Advertising Campaign In The Philippines – MANILA, PHILIPPINES – YouTube has released its local group of Ad Leaders winners for 2020, which are the top monthly ads determined by factors such as watch time, organic views and viewer retention. These 12 ads showcased the resilience and relevance of brands, the power of storytelling, and the new realities of life as a result of the pandemic.

Andok’s Ang Chibok ng Puso ni Piolo dominated January, featuring an epic story about how a childhood favorite food can fuel love, with Pinoy celebrity Piolo Pascal winning the hearts of viewers.

Advertising Campaign In The Philippines

Hopeful CIMB Bank’s One Shot At Love February 2020 shows that taking a leap of faith can lead to big rewards.

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The “Lazada 8th Birthday Sale” commercial won the hearts of many Filipino viewers in March thanks to the influence of “your daughter” Mimiyuuuh. This month saw the start of creative yet impactful storytelling as brands adapted their messaging to the current climate brought on by the pandemic.

Interestingly, the All-New Suzuki S-Presso car ad emerged as the winner in April, where the Filipino audience was locked in for almost a month, which may indicate Filipinos’ desire to get out and about on the freeway. .

COVID-19 may have changed many things – but not to mention the unconditional love of Filipino mothers. Lactum’s Mother’s Day campaign, Alagang Ramdam ng Bawat Pilipino, aims to honor the frontline heroes of the pandemic, some of whom are also mothers.

The Filipinos proved that the Philippines is the heart of K-drama as Captain Smart Communications landed first! Thanks to the fans of Hyun Bin, who became famous as Captain Ri in the series “Crash Landing on You”, he won in June.

Curated Menu Items For You As You Drive!

Campaigns continue to deliver meaningful messages, such as OPPO’s #LiveAllOut ad with Alex G and Matthaios in July, including how you can be creative at home to combat quarantine burnout.

One of Samsung’s latest innovations, proven by its direct but effective advertising [AirDresser] Enjoy your passions with the Samsung AirDresser, which can keep clothes clean and odor-free when stored and not worn for a long time. periods.

September: Join Kathryn Bernardo, Mimiyuuuh and Sam YG at the 9.9 Lazada Big Brand Sale on September 9th! (Lazada Philippines)

As e-commerce accelerates, Lazada ranks highest among other digital ads on YouTube for the second time in 2020. The combined influence of Kathryn Bernardo, Mimiyuuh and Sam YG, as well as Lazada’s promise of 9.9 sales, gained a lot of viewers for the ad.

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Security has shown that in a pandemic-constrained world, brands can rely on animation as an effective way to produce promotional content. HUGAS NA RIN reveals the do’s and don’ts of hand washing at Fred D and Gloc 9 in YAN.

November: Join our Lazada Queen Catherine Bernardo and Regional Brand Ambassador Lee Min Ho for #Lazada1111 (Lazada Philippines)

As e-commerce becomes more competitive during the pandemic, Lazada continued its big growth with marketing investments, using the winning combination of Kathryn Bernardo and Lee Min Ho in the 11.11 sales campaign.

Featuring several celebrities and content creators, Pepsi’s local ad is a reflection of how technology can keep us connected in the midst of COVID-19, showing that Filipinos can still have a meaningful holiday season. The ad attracted 7.8 million viewers.

Ad Recap 2019: The Ads That Made A Mark

For the YouTube Advertising Leadboard 2020, we’ve seen talk of the new truths and silver linings being told through the video platform. We’ve witnessed the power of stories to help people move on, celebrate real heroes, and focus on what matters most in life. “Effective YouTube ads not only surpass metrics, but also communicate the potential of humanity to inspire others and make a meaningful impact,” said Gabby Roxas, Head of Marketing, Google Philippines.

