How To Get Free Advertising On Google – When you hear the word advertising, paid methods most likely come to mind. Pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, hiring an SEO professional, and so on. It may surprise you to hear that not all advertising methods cost money – even on Google. In this article, I’ll cover 20 ways you can get free ads on Google and elsewhere, both online and offline.

We’ll first look at free methods to get exposure on Google, then on social media, and then close with additional free tactics that can help you get exposure both online and off.

How To Get Free Advertising On Google

How To Get Free Advertising On Google

With more than 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is a hotspot for consumers. And with its specific results and great location, it’s incorporated into our daily lives as a tool for, well, anything – get the weather, buy tickets, search for products, vetting services, answer quick questions, see if it’s local. store open, and the list goes on. In this section, we will cover some local business strategies you can apply to get on this highly trafficked search engine for free.

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Perhaps the best form of free advertising on Google is useful content. Publish blog posts and web pages regularly that answer common questions your ideal customers are looking for, and use SEO best practices to help your page rank higher in search results. These pages will help your business get in front of people who don’t already know about your business. The more times you provide the information they need, the more they will trust you, and the more likely they will choose you when they need a product or service.

If your business offers a popular or unique amenity, it’s worth writing about! In the example below, when you search on Google for “patio seating near me,” the first restaurant that comes up whose reviews mention patio seating appears.

You can use this easy free advertising tactic for your business features like a heated patio, same day service, or important repairs. Learn how to collect more Google reviews here.

Another way you can get your business some free exposure on Google is by mentioning popular amenities in your Google My Business description. You’ll see in the example below that South Street Diner comes up first on Google for “all day breakfast near me.” Not interested in the fact that their description contains the term “round-the-clock”.

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In addition to your Google business listing, mentioning your specific features on your website can also earn you free first page advertising on Google. In the example below, Miss Ricky’s appears first in the results for “Breakfast all day in downtown Chicago” simply because their website says breakfast all day:

Local SEO is your right and true path to free advertising on Google. If you place location-based keywords in the right place on your website, you can appear first in organic results for searches that include your product or service plus your location.

In the example below, ABA Appliance Repair, Inc. appears first in the local results pack (under Sears sponsored Listings), and the website ranks number two in organic results, below the Yelp circle page. Obviously, they have their website optimized to appear for “relevant search terms + austin tx.”

How To Get Free Advertising On Google

There are many directories other than Google My Business that appear on Google. In fact, directories like Yelp and Trip Advisor have long been trusted by Google, and their pages often appear on the first page of Google.

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For example, if you search for “best tailor in portsmouth NH,” you’ll see that the first two organic results are Yelp pages that list 10 tailors in Portsmouth. The meta description for their page says Erana, Terri’s Tailor Shop, Mr. Carl’s Custom Tailor, Finesse Cleaners & Tailoring, and All Stitched Up. All five of these businesses have earned free advertising on Google simply by having solid Yelp listings.

Other examples of free local and niche directories that can help you appear on Google include Trip Advisor, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Yellowpages.

What have you learned from your internal data over the past quarter, year, or more? Did you gain valuable insight into sales, marketing, finance, or human resources? If so, share what you find with the goal of helping others. In doing so, you will gain the trust of your audience.

Have you written any opinion or thought leadership? An industry-specific informational post? Is it a punch pack? If so, it’s worth submitting to a high authority site with a wide audience. Be sure to choose a trusted, well-known site in your industry that has received significant exposure on Google.

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In the example below, Jason Brooks, founder of Linkology UK, wrote a guest post for the WordStream blog on link-building strategies, which ranks on Google. When you click on the article, you can learn (at the end) about his company UK Linkology and even visit his site from the post. As you can see, guest blogging is a great way to get free ads on Google through sites that are trusted by Google.

There is no better way to advertise your business on Google for free than with an optimized Google My Business listing. In fact, on average, complete Google My Business listings get 7x more clicks and 50% more likely to lead to a purchase than empty listings.

As you can see in the example below, the Red Lantern Knowledge Panel Listing (which pulls from Google My Business) offers a lot of information that encourages potential customers to choose them.

How To Get Free Advertising On Google

They have all their contact information listed, more than 450 reviews, interesting descriptions, the ability to book a table, answers in the Q&A section, events listed, and synchronized with other online booking platforms. Prospective customers can also view interior and exterior photos of the restaurant. You’ll also notice that their website, Yelp profile page, OpenTable page, and TripAdvisor page are visible on Google:

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If you provide a service where you can offer free consultations, trials, classes, or assessments – try it for some free exposure on Google. Create a clear call to action on your website and create a custom landing page targeting “free consultation” (or any free service you provide). This will help your page rank on Google for people looking for a free consultation in their area. For example, this business appears first on Google for “free blinds consultation dallas tx:”

Google isn’t the only place where you should be looking for free ways to get exposure. Don’t forget about existing social media networks! And also, take advantage of traditional marketing strategies as well. Here are some ways to get free advertising for your business in your community, online and off.

Free social media platforms. Use Facebook to promote your informative blog posts and encourage questions and answers in the comments. Use Instagram to offer a short way to show off your products and services. Use LinkedIn to publish thought leadership pieces and network with other businesses. You will get free exposure to the right audience while also driving traffic to your website and building your credibility.

Use forums and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and niche sites to your advantage. You don’t have to hard-sell or keep talking about your business (in fact, don’t do this). Simply engage in relevant conversations and offer your knowledge for free. Being a trusted contributor can get potential candidates and partners to consider your business.

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Collaborating with respected influencers in your industry can get you free exposure to a highly relevant audience. Have them try your product or service and review it on your website, blog, or social media. Or ask to publish a guest post on their blog. This opportunity costs nothing more than your time, and in addition to giving you free advertising, it helps strengthen your network.

Social media giveaways and contests generate excitement. They get people talking… or, you could say, tagging. Often, people tag friends and family with similar interests. This can be a great way to get free business promotion. You can even require your followers to tag others to qualify for prizes.

Pushing user-generated content submissions is actually like getting double advertising, because this type of content usually generates not only tags but also lots of shares, which further increases the reach of your business. Your followers will likely share on their accounts the content they send you. Hence, you also reach the audience. Additionally, your followers can repost user-generated content that you share on your account. That’s a lot of free advertising!

How To Get Free Advertising On Google

Do you have a community center or similar facility in your area? If so, take advantage of the available bulletin boards. Hang attractive posters and flyers that increase awareness of your business. Many people gather in such centers for various events. You have the opportunity to attract their attention. To do this, present a message that is highly relevant to the type of people who meet there.

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When you’re working to make a positive impact on your community, free advertising is

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