average NFL viewer, Nike said.

Nike Just Do It Campaign Analysis

Kaepernick, then quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, became part of a national controversy in 2016 when he began playing the national anthem at the start of team games. He described his protest as a protest against “a country that oppresses blacks and people of color.” More players followed his example, and the Take a Knee protest became a hot topic in the controversial NFL.

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The latest ad doesn’t mention Kaepernick’s infamous stance, but calls for excellence at the highest level, featuring big-name athletes like Serena Williams and LeBron James, as well as lesser-known players like MLS star Alphonso Davies. He was born in a refugee camp in Ghana, where his parents fled the Liberia Civil War.

“If you were born a refugee, don’t stop playing football for the national team at 16,” Kaepernick says in the commercial voiceover.

Jeff Carvalho, executive director of North America for Highsnobiety, a media publisher covering youth trends and pop culture, said, “Nike is trying to represent America today. Not every athlete is a traditional hero. Our new hero is no longer a traditional hero. It’s not a huge superstar. Today’s youth consumers are seeing it.”

Much like the NFL, which has suffered huge viewership declines, Nike is being decimated by outrage and boycotts. I wonder if they knew it would be this way. As far as the NFL goes, I find it hard to watch until they stand up for FLAG, and always will! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018

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Prior to the unveiling of the new TV spot, Trump expressed his disgust with the campaign, tweeting that “Nike is getting absolutely killed by the rage and the boycott. Didn’t they know it would end up like this?”

Nike stock is up 30% year-over-year and was up almost 1% through mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Nike has done it again. A huge uproar about social media conversations across town sparks major conversations across all media platforms. The company’s latest campaign “Dream Crazier” highlights all the feats of a female athlete: Chloe Kim, the first female snowboarder to land the Frontside Double Cork 1080. Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who became the first woman to wear a hijab in competition during the Games; Needless to say, the narrator herself, Serena Williams.

Debuting on gala night at this year’s Academy Awards, the ad portrays all of the many stereotypes women commonly face. In the context of all the athletes depicted. “When we show emotion, we are called dramatic,” she narrated. “We are crazy if we want to play against a man. Dreaming of equal opportunity is a delusion. When we stand for something we are unhinged. If we do too well, we have a problem. And when we get angry, we are hysterical and irrational or just crazy.” Created by Emma Barnett and Alex Romans of Wieden & Kennedy Portland and directed by Kim Gehrig through Somesuch, it breaks down barriers, brings people together through sport, and brings together the next generation and time again.

At a time when feminism and female empowerment are some of the most talked about terms these days, the ads align perfectly with the sentiment and rationale of the current target group. The predecessor of the campaign, “Dream Crazy” starring Colin Kaepernick, was a huge success. great flame. The new campaign has successfully steered away from social media backlash. Instead, it was highly appreciated by its target consumers for its direct and accurate delivery of key messages. Because ads constantly remind us that marathons, boxing, dunking, NBA team coaching, or feats like “get 23 grand slams, have babies, and come back for more” were all considered crazy until someone did it. . .

After 25 Years, ‘just Do It’ Remains Iconic Tagline

According to Nike’s press release, the Dream Crazier looks set to be a stepping stone for an older generation of athletes to move forward. Step with the Dream Crazier seat”. “Nike continues to advocate for women athletes, as it has for more than 40 years, and change the game for women in sport, inspiring and enabling women athletes at all levels to achieve their potential in sport and fitness. .”

The company has already taken a very deliberate and strategic move by launching its campaign during one of the most watched TV events of the year, the Academy Awards. This was a strategic move for Nike. Cable TV’s viewer base. According to Deadline, this year’s Oscars broadcast rebounded in viewership with 29.6 million viewers. Viewership increased by 12% compared to 2018. This clearly proves that Nike has already been able to make a certain impact in terms of getting closer to the right audience for the new campaign.

The ad’s tremendous success and positive response underscored that consumers continue to respond positively to brands that focus on female empowerment and break gender stereotypes. According to Choozle’s survey, more than a third of consumers say they like a particular brand when it’s marketing against gender stereotypes. And a quarter of consumers surveyed said they were more likely to buy a particular brand for that very reason. Another study by Accenture found that 63% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that support a purpose that aligns with their values. And with the rise of social media, Gen Z and millennials are starting to see brands as key players who need to take a stand on social and political issues.

In true Nike fashion, the brand has proven that stepping out of your comfort zone and making a political or social statement can actually be leveraged and used as a winning strategy to increase heart share. Not to mention market share. Nike reported a “record engagement with the brand” despite some controversy and calls for a boycott of the brand after Colin Kaepernick spearheaded the “Dream Crazy” campaign last year. According to an analysis conducted by Edison Trends, Nike’s online sales increased by 31% over the Labor Day weekend in 2018. Additionally, according to Kantar Media, the campaign helped Nike see a 2:1 ratio of revenue media to paid media. Nike reportedly spent about $4 million on pay TV advertising purchases for the Kaepernick campaign, but created a media value of $7.6 billion as a result. While the “Dream Crazier” ad isn’t exactly a rollercoaster ride in terms of creating a buzz, industry veterans are hoping it will help Nike’s good numbers in terms of sales and help generate positive word of mouth across multiple channels.

Just Do It? Well, They Just Did. Nike Brand Analysis.

It’s fascinating to sit back and realize just how far Nike has come from its humble beginnings in 1964. The “Dream Crazier” ad could be perceived as an embodiment of the actual brand itself. Avoid all backlash, face all odds, live up to opportunities, and aim for stardom in the end. The campaign can certainly provide Nike with a good nurturing base to brainstorm and portray ideas that challenge societal norms, and serve as a catalyst to unite consumer groups to increase conversation and awareness about a common cause.

Female athletes have been around for decades. They aspired, they represented their country, and they accomplished incredible feats we dare not even imagine. Nike chose the perfect storyline to continue the “Dream Crazy” plot. Even the characters portrayed couldn’t have been better. When we support women, we support the world. This ad isn’t the first time Nike has taken a stance on the race conversation. The weekend before the 2018 NFL season, Nike released a powerful ad in support of Colin Kaepernick, drawing praise and criticism from both sides of the political aisle. Nike’s stance has paid off while appealing to a much younger audience.

Nike’s share price fell several points in the days following the advertisement, but Nike

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