Business Tips For Hairstylists – Are you struggling to grow your career and earn more income as a stylist? You are in the right place my friend.

Not having a key business plan in place could prevent you from being the successful hairdresser you are meant to be!

Business Tips For Hairstylists

As the owner of a Top 200 salon, I’ve designed key business tips to help hairdressers like you succeed. In this episode, I’ll go over the business plan elements that will help you become a successful stylist. All hairdressers who have followed these key business tips have found success and are living their best lives.

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Step 1: Know your service times. Write them down and divide them by application, processing and drying time.

Step 2: Productivity: These are the hours you have available to sell vs. the hours you have actually booked.

Step 3: Pre-booking: How many people have booked their next appointment? The goal should be to reach 80% as one of the best.

Step 4: Retention: How many people actually came back to see you in the last 90 days. The goal should be to reach 80% as one of the best.

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Step 5: % of retail sales to total sales: The number of retail sales divided by the total service $. The goal should be to hit 20% as a top performer.

I now know that there are many people who do not have access to these types of reports and I have created a handy little tracker that allows you to easily enter these numbers at the end of your day and auto-fill all the reports you need.

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Building a brand as a stylist | Salon Business Tips Get Back to Education Become a Six Figure Stylist With These Salon Tips! Specifically, salon marketing tips for hairdressers.

Infographic: 10 Things Your Salon Website Must Have Before Launch

Marketing is what you say and how you say it when you want to explain how amazing your service or product is and WHY people should get a service from you or buy something from your business.

Marketing can come in many forms, such as an ad, flyer, press release, Facebook page, or Instagram post. But I’m going to dig a little deeper than just flyers and an Instagram post.

Learning how to market your salon and build your hair clientele can seem like a daunting task. If you’re new to marketing, I think most people don’t understand the difference between branding and marketing.

Marketing a salon or your small beauty business is all about getting the word out, and with some smart salon marketing tips and business strategies, you can turn the process into something that happens naturally and something you don’t get involved in. day to day. -day of your salon. Not to mention, the strategies I’m going to share with you today won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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That includes everything you need to start attracting new clients to your salon, without costing you a penny.

Knowing your customer is key! Your target market is the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. They are likely united by some common characteristics, such as demographics and behaviors. You can find out who your target market is by doing some research with your current business and the businesses that are your direct competitors.

This is important because these are the people who will recommend you to their friends and word of mouth is always the best form of marketing.

Start by looking at your current customer base, check out your competition, and analyze the products and services you offer. You can even create a customer persona that is an imaginary representation of a brand’s ideal customer. Think pinterest here. Pinterest knows exactly who you are, so create a persona there. You will know exactly who your client is.

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You want to include as many details about your ideal client as their name, age, gender, income, location, just get as much detail as possible. Creating a customer persona helps you visualize your potential customers and how to market to them. When you have an idea of ​​what your client wants and likes, you can start marketing and creating content for your beauty business.

This is your mission statement, the first impression of your beauty business, and it is the core of what your business is. Not to be confused with branding because your mission statement is what you are telling your potential customer. In your mission statement, you want to identify 3 things: your target audience, your product or service, and what makes the product or service unique, or basically, why a customer should buy from you.

Now, if you already have a mission statement, I suggest you take a look at it again. Businesses change all the time and sometimes your service offerings change or maybe your target audience starts to change. Take your mission statement seriously because whenever you start to feel stuck on how to market your beauty business, you can always go back to your core values ​​for inspiration when you need to focus on marketing your salon.

There are so many reasons why you need a GMB or Google my company profile and honestly I could probably do an entire podcast episode, but here are a few reasons why you need it!

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Start by creating a Gmail account and then you will need to verify with Google that you are the rightful owner. Once you do this, you’ll be surprised at how many features you can use for free, and keep in mind that Google is the biggest web browser and the place where potential customers go.

Simply put, Google my business showcases the best features of your business and makes it easy for customers to discover you, learn about your services, and how to communicate with your business. There is even an option for customers to rate your business and Google loves businesses that love to use Google. Ahem, climb to the top, beat your competition.

The best salon marketing tip for hairdressers is to get your clients talking! Sure, word of mouth is best, but have them write a review to reach people they don’t know.

You may be wondering if reviews even help your business… YES! Reviews help your business grow and most of the time you need to ask for them. It’s very rare that you’ve done a bombshell hairdo and that customer is lying on the couch thinking to herself, “I should go on Yelp or Google right now and write a review.” Trust me, it rarely happens.

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So try this: ask your client to write a review while getting their hair done. She’s already looking at her phone, probably browsing Instagram or tiktok, so she’s pretty much not doing anything important. Please tell your client that she is trying to grow her business and her online presence. An easy way for her to support your business is by leaving a review. This is also an opportune time to let them know about a referral program you may offer, such as “refer me a new client and get a free deep conditioning treatment.”

I know I mentioned this in the last episode, but here I say it again. Do you need a website.

This is the perfect place for you to tell the world who you are, what you do and who you tell it to. And guess what? Google likes websites too! Make sure you have a user-friendly site that displays your mission statement, location, services, pricing, salon policies, hair gallery, and information on how they can contact you. Once you start a site, you can learn about SEO or search engine optimization to improve your site in Google. And if you don’t have a site yet, be sure to use social channels like yelp, instagram, and facebook to gain visibility.

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