Andok’s CIMB Bank Philippines Lactum Lazada Lazada Philippines Oppo OPPO Philippines Pepsi Philippines Protect Samsung Samsung Philippines Smart Smart Communications suzuki Suzuki Philippines YouTube youtube advertising leader

We use cookies to improve how you use our site and your experience. Includes personalization of content and advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. While the Philippines’ top three brands remained unchanged from a year ago, Jollibee, San Miguel and apparel and accessories brand Bench – many brands rose and fell in consumers’ ratings. (Respondents are asked to name the ‘Strongest Local Brands’ in an open-ended question, which is quite separate from the questions that generate an overall 1,000 brand list for APAC and a top 100 list for each market.)

One sector that was particularly impacted in 2020 was mobile, which led to the rise of local brands. Cherry Mobile, Globe Telecommunication and My Phone all made the list of strongest local brands. Specifically, my phone went from 20th last year to eighth this year. Smart Communications was the only mobile provider to make the top ten.

The Coca Cola Company, Ligo Sardines, Ab Inbev

While in some markets a strong dose of nationalism and patriotism has been injected into consumer sentiment, the issue will be debated in the Philippines. “We’re seeing some of that on social media, does that really translate into buying brands for those reasons,” said Juan Manuel De Borja, director of strategic planning for Gray Philippines. “For Filipino consumers, I believe it’s more like never before, and maybe even more now: they’re opening their wallets for products and offerings that fit their lifestyles.

Rather than some nationalist argument, some other observers argue that consumer demand may be increasing in the high-priced Philippine market during the recession. “We’re seeing a trend to support local products, especially those made by local farmers and artisans who have been affected by the pandemic,” said Tricia Camarillo-Quiambao, managing director of the Philippines initiative. “There are many opportunities to capitalize on the values ​​and meanings inherent in branded brands…However, the importance and relevance of people’s needs today remain the primary demands.”

One brand that has been riding this wave in the past year is Lucky Me, a designer food brand from Nissi that was launched 31 years ago. The brand launched new products such as Pancit Canton Go Cup meals, expanded its products online during the pandemic, and rose to sixth place out of 20 on the local list as it offers an eight-digit customer service line. helping consumers interact more easily.

Another local brand that has seen increased consumer affinity is My Phone, a local consumer-electronics brand. In a challenging environment, the company seems to have benefited by offering affordable products to budget-conscious buyers and a healthy dose of targeted marketing, offering free phones to school children and positioning itself in medical departments.

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Some observers question whether mobile brands in the Philippines can sustain their gains this year. They have spent the last two years increasing their offerings and lowering prices to attract consumers. However, as the pandemic wore on, the quality of services struggled to keep up (our surveys were conducted in March and April, the same time the pandemic began). “People are demanding more from telecommunications providers,” said Francine Kahn-Gonzalez, CEO of BBDO Guerrero. “The issue may be reliability and maintaining a consistent connection.”

Mobile sales and service brands such as Cherry Mobile dropped in the 2020 Local Brand Rankings as consumers demand quality service.

Others, such as Jose Ortega, chairman and CEO of Havas Ortega, argue that the quality of these providers’ customer service is falling behind consumers’ expectations as data usage increases during the lockdown. “Before the lockdown, these telcos were already under scrutiny with poor provision of basic services. The lockdown situation has worsened. “

On the contrary, some experts believe that multinational brands may have done a better job this year of offering value-added products to Filipinos. De Borja of Gray Philippines: “(A global brand like Nestle) has products to suit every stage of your life. “Baby food, dairy, healthcare and more are waiting for you at every stage of life, and you can move seamlessly from one category to another without leaving the brand’s consumer ecosystem.”

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To mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, PRWeek explores the current situation in Ukraine and the role of the international PR community in helping the country’s efforts.

Sustainability task forces and coalitions are learning how to measure and quantify carbon emissions before mitigation efforts begin.

A new video podcast series looks at popular sports advertising campaigns. Here, the creator and host recalls a personal love affair he was involved in. Independent GIGIL Philippines launched this massive promotional campaign for the Philippine anime series Trese, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

The series premiered

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