Advertising Campaign In India – This is Spotify’s first campaign in India, a market the music streaming service first entered in March with the launch of a new movie.

The campaign, by Leo Burnett India, hopes to deliver 500 outdoor ads and digital banners that explain what’s happening in their city — or even their neighborhood — with the tagline, “There’s a playlist for them.” Attract customers. That. An obvious reference to Apple’s 2009 trademark “there’s a plan for that,” but Ad Nut assumes all parties are fine with this.

Advertising Campaign In India

Ad Nut likes the idea of ​​localization. When done well, it can create an Ad Nut fur coat vibe where you feel like you’re standing directly with wherever you are and whatever you’re doing is speaking at a precise moment in time.

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Of course, there’s a risk of getting a lot of viewers’ emotions in a completely wrong place, which is why Ad Nut feels like Spotify played it pretty safe with some not-so-local ads. Too generic for “malls and hangouts” – and therefore not much potential for appeal. “Overly local cultural nuances”? Under…not so much.

Ad Nut is actually more of a fan of the movie at the top of this page, the first of three, with two more coming soon. Less about playlists tailored to a particular geography and more about them fitting a particular life situation, this is a very stylish, well-made and funny mini-movie that Ad Nut wanted to watch over and over again.

Creative Team: Brahmesh Tiwari, Alisha Sharma, Kiran Talgaonkar, Geo Joseph, Yogesh Maleskar, Akansha Saxena, Anugrah Gopinath, Sanjeev Dal Chand Kumar, Vinayak Gadigaonkar, Bridges Joshi, Mehul Bhatt, Soumyadeep Pourkayastha, Soumyadeep Pourkayaish, Rosewash, Amiya Baholkar, Dhruv Vasisheth, Varuna Sharma, Jugal Chudasama, Janil Gada, Yasmin Kaur, Rohan Ran, Priyanka Hoodavekar

The Ad Nut is a surprisingly literate forest creature who, for reasons unknown, has an unhealthy interest in advertising. Ad Nut collects ads from all over Asia and the world for your viewing pleasure, because Ad Nut loves you. You can also check out the Ad Nut Advertising Hall of Fame or read about Ad Nut’s strange obsession with “killer beasts.”

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‘Go back to your sink’. “I’ll talk to you any damn way I want.” These real-life insults quickly follow invitations for sex, whether consensual or not, in Maybelline’s new awareness campaign, which focuses on very real female gamers getting upset.

Comrie founded his agency during the Covid quarantine. And just two years later, he led the fledgling business through exceptional growth.

In an age where people are encouraged to be whole and authentic selves at work, faith diversity can—and should—play a key role in your company’s DEI program. Would you buy a product that your favorite cricketer would enthusiastically recommend? If you answered yes, you are one of the millions of people who have been doing this since the 1800s. It is true. The story goes that the first celebrity endorsement came in 1760 when a designer made tea sets approved by the Queen of England.

In 2019, 50% of brands in India have celebrities compared to only 20% in the US, growing at an annual rate of 15-16%.

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In India, brand marketing has long relied heavily on celebrity endorsements. Be it cricket or movies, everyone from retail to telecom to service industries have played in the admiration of star fans.

This raises an interesting question – creativity vs. celebrity, which is better? Do you rely on your creative juices or celebrity magnetism to attract consumers? Of course, the second is an easier way. And also, perhaps more powerful in a country like India where movie stars and athletes are considered gods.

Traditionally, matching celebrity expertise with a product was considered most effective. However, it doesn’t seem to work for Indian ads. Virat Kohli can sell anything from tires to face wash and increase sales just by using fan electricity. Audiences associate their feelings about a celebrity with the brands they endorse. The more celebrities are admired, the more they intend to buy.

This brings us to the second reason for celebrity influence. Appearance, familiarity and likability are the most important reasons for consumers to buy celebrity-endorsed products.

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Celebrity endorsements are powerful and effective because they act almost like a 360-degree marketing campaign. They can reach diverse audiences through multiple channels – television, social media, and traditional media such as print and outdoor advertising.

Celebrities can add to the brand by enhancing recognition and recall. They enable brands to stand out and expand your audience base.

Celebrities are human and humans are fallible. Tiger Woods is probably the most famous example of a brand endorsement that went off the rails when his fame went south. Woods was a brand ambassador for Gatorade, Accenture and other major brands that ended their relationship with the golfer soon after reports of his infidelity surfaced.

Amitabh Bachchan endorses more than a dozen brands, and sometimes it can go awry. When celebrities lose weight, they lose credibility.

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It’s no surprise that celebrity endorsements cost a lot of money, and it’s a huge risk that brands take when signing a celebrity.

Brands are increasingly moving away from roping in celebrities and repositioning products as more accessible. One of the best examples of using real people is in Dove’s advertising campaigns, which used engaging images and videos that showed honest opinions. The overwhelming success of Real Beauty’s chart-topping campaign came from a combination of engaging storytelling and targeted branding.

Nothing is more effective than creative advertising. “Creative advertising is more memorable, lasts longer, works with lower media costs and builds fan communities faster.” – Stefan Vogel, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, Germany

Does relying solely on creativity work? Stefan Vogel, chief creative officer of Ogilvy Germany, agrees. As well as HBR research, which proved that creative campaigns are significantly effective. There is more originality, uniqueness and artistry in campaigns built on creativity.

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The decision to endorse celebrities and influencers ultimately depends on the company’s budget and overall goals. If you have the money for it, celebrities can enable massive brand reach in no time. However, there is no guarantee that this campaign will be successful. However, in India, celebrity endorsement wins by a wide margin over good old fashioned creativity. According to a relatively recent study, celebrities even outdo mascots when it comes to building trust and increasing sales.

Final result? Focus on your audience. Creativity may be needed to appeal to a younger crowd, and celebrities may work for an older audience. Do your research and you will know your way.

Satyajeet takes the lead at Square One as Account Director and Head of Operations, bringing with him over 7 years of experience in the advertising industry. Have you ever come across an ad campaign that changed your perspective on brands? It’s fair to say you have at least one because everyone loves a campaign that hits the spot. Regullary

The great thing about these thoughts is that they make one thing happen to you: Marketing is everything

Emaar India 2 And 3 Bhk Inr 1 65 Crore Ad

. The better the link, the more people will remember. People end up talking about their experiences with radical thinking this way, and so the company often gets a lot of good publicity.

This ad talks about how things like washing clothes don’t just work for a woman. One ad shows a father realizing that his daughter, a skilled worker, has multiple tasks at her disposal. So she agrees to help him by doing laundry duties around the house and sharing the load.

By the way, did you know that the ad went so viral that even Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg praised the ad, saying it helped change perceptions.

It showed that there will certainly be a better future in a society where men and women are equal. We couldn’t agree more.

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. They asked fans to share their stories and because the stories were fun, moving and relatable, the audience immediately connected with them.

This ad shows what childhood is like. It emphasizes the fact that blemishes are not bad, especially if they occur for good reasons. The ad also shows that stains are nothing to panic about and that no matter how dirty the clothes get,

The idea came up with the Lowe Lintas team and boy did it work! They understood their audience that was

And used their message to prove that opinion matters to everyone. The campaign created a positive image for the company as they worked to support the rural community, which in turn helped garner a lot of attention.

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Or BBA course, you will probably come across the popular “ZooZoo” campaign while doing your case studies. Those cute white creatures you know, right? They were created to promote value added services offered by Vodafone and The

Result? Every time you thought of ZooZoos, you thought of the value added services offered by Vodafone. Overall, the campaign helped develop great brand awareness across the country for Vodafone.

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