How To Join Recruitment Agencies – Despite the highly technological world, the multiple platforms available can make it increasingly difficult to find the right job or find the perfect employees for your needs. This is why recruitment agencies are extremely important – to ensure that employees’ needs are aligned with the needs of the company and vice versa.

In this fast-paced world, it can be nearly impossible to keep looking for jobs, arranging interviews, and curating a long list of candidates or positions. Recruitment agencies in Singapore can do these tasks on your behalf and make better connections between companies and employees.

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

The list below shows you the top five recruitment agencies in Singapore [2023] that can take care of your employment needs and many other HR related tasks!

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Randstad has over two decades of employment and recruitment experience and specializes in matching qualified candidates with the best job opportunities. With excellent customer ratings reaching 4.7, Randstad is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Singapore and is a leading international brand. In addition to offering employment opportunities, it also outsources various services to companies, including payroll and employer branding services.

Michael Page is a leading international recruitment agency with over 40 years of international experience. The Asia team was established in 1994 and has grown to gain significant local and regional market experience. The company aims to match leading companies with talented professionals, which results in growing popularity and positive experiences around the world.

Michael Page Singapore offers specialist services for professionals with a focus on technical, middle and senior management roles.

Adept Manpower offers a wide range of services including local or international recruitment, payroll outsourcing, HR consulting services and much more. It has a dedicated recruiting team with many years of experience in this competitive sector.

Corporate Recruitment Agencies In Singapore

Adept Manpower is a complete solution for companies looking for complete human resource management solutions without the challenges associated with using different service providers. This ecosystem has helped satisfy over 500 clients and find job opportunities for over 5,000 candidates.

Morgan McKinley is an international brand specializing in connecting talent with the best companies from different disciplines and sectors. It is a great choice for both local and international jobseekers, while companies can take advantage of its extensive experience in this field.

The company is one of the most popular options in Singapore due to its highly personalized approach to recruiting and hiring.

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

JAC Recruitment was founded in London in 1975, now reaching 11 countries worldwide. It specializes in finding job opportunities for high caliber professionals. In addition, JAC Recruitment also offers consulting services to job seekers and companies. It is now the longest running international recruitment in Singapore and has close ties with several major companies in the region, helping to find highly qualified people with the right opportunities. Well, we have great news for you!

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We have gone through many options to bring you the best recruitment agencies in Singapore for each industry today. We’ll show you each agency’s strengths and weaknesses so you can determine for yourself whether they’re right for you.

At the end of this article, we’ll also answer some questions you might have about them. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Job seekers need not worry about paying a fee as recruitment agencies in Singapore do not charge candidates for using their services.

Instead, companies and employers hire recruiters to source candidates. For each successful applicant, recruiters earn a percentage of the new hire’s salary to cover the location fee.

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This does not mean that employers directly take part of your salary to pay the agency. Instead, they just use your salary as a basis to get a certain percentage.

In Singapore, some recruitment agencies charge companies one month of the selected candidate’s annual salary. Under Singapore law, recruitment agencies can only charge companies up to two months of a candidate’s annual salary.

It’s important to note that some recruitment agencies have different ways of calculating their fees and costs. For example, some agencies charge a flat retention fee on certain placements or conditions.

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

So if this is something that concerns you, it is highly recommended to clear things up with your chosen recruitment agency to find out more about their fees.

Full Time & Contract Staffing

Trust Recruit is a leading Singapore-based recruitment company specializing in IT and Engineering. They have over 20 years of collective experience in the field and serve clients ranging from multinational corporations to the public sector and small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, with the boom in data collection and networking, the number of IT customers and technology/engineering talent has skyrocketed.

They also serve a significant number of customers and connect talent in manufacturing, construction, logistics, trading, banking and telecommunications.

Aiming to become the leading recruitment company in Singapore, they aim to constantly produce high quality recruitment solutions. They offer a flexible range of services, including permanent placement where they secure long-term candidates and contract placement for temporary staff.

We recommend Trust Recruit for their excellent recruiting and talent management service. They also have competitive pricing, excellent reviews, and professional agents who advise their clients.

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Kenny at Trust Recruit has been very helpful with our company’s hiring requirements. He is very patient and knows what we look for in a candidate. I can say that we closed more than 10 deals with his support. Kuddos to Kenny and the team!

“We have engaged Trust Recruit’s placement services over the years. The results have been encouraging, with good performance from the recommended team. Acepak uses a number of employment agencies. Trust Recruit excels at carefully considering our needs and proposing suitable candidates. We are satisfied with the service and recommend it.” – Celine Toh, Manager, Acepak Technology Pte Ltd

“Trust Recruit Pte Ltd and my company have established clear communication and understanding about what my organization really needs. Mrs. Indah, the manager in charge of my company’s recruitment affairs, went out of his way to find out more details about the job requirements and matches with candidates’ resumes before submitting them for my consideration. I’m glad I didn’t waste too much time poring over the resume.

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

Trust Recruit Pte Ltd was able to find good candidates for my company and I was able to establish some top positions. Candidates are still happily working with us. I will continue to work with Trust Recruit Pte Ltd on recruitment issues. Keep it up and thank you… Trust the Recruit.”

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“Our company is very happy to entrust our hiring process to the assistance of Trust Recruit over the last few years. Trust Recruit has been our trusted partner in fulfilling our company’s talent pipelines throughout this time. With its quick and responsive actions, our hiring needs have been easily and quickly met for the past few years. Furthermore, what most impressed us is the friendly and supportive role played by Trust’s recruitment agents, allowing us to facilitate the hiring process as if we were in liaison with part of our internal departments. Without hesitation, we would like to strongly recommend Trust Recruit to all organizations with unmet hiring needs.”

“I am very grateful for the help of Samantha at Trust Recruit. Samantha presented herself as patient, positive, friendly and professional in all activities. She offered a lot of valuable advice on how best to approach the actual interviews, fully understanding the job requirements and my experiences.” –

“I received professional and valuable advice from Kenny Koh, who has been very engaging, reliable and highly principled in my job search. Kenny has an in-depth knowledge of various IT industries and works with a wide network of well-qualified IT employers in a variety of work disciplines. He has been very supportive and professional. I am sure that your efficiency and professionalism will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have the important support that I had. Thanks and keep up the good work! Health”

Here’s something for seasoned IT professionals and novices alike: Manpower is one of the world’s leading specialist IT recruitment agencies. They are also a Fortune 500 company which is quite telling of their reputation and the success they have had in the recruiting industry.

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Despite their specialization, they also have quite a few listings in various industries such as customer service, engineering, and pharmaceutical companies. So if you’re not really an IT pro, we think their other lists are worth a look.

Nowadays, most job openings are permanent or contractual. Temp jobs with hourly rates are a rare case, so you might want to skip this agency if that’s what you’re looking for.

Another potential downside for some is that Manpower’s Singapore jobs database does not cover opportunities abroad. If that’s what you want, we recommend checking to see if Manpower has a website in the country of your choice.

How To Join Recruitment Agencies

Most likely yes, considering they have local offices in major cities around the world, from Tokyo to New York.

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“This is by far the best

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