Top 10 Watches For Ladies – In this article, we will showcase the best watches for women who appreciate fine watches. These watches vary from classic models for elegant occasions to sports watches for everyday activities. Our selection is based on statistical data as well as some suggestions from our team.

The Datejust is one of the most versatile watches out there. It comes in a wide range of sizes, from 28mm to 41mm. No matter how big or small your wrist, the Datejust fits perfectly. The same goes for style and design options. If you’re looking for a simple, understated piece, we recommend a clean dial in black, white or silver with baton indexes, a smooth stainless steel case, and a sporty Oyster bracelet.

Top 10 Watches For Ladies

Top 10 Watches For Ladies

If you prefer a more extravagant design, there are plenty of pages in a variety of colors. Dial designs include designs with or without diamonds, those made with mother-of-pearl, and more. In addition to different dial designs, you can also find models with a beautiful jubilee bracelet, a fluted gold bezel, and a combination of steel and gold. Datejust can be anything you want it to be.

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The Oyster Perpetual is a simpler but no less majestic version of the Datejust. Not having a date gives it a minimalist look and a lower price. This model has fewer size and design options than the Datejust, but still enough to suit any taste. Thanks to its subtle character, the Rolex is perfect for people who want Rolex quality without the attitude.

Our favorite version is the 36mm model with the “white grape” dial. It offers a clean look and all the functionality you’d expect from a modern sports watch: water resistance to 100 meters (328 feet), automatic movement with a 48-hour power reserve, and a nearly indestructible case and bracelet.

The Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet is a completely different animal than any Rolex model. When it was introduced in 1972, its unique design shocked the watch world. At a time when fine watches were round or rectangular and made of precious metal, this octagonal piece of steel created a category for itself: it was the first “luxury sports watch”.

Today it is considered one of the true symbols of watchmaking. If you take a close look at the details – such as the polished bezel, tapestry dial, and incredible bracelet – you’ll see why it’s in a league of its own. Royal oak is also available in different sizes and metals and even with different movement types. However, we strongly recommend an example with an automatic movement, as it works best with its clockwork feature.

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The Audemars Millenary surpasses even Royal Oak with its unusual oval case design. Everything about this watch adds to its playful personality, including the curved lines of the case, the skeletonized dial, the precious materials and jewels, and the bracelets and straps.

Make no mistake: the Millenary is not your typical fashion watch. Each movement, case and dial is finished to the same high standard as other Audemars complex pieces. The design is clearly a love-it-or-hate-it look, but Millenary fans are specifically looking for something that doesn’t play by the rules.

When it comes to Tank Cartier, it’s hard not to get lost in the superlatives. It is probably the most iconic dress watch of all time. It has graced the wrists of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Andy Warhol, Princess Diana and Cary Grant and is still the go-to choice for special occasions from Cannes to London, New York and Shanghai.

Top 10 Watches For Ladies