How To Make A Business Plan Quora – Building brand awareness is a time-consuming task that requires effort and effort. And you, as a marketer, need to know the most effective, fast and cost-effective ways to do this. That’s why you might have heard of Quora Marketing.

Quora is used by millions of potential buyers and thousands of companies, making it the perfect place to advertise your products. Learn how to use Quora to market your business and become a top writer to drive traffic to your website. To gather the best tips, I asked Valerie, our Outbound Marketing Manager, to help me out, and she provided me with a wealth of tips to help get her answers seen by over half a million people.

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you can ask anything and get answers from volunteer posters. The questions vary from professional questions that require a lot of experience and knowledge to personal, funny and even confusing questions that anyone can have.

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If you are into marketing, you can try using Quora as a valuable source of traffic. By answering questions on your niche and adding links to your blog or landing page (by the way, if you’re doing this for SEO, not all links are tracked), you can increase traffic and increase brand awareness.

If you answer questions regularly and your answers are of good quality (we’ll cover how to write good answers on Quora later), you can become a top writer. As a top writer, your answers can be added to the Quora Digest mailing list, and people who subscribe to a topic you’re active in will receive an email with your answer.

Note: If 100,000 people subscribe to a topic, there is no guarantee that all of them will receive your reply. Sometimes only 1% of subscribers.

✔ Stay up to date with new trends in your industry. Discover relevant problems, ask your own questions and learn from your target audience and competitors.

Quora Presentation Deck

✔ Tell people about your product. If someone directly asks about your tool or service, don’t miss the opportunity. Provide full support to potential customers and share relevant links as needed.

✔ Increase brand awareness. Millions of people use Quora, and consistently sharing your solution on relevant topics will help you get noticed by potential leads.

✔ Get people to visit your website. Use stories that connect to your experience to create excitement and desire to learn more about your company and your solution.

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

✔ Become an influencer and influence public opinion. By consistently providing great answers with high upvotes, your reputation will grow and you’ll be able to influence opinion in your niche.

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✔ Build a keyword database and find content ideas. With Quora, you can analyze what people are searching for on topics relevant to your niche and use those ideas for content. Use popular “how to” questions to build your keyword database for SEO.

✔ Help young professionals. There are thousands of people on Quora who are just starting out in your career. Help young professionals by sharing your experience and tips to improve your field.

According to SimilarWeb, more than half a billion people visit Quora every month. Need more traffic and leads to your website? Small budget? Quora is the solution for you. – Valerie, Outbound Marketing Manager How to create the best Quora profile

Creating your Quora marketing strategy starts with your profile. Include as much information as possible, make sure your photo is actually you, describe who you are and why potential readers should trust your answers. Avoid looking too promotional and salesy – readers trust real people through brand accounts.

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How to Create a Quora Profile: Step 1. Go to Quora and sign up with Gmail or Facebook. Step 2. Choose at least 10 topics that interest you. Step 3. Mark the languages ​​you know. Step 4. Click the Home button. On the right side is the “Customize your account” list: follow more niches and topics, add account information, improve answers, ask questions and, of course, start answering them.

Here’s a short list of tips we’ve developed based on our experience on how to be more credible on Quora:

Tip 2. In Settings, you can choose the frequency and types of emails you want to receive from Quora. Select “Daily” to receive emails with questions you can answer every day.

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

Tip 3. Choose specialized topics. The more topics you choose, the more questions you will be able to answer. For example, if you work in email marketing, choose the following topics: email marketing, email delivery, email automation, email addresses, lead generation, B2B lead generation, etc.

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Tip 5. Regularly do research on relevant topics and follow them. When you click the follow topic button, other related topics will appear. Choose the most suitable for you.

These tips will give you the chance to answer more questions and if you do it right, you’ll be a better writer in no time. As a real-life example, check out the profile of our Outbound Marketing Manager Valerie.

Not all Quora questions will give you the results you’re looking for. Continuous research on topics and questions is critical to the success of your Quora marketing efforts.

There are a few things you need to know about how to search for the right questions. Of course, first you need to define the relevant keywords (you may have already selected them for SEO) and search for them in the Search bar. Now you can start choosing the best questions.

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✔ Pay attention to the number of subscribers to the question. The number of followers is actually the number of people waiting for an answer to this question – the higher the better. Filter questions by type, topics and time and always follow question details, select the most anticipated and most viewed questions (1000+). This is manual work, so be prepared to spend time searching for the best questions.

✔ Don’t just answer popular questions. It’s important to answer both old high-traffic Quora questions and new ones that have appeared recently. You are much more likely to get banned by just answering old popular questions.

✔ Manage your questions. Go to the Answers tab. There you will see three categories: Questions for you, Answering requests and Answering later. In the first category, you can find questions suggested by Quora on topics of interest. The second group, the Answer Questions group, has questions that other Quora users want you to answer – which is rare, but a good sign. Your answers are valuable for readers. The last category is a kind of backlog – if you come across a relevant question but don’t have time to answer it, add it there and answer it later.

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

✔ Don’t Ignore Relevant Questions When you’re active on Quora, the platform starts suggesting Related Questions. Don’t avoid them: the more you answer, the better your reputation will be.

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The main purpose of using Quora for marketing is to drive traffic to your blog, find answers to questions that are already on your blog, and link your answer to a relevant article. – Valerie, Outbound Marketing Manager How to write a good answer on Quora

Of course, the speed of searching questions and the speed of writing is entirely up to you. But I’m here to help you with the last point – how to write a good answer on Quora with these 21 tips.

Tip 1. Analyze your niche: see what people are interested in, how other Quora users answer, which answers get the most votes and which get the least attention, and create your own answer strategy.

Tip 2. Present yourself as an authority. Be confident, especially if the question is about your service or product. Use words that prove you know what you’re writing about, such as: definitely, definitely, definitely, I’m sure, absolutely, etc.

Quora Business Model

Tip 4. When you promote (when asked a question), don’t forget to share the benefits of using your solution. It’s never about what you can do, but what the user can get out of it.

Tip 5. If you fear that you will be banned for talking about your product (which is rare), add a disclaimer about the change. So your answer is considered “I know because I work here”.

Tip 6. Provide proof and sources when you share any statistics or information. Exact facts and figures are popular in Quora answers, and even if your answer isn’t fully read, it’s often picked up for research.

How To Make A Business Plan Quora

Tip 7. Include screenshots, graphs, infographics, gifs, and other relevant visual content as proof of the idea you’re promoting. Visual content attracts more attention and is processed faster than reading.

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Tip 8. Use videos. They are more eye-catching than pictures and are a clear way to complete your answer.

The videos are amazing and you should definitely try them out

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