How To Start Advertising On Facebook – Facebook advertising has evolved into a powerful advertising platform in recent years. It allows advertisers to effectively and accurately find the right customer. But using these powerful features of Facebook Ads is quite complicated. Therefore, we need to understand many terms such as customer interest targeting, similar audience calculation, remarketing based on website traffic, and so on. It was dizzying enough as we were able to start the games.

Don’t worry, this tutorial will start from scratch and gradually explain the most basic Facebook ad placement operations to help you successfully place your first Facebook ad.

How To Start Advertising On Facebook

How To Start Advertising On Facebook

If you pay to advertise on Facebook, your ads will have the opportunity to appear to customers.

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For example, when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and constantly follow a coffee sharing post, you will sometimes see “Sponsored” tags for coffee related sponsorship, this is actually an ad placement.

Bosses usually exhausting in managing their business. As such, they are not able to devote additional time to learning and managing, so it is easiest to abandon this method. But when we take the time to learn this skill, Facebook advertising will become an automated sales system and will help our business find new leads even when we are on vacation.

Advertising in traditional media such as billboard or roadside banner is not suitable for small business, because the entrance fee is very high, easily cost around RM10,000 per insertion, it was too much burden and risk for small business. In turn, advertising on Facebook will be more economical, which we could start advertising from as little as $5, and from the report we could clearly know our ROAS (return on ad spend).

As I write this article, Facebook has more than 2.5 billion users worldwide and 23 million users in Malaysia, which is more than 70% of the population, so basically you can reach every type of person except older people who don’t use computers.

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You can use hundreds of elements to define your ad audience, such as gender, region, age, interests, and characteristics such as novice parents, newlyweds, etc., to effectively exclude “non-customers” and precisely target your target customers.

When we advertise on Facebook, Facebook will calculate how many visitors will see or click on your ad, so the question is how much does it cost? Two big factors as below will determine how much your ad costs:

Facebook cared so much about the bounce rate of its users. What is the bounce rate? For example: if I’m male, Facebook shows me ads for women’s clothing, and that’s irrelevant. This will lessen my interest in continuing to scroll through my newsfeed. But if the ads are related to my interests, we can’t continue reading them even though it was a sponsored post. Facebook understands this, so it rewards some “relevant” and “high-quality” ads that get more exposure for a lower price.

How To Start Advertising On Facebook

This is mainly due to competition. For example, if your audience is Malaysian, the price will be higher than in Bangladesh. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the purchasing power of Malaysians is higher than that of Bangladeshis, and brands will calculate ad performance based on returns, so they will be willing to pay higher advertising fees to Malaysians. However, we do not have to worry too much about this, we should take care of finding the most suitable recipients for your products and services.

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Before I start explaining, I would like to mention that many DIY SME’s would like to use the “Boost Post” method. Personally, I don’t recommend it. This feature has many limitations, such as the inability to specify marketing goals, limitations on interest settings, and limitations on certain bids. Instead, Ads Manager must be used to display and manage ads. With Ad Manager, you can achieve the same effect as Boost Post, moreover, it can be a more accurate audience setting. You can also choose other, more effective marketing strategies based on your advertising goal.

I highly recommend using a computer to host the ad manager. Although the mobile also has ad management applications, the settings of the phone’s application sometimes cause some technical problems. To work more efficiently, my image is a screenshot from the desktop version. I assume you already have a personal Facebook account. You can click on the triangle in the upper right corner of the home page after logging in to Facebook and you will see the “Create Ad” option:

Facebook has three broad categories of goals which are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Each category has different individual goals, eleven different goals in total, it was confusing. With different types of marketing goals, Facebook will help you find the most relevant and best audience to see your ads, so it’s important to set the right goals that align with your business goals. But understanding all the target features and how to use them will require a whole article. Therefore, I suggest that newbies can choose from the following options:

The advantage of an instant sale is that you get profits immediately, re-invest in advertising costs, and quickly grow the number of customers and businesses. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that most competitors want to sell immediately and few people are willing to buy immediately, so depending on the industry and competition, it may not be easy to get a positive return. If you want to try to sell right away, post to sell a product or service, then choose “Traffic” as your goal. Traffic means you want to drive an ad audience to your site and then sell on your site.

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In fact, I highly recommend that you create a website first. You can refer to this How to Create a Website article to make your own website. However, if you really can’t create a website for now, you can also use this traffic target to take users to the Facebook Messenger messaging tool and let the user send a private PM with an inquiry or purchase order.

The advantage is that your page followers will be notified about your promotions or new products in the future. The more fans, the more people will receive the notification. Of course, we need to pay attention to some tips on how to successfully attract likes and turn fans into customers. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money to save, but ultimately it will not be a business. Select “Engagement” and choose the “Page Likes” approach, therefore Facebook will use their calculated mode to help you find as many people as possible who like your Page.

If your popular post has been liked and shared by many people, you can also use the “Post Engagement” option to increase it. It can go viral with likes and shares so it can attract more people through your post.

How To Start Advertising On Facebook

Don’t know what to choose? If you are unsure, I suggest selling immediately, which is the purpose of “Movement”.

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As for the budget, set a one-day budget that you want to spend each day. The higher the budget, the greater the number of contacts. The minimum daily budget in Malaysia is $1. For beginners, a minimum of $5-10 per day is considered good.

This part is the most powerful feature of Facebook Ads. This is the most important part of your advertising success. Choose the right audience and your ads will bring you high-quality customers at low cost. On the contrary, if you choose non-precise audiences, your ads will continue to show to people who will never visit you, incurring advertising costs.

Custom Audience is a very effective feature, but more advanced. You need to install the pixel and have a certain amount of traffic before it can be used effectively. Because newbies can skip it for now.

If your target audience is Malaysian, select “Malaysia” as your location. For regional businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, etc., be aware of who can set “Live Here”, “Recently Here”, or “Travel Here” to a location. In addition, you can also enter an address and let Facebook find your audience within a custom mile.

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Age, gender and language settings You can check the data from the Facebook report after running your ads to learn more about which audience is best for you.

Here you can set “Demographic”, “Interests” and “Behavior”. For example, you can browse through the browsing options and choose your relationship status, for example, to target an insurance company, baby products, or wedding-related products. You can also choose an industry or profession that is more suitable for certain B2B companies. Of course, there are many interesting terms such as photography, fitness, computer technology, cooking, etc. We can try to enter the keywords that interest us in the search.

Also, we have a little tip for that in-depth marketing which is to set your competitor’s website name as a keyword. For example, one of our customers sells coffee pods, their big competitor

How To Start Advertising On Facebook

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