How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising – An abstract painting called ‘Splash Planet’ by Ed Sheeran raised $70,000 for a cancer charity in a raffle. The winner is from the U.S.

Claim: The ASPCA spends only 3 cents of every dollar donated on pets and medical supplies and transportation.

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

A new episode of your favorite show is at a commercial break where suddenly, a carefree man appears on the screen, staring nervously out of his metal crate. Like a slow-motion melancholypiano, the saddest-eyed pets appear one by one, shuddering and screeching.

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“Right now, somewhere in America, an animal is being beaten, and another is locked in a cage, alone, and left to die,” the narrator says.

The emergency number for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an animal welfare nonprofit founded in 1866, appears at the bottom of the screen. “We can’t help these animals without your help,” viewers are told.

It’s a scene familiar to any TV viewer. But in recent months, two similar Facebook haircuts have told thousands of social media users not to believe these ads, a trademark of the ASPCA.

Shared more than 31,000 times in total this year, the posts claim only three cents of every dollar donated goes “for veterinary supplies and transporting animals” and that the nonprofit’s CEO has a $600,000 salary, with a $100,000 bonus . .

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“Instead of giving them anything, my money would be used to buy a big bag of dog food and take it to the local animal shelter,” concludes the writer. USA TODAY reached out to the users who shared the photo for their comments.

The organization’s tax audits show that it spends more on animal welfare and care programs than 3%. Animal housing and care accounted for 34.4% of the ASPCA’s budget in 2019, and on average, 75.1% of costs went to supporting efforts. supported the statement of its mission in recent years. .

Using data points from two separate years that account for less than 4% of the ASPCA’s annual spending, these Facebook posts paint a false picture of the organization’s finances.

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

The ASPCA documents where it spends its revenue — about $279 million in 2019 — in annual, publicly available taxes filed on Form 990. All tax-exempt organizations must submit these forms, which the IRS also makes available to the public.

Aspca Vs. Spca: What’s The Difference?

The ASPCA’s 990s show more spending on direct animal care than the post would lead one to believe, with more than 24 different categories of spending divided into three broad groups — one for money spent on charitable programs, one for additional costs and one for fundraising.

“The information in this publication is inaccurate and grossly misleading,” Rebecca Goldrick, spokeswoman for the ASPCA, told USA TODAY in an email. “According to the ASPCA’s most recent financial statistics, 77 cents of every dollar is spent on the ASPCA’s lifesaving animal-related programs and services nationwide.”

Charity Navigator’s analysis of Form 990 operating expense reports from fiscal year 2019 confirms Goldrick’s numbers. The ASPCA spent 76.9% of its $250 million budget on programs, 19.2% on fundraising and 3.9% on administrative costs that year.

Charity Navigator also averages over 990 years to estimate financial efficiency, and found 75.1% of the ASPCA’s total expenses have gone to its charitable programs in recent years. four stars total.

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In the publications, the CEO’s compensation of $700,000 is compared to three cents on every dollar that goes to “veterinary equipment and transporting animals.” That figure may come from a five-year-old blog article titled “Where does $1 for the ASPCA go?”

The ASPCA’s 2014 tax returns, which were cited in a blog post, show that two categories called “veterinary and medical services” and “travel expenses” together accounted for 3%, or three cents on the dollar, of the ASPCA’s annual spending that.

The ASPCA’s “Program Service Achievement Statement” in the 990s has a more accurate view of the nonprofit’s use of medical care. In those forms, the charity reports “animal health services” accounted for 20.6% of its total expenses in 2014, so far. more than the post implies.

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

The most recent data shows that in 2019, the broad category of “housing and veterinary services” accounted for 34.4% of its total costs, or $86 million. According to Goldrick, this category includes the costs of the ASPCA’s animal hospital, adoption centers and community animal centers in the country. New York City, with its national 24/7 Animal Poison Control hotline.

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TheASPCA also provided $16 million, or 6.3% of total spending, in grants to animal welfare and anti-cruelty organizations in 2019.

