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Business Management Mcq With Answers Pdf

Business communication The process of sharing information between employees inside and outside the company. Effective business communication is how employees and management communicate with each other to achieve organizational goals and become more aligned with core company values.

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Communication acts as a source of relevant information for making strategic decisions. Good communication is an important tool for any business owner, it helps seal the deal. Clear communication is important in negotiations to achieve desired goals. Communication is also important in business.

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MCQ Answers 1. (1) Management is the process of carrying out the primary functions or activities that management does to get things done. These functions are planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.

Read very carefully how to score multiple choice tests. Take time to read each question and answer choice carefully. … Come up with your own answer. … See common types of wrong answers. … eliminate the answers in round two. … Don’t obsess over your choices. … Manage your time. … Answer each question.

Management is considered an art because : (a) Principles of management have universal validity (b) Principles of management have universal application VII Scanned with CamScanner Page 7 (c) Different principles of management are implemented in different ways by different managers. (d) It is not important…

It consists of human, financial, physical and information resources. Question: Is Management Art or Science? Answer: Management is both an art and a science.

Multiple Choice Questions For Introduction To Business Management

Principles of Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf mcq Principles of Management with Answers on Principles of Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Doc on Decision Making in Management Organization Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Planning Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf Management Quiz Questions with Answers The lowest level of management is mcq

Multiple choice (MC), objective response or MCQ (for multiple choice question) is a form of objective assessment in which the respondent is asked to select only the correct answers from choices offered as a list.

Answer/Explanation Name the principle of management suggested by Henri Fayol, which should be good superiors at all levels, clear and fair contracts and fair use of penalties.u201d

Answer: C. 4. To manage is to forecast and plan, organize, coordinate, coordinate, and control. This definition.

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These steps to studying for a multiple choice exam will increase your chances of getting the grade you want. Start studying from the first day of school. Ask for multiple choice test materials. Prepare a study schedule. Organize your chapter notes. Set the timer. Master the content. Ask someone to take a quiz.3: If a general manager asks a sales manager to recruit some salesmen on his behalf, it is an example of A of authority.

5: An organization structure is effective if it enables individuals to contribute to enterprise goals. This is known as principle A

List I List II (a) Fayol 1. Grapevine (b) Simon 2. Cybernetics (c) Shannon 3. Gang Plank (d) Weiner 4. Voice

17: Which of the following orders represents the correct logical sequence of managerial functions? A, Planning, directing, staffing, coordinating and controlling B, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and coordinating C, directing, organizing, staffing, controlling and coordinating D.

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25: A potential disadvantage of MBO is A Inability to control work progress and achievement of results B Overemphasis on production and productivity C Overcommitment to the organization D Lack of short-term and long-term planning

36: ‘Matrix organization’ refers to a position of A where authority and responsibility B are combined in which two or more basic types of departments are combined. C Arrangement of events in columns and rows. d.

39: MBO is a technique that requires enterprise A’s objectives to be defined in written and broad terms.

B Reduce time to achieve desired results C Plan of action to achieve desired results D

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40: When management focuses on more important areas and when day-to-day problems are addressed by lower level management it is known as A by objectives.

49: According to the principle of “span of control” overburdened supervisors tend to be overworked B limited to the number of subordinates a supervisor can effectively supervise. C Limit the number of subordinates a supervisor can supervise. DA limits delegation of authority to subordinates.

50: Which of the following statements is correct? A and controlling are essentially one and the same. B is a part of the planning process. C is the planning option 1 Implementation of policies, plans and strategies formulated by top managers 2 Strategic planning, focusing on medium-term and short-term planning 3 Implementing policies, procedures and rules to achieve high levels of productivity 4 Monitoring the environment. Effects that may affect its functional area

1 technical; Planning and Decision Making 2 Planning; Organizing and Controlling 3 Technical; organizing and leading 4 conceptual; Planning and goal setting

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1 Human resources, planning and products and services 2 Leading, controlling and decision making 3 Physical resources, leading and controlling 4 Planning, organizing, leading and controlling

Low-level, middle-level, and top-level managers perform similar tasks, but have different focuses of their activities. Consider the following list of managerial activities:

Planning with time horizons of 1 to 5 years Planning with outcomes involving programmes, budgets and projects g Using specific and quantitative information in planning h Using vague and qualitative information in planning

During their day-to-day work, managers perform many roles. Consider the following scenarios and answer the questions that follow.

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A The manager issues an order to purchase a new machine. b A manager shows an employee how to fill in a form. c The manager reads the business day every morning with a cup of coffee. d The manager develops new total quality management techniques. e The sales manager discusses the complaint with the customer.

External environment, organization capabilities, most appropriate management approach, managers and workers and technology

1 Involves focusing on the organization as a whole rather than focusing on the performance of individual departments 2 Attempts to create organizations committed to continuous improvement 3 Pioneered by Peter Senge 4 Focuses on the fundamental issue of how organizations are structured

1 Correcting past mistakes 2 Cutting costs to increase productivity 3 Creating an organization committed to continuous improvement 4 Rethinking and redesigning organizational processes

Dsbm Mcq Pdf Chapterwise

1 casual approach; customer needs and expectations; Product or Service 2 Total Quality Management; customer needs and expectations; product or service 3 educational institution; Importance of the customer; Management environment 4 re-engineering; re-evaluating how organizations operate; customer

1 Macro-, market environment analysis 2 Internal, macro environment analysis 3 Micro-, Porter’s model 4 Macro-, a SWOT analysis

1 The organization has negligible impact on the macro-environment. 2 The macro-environment influences the organization indirectly through variables such as interest rates and laws. 3 The micro-environment directly influences the market environment through an organization’s marketing strategies. 4 The market environment has a direct impact on the internal environment of the organization.

A The rand weakened by 1% against the US dollar in the first month of 2006. b Some South African unions have complicated relationships with trade unions. c South Africa has a large number of people living with HIV/AIDS. d Physical resources available to the mining entity. e Small business organizations face difficulties in accessing capital.

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1 A farmer

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