How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube – YouTube monetization is an important source of income for many musicians, and this is just one type of music income from YouTube.

What are those different sources of income? How is this money made on YouTube? How do you put it all together? Read!

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

Before we dive into monetization, we want to make sure you have your house in order to maximize your YouTube earning potential. For help, check out How to Promote Your Music on YouTube:

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These three steps will help you build a following on YouTube – and the bigger your following, the more opportunities you have to make YouTube money.

Let’s start with a handy infographic that shows the different views your music can get on YouTube:

“Music monetization” is the process of identifying your music (or other audio or visual content) when it is used in a video posted on a social platform such as YouTube or Facebook, and collecting revenue from that use.

In the case of YouTube monetization, this revenue can be generated regardless of who uploaded the video containing your content. These types of videos are called User Generated Content (UGC) and can result in legal fees without doing anything. It’s easy! Who doesn’t like easy money? However, the types of media you can monetize with Content ID include:

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Here’s a more detailed explanation: YouTube’s Content ID process involves uploading and fingerprinting “assets”, referencing files to the YouTube Content Management System (or CMS) to scan and monetize your Content ID.

It can take up to two weeks for a newly uploaded video to be scanned across all properties on YouTube, but if a video contains something that belongs to you, YouTube will act according to the policies set by the content owner (if you’re ‘self-monetized’ or is also a music monetization service (as always, CD Baby is the best game in town for this).

After the audio is uploaded, it automatically recognizes the audio content on the YouTube servers. This is done by scanning each video, looking not only for other user-generated videos on YouTube, but also for copyrighted audio and visual content. It does this regardless of whether the content is posted by the owner or not.

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

You can set up a Google AdSense account and decide which ads you want on your videos. This will opt you in for monetization and placing ads on your videos, but it’s a bit of work. It also allows you to monetize only the videos you upload to your channel and you must already be qualified for the YouTube Partner program.

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The easiest way to monetize your YouTube videos is to use CD Baby’s social video monetization app. For a new submission, you can choose during the submission process, or you can choose your already released music. However, there is also YouTube monetization with our distribution. No extra entry fee!

You can monetize any song that you control for basic recording and publishing. This is a short answer, but what does it mean?

Since both audio recordings and compositions are monetized on YouTube, both should be copyrighted. So if your songs are 100% original, you’re golden!

This means that non-original songs are not eligible for CD Baby (or any) monetization program. This includes:

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Why can’t you use any of that content? The owners of the original versions may have already uploaded it to YouTube for monetization, and Content ID can’t tell the difference. It will try to monetize your chosen item and it will create confusion as you are not entitled to monetize it.

However, what happens if you choose that inappropriate content, you might ask? Posts in your account may be permanently banned from CD Baby’s YouTube monetization service. Not good!

In short, yes. This deal is exclusive if you want an organization like CD Baby to monetize all of your music on YouTube.

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

Why is this? Because when it comes to property management on YouTube, no two administrators can claim ownership of the same property in the same region. Although assets are named differently, each region can have only one ownership if they share the same (or similar) reference files.

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Signing up to multiple monetization programs will only tie your income to revenue, while YouTube will determine who actually has exclusive control rights to the intellectual property in question. So pick one and stick with it. (Not to be biased, but CD Baby is a really good YouTube admin and has been in the game for a long time.)

While many countries allow monetization of videos, not all countries where YouTube is present allow this feature. YouTube maintains an updated list of all countries where creators can monetize their videos.

Ads on YouTube are placed in the AdSense auction. Content is linked to specific advertising.

It sets policies that determine how much advertisers are willing to pay for videos with a certain level of viewership, and within those policies are the types of ads they want to run (pop-up, skippable preroll, nonskipable preroll).

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For example: if you post a video that has a meteoric rise in views (or your video has content), you’ll see the video’s promotion through ad formats as the views increase. And your income will reflect this increased popularity.

It’s difficult to generalize about an artist’s potential for YouTube revenue. First, ad rates will depend on the auction variables mentioned above. Second, every career and fan base is different. Finally, some songs have viral potential, and some songs have limited viral appeal – just because they’re great.

However, one thing is true for every artist: YouTube monetization is all about volume. The more people use your music, the better. Encourage your audience to put your songs on family videos, dance videos, reaction videos.

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

The more downloads using your music, the wider it will be. The more ads placed, the more revenue you will earn.

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YouTube Music is YouTube’s branded music streaming service. If you’ve ever logged onto YouTube and “watched” a video with just the song title, artist name, album title, and album artwork, you’ve used this service. These videos are called Art tracks. Your music is created automatically when you upload it to YouTube Music through a distributor like CD Baby.

Similar to Content ID, Art Tracks generates revenue through advertising and subscriptions, but this revenue only comes from specific Art Tracks.

Art Tracks works like a song on Spotify, except instead of earning “streams” just for “views” (subscribed tracks), you get a share of the ad revenue generated by the ad support.

Art Tracks and UGC videos earn the same revenue (Ads and/or Subscriptions), but since Art Tracks assets and UGC assets are part of two different YouTube services, revenues are split and reported separately. :

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Since any video or stream on YouTube not only plays the soundtrack, but also the main composition of the song, all games on YouTube generate revenue from publishing. It’s generated because revenue comes from ads or subscription fees, or from Content ID or YouTube music streams.

You need an administrator like CD Baby Pro Publishing to collect this publishing revenue. Our publishing management agency collects all publishing revenue on your behalf and distributes it to your artist account. So, if you choose CD Baby’s Content ID program and Pro Publishing Management, you don’t need to collect every cent from YouTube. CD Baby does all of this and puts the proceeds in your account!

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) gives creators more access to features like direct access to YouTube resources and our Creator Support Team. It also allows you to share revenue from ads served on your content. This article provides an overview of available features, eligibility criteria, a program checklist, and some FAQs.

How To Earn Ad Revenue On Youtube

This program allows you to directly monetize your videos, so if you want that control, this is the way to go instead of choosing CD Baby Content ID.

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There are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel that don’t directly monetize your videos. Encouraging viewers to subscribe can increase your views and revenue by posting your content on your personal YouTube dashboard. This drives return visits, more views and can mean your content is recommended to other users with similar subscription/browsing habits to your current subscribers. No wonder YouTubers constantly remind viewers to subscribe to every video!

You can also add merchandise to your YouTube channel through a feature called Merch Shelf. To be eligible for this, you must meet the following requirements:


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