How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram – Do you want to sell your fashion products on Instagram, but you just don’t see traction, or you don’t get the results you want?

If you are chasing likes and followers. I’m not surprised because there is something more important to do on Instagram when it comes to making money and actually selling our fashion.

How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram

How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram

I want to explain what it is and give you a few tips to help you see more success with your Instagram marketing. If you want to learn about Instagram Reels directly, you can click here for information on my free Reels Ebook.

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I’ve been getting a ton of questions about Instagram marketing lately. So in this video I wanted to share my biggest Instagram marketing tip, although this will work on other platforms if you prefer.

What does? Well, that’s it for now….don’t focus too much on the likes and I know that can be counterintuitive. It may be different what you were trying to achieve but here’s the thing…if you have 10 million followers and 10 million of them love that cute picture you just posted of a puppy. What do you have? 10 million likes, right?

You have no ad. You don’t have people going to your website. You don’t have people subscribed to your email list or become customers. You have 10 million likes and while it’s good for the algorithm admittedly and it’s good for the ego – not gonna lie – it’s not going to build your business.

We have done nothing. We spent time posting something and people spent time liking something. We haven’t found a new customer yet. We have not invested in the business. We weren’t very successful when we thought about it.

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My advice is to really consider what we want to achieve with our marketing and opportunities, we want to achieve more than just thinking about it.

We want to achieve leads and people who are interested in our brand, who want to travel and look at our brand and who want to hopefully buy our products. So instead of creating content that people like because it’s funny or because it’s a cute puppy. We want to make sure that we’re really smartly posting content that builds trust and tells people what our business is about and that attracts people.

Useful or entertaining or funny content and something that will drive people to your website, or at least to view our products in the shop section of Instagram. And the way we do that is not by posting things because they’re great but we really think about what our audience likes, or what our audience struggles with, and we think about how we can change this post for them to take. some kind of action. So when you create a post, lead with ‘what do I want the customer to do’ in your mind?

How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram

So for example, if you want a customer to go and look at your website and look at a blog post, rather than just leading by saying ‘go look at this blog post’ you can have an image of how to do something, say your customer is interested in brands, you can have clothes, a really good looking garment, a beautiful image.

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In the text you can talk about current trends and how you styled your item to use different things and basically put it on trend. Then you can explain in the caption, if you want to see more of this, there’s a free article to go to the link in the bio to check it out or something like that.

We always want this CTA, this call to action, with everything we do because we don’t want to leave the customer thinking ‘oh well, that’s fine now. I’ll move on to the next thing’. We want to keep them in our world important and lead them to our website or our products. We want to build trust with the customer, we want to show them that you can offer them a good price and then you can introduce your products once you have established trust.

I hope that makes sense and I hope it makes you rethink how you want to do your marketing. Rather than creating content to gain popularity, we want to create content that gets the customer to our website and looking at our products.

If you’re still a bit struggling with marketing in general and you never know what to post, or what to say, or you don’t have photos to post, you might want to check out my all-inclusive Fashion Marketing Kit. those things basically.

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It tells you how to find the best pictures you’re allowed to use, not the ones taken from someone else’s profile! How to submit content, content comments, and swipe files are also included. Click here for a link to my Fashion Marketing Kit.

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How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram

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From your initial idea of ​​a garment to the design of your tag, your brand should permeate your clothing line from top to bottom. Regardless, your logo is created using a logo maker. you need to find a place in your clothing line. It’s important to narrow down what your brand stands for and what it stands for quickly to ensure that every decision you make throughout your branding process reflects your brand’s unique identity.

By this point, you will have designed your clothing line and created tech packs with detailed information about each piece (including fabric and trims). You will have made samples of each piece, which will be tested for quality and wear.

In the process of bringing your vision to life, you will have a team and a product partner who will take care of your product. Whether you’ve chosen to work with local factories or overseas product suppliers, you’ll have a contract at least one place to run your collection, which will be posted online ready for you to promote and sell. If you have not yet reached this stage of the process, you will be able to find manufacturing partners in every niche and worldwide.

How To Promote Your Clothing Brand On Instagram

From the start, it’s good to have a launch date in mind when starting a new clothing business. It’s okay if this date changes as you develop your business, but without a date in mind at the beginning, you’re starting yourself on an endless timeline. This can be discouraging and actually cause you to take longer when planning and coming to a decision about certain aspects of your plan.

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If you’ve reached the point where you’re working on your marketing plan and figuring out the best way to promote your new fashion line online, then you’ve already made progress with your business. With this article, you probably took care of the following steps:

You will need a website if you want to sell products. However, this process should not be ignored quickly or easily because, as an online window for your brand, your website is the most important thing to fix when promoting your brand to new audiences online. It may be so

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