The publications claim that the CEO was paid $700,000, but this figure is from a different year than the 3% claim. Executive Director Matthew Bershadker was paid $497,818 in 2014, ProPublica data on the ASPCA shows. The $700,000 claim is more consistent with a salary of $712,397 reported in 2018, or $762,996 reported in 2019.

Over the past three years, the ASPCA has spent an average of 1.4% of its budget on executive compensation, which includes directors, senior staff and the CEO, Goldrick said.

We estimate the claim that the ASPCA spends only three percent of every dollar donated on medical supplies and transportation MISSING CONTEXT, based on our research. Three percent of the charity’s spending went to two similar categories in the 2014 tax return, but reading the titles of those categories gives the wrong impression, as more of that goes to animal welfare in various ways. The latest statistics show that the ASPCA spends 77% of its money on charitable programs that support its mission. And in 2019, 34.4% of the budget went to housing and veterinary services.

New Report Reveals How Confusing Aspca Practices Harm Local Spcas

Thank you for supporting our journalism. You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or e-newsletter here. In fact it spends 75% of its budget on its programs, 44% of which is dedicated to “housing and veterinary services.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is well known for its tear-jerking commercials featuring abandoned and abused animals set to sad music. Advertisements are an attempt to solicit contributions from viewers.

But as one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the United States, the ASPCA has come under criticism that goes beyond complaints about their sad ads. A recent post has gone viral on Facebook that claims the ASPCA only spends $.03 of every $1 donated (equal to 3% of its funding) on ​​”veterinary supplies and animal transportation.” The post also claims the CEO of the organization makes at least $700,000 a year.

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

The Facebook post seems to indicate that 3% of funding is all the ASPCA dedicates to animal welfare, but a much larger portion of your donation than that goes directly to helping animals.

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Charity Navigator says the ASPCA spends about 31% of its revenue on “housing and veterinary services.” It spends 75% of its budget on total program costs, which include education and policies on housing and livestock use.

Charity Navigator is an independent nonprofit rating that provides publicly available ratings based on financial information from tax filings and charity transparency. It rated the ASPCA three out of four stars with four stars in transparency and two stars in financials.

Charity Navigator’s financial performance metrics for the ASPCA show that the organization spends 75% of its expenses on program expenses, which are primarily expenditures for the charity’s stated purposes.

Those program costs have been further analyzed and show that 44% of program spending is for housing and livestock services, which is about 31% of the organization’s annual income. The ASPCA also spends money on education and public policy.

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The ASPCA website analyzes their activities for the issues they are involved with and the direct animal welfare actions they are involved in. Their issues are “animal homelessness” and “animal cruelty.” Their answers are “animal protection,” “animal keeping” and “animal rescue.” The ASPCA is not affiliated with local animal shelters or local SPCAs.

A Facebook post accurately identifies the salary of the ASPCA’s CEO. Charity Navigator says CEO Matthew Bershadker receives an annual compensation of $762,996.

The information in the post appears to be from a 2016 blog post that calculated the ASPCA’s spending using its 2014 tax returns. The blogger is Anne Paddock, a former banker who dedicates her blog to digging into nonprofit finances. of profit.

How Much Does Aspca Spend On Advertising

Although Paddock criticizes the ASPCA’s spending in the blog post, he provides more context on the ASPCA’s overall spending than the Facebook post — which seems to suggest veterinary supplies and animal transportation as all of the organization’s animal welfare spending.

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Paddock claimed that 3% of the ASPCA’s revenue went to veterinary services and transportation. However, Paddock also said 8% of the ASPCA’s revenue goes to grants for animal services such as transportation and spay/neuter programs. An additional 8 percent of revenue was allocated to “operating equipment.”

Paddock said 33 percent of the ASPCA’s revenue went to “Salaries, Pensions, Benefits and Payroll Taxes.” Further down in the blog post, he said “the organization is staffed because of the services provided (ie spay/neuter, education, veterinary services, etc).”

A new 2021 blog post from Paddock claims 5% of the ASPCA’s revenue is spent on livestock and operating equipment, 5% of revenue is spent on grants and 35% is set aside for workers’ compensation.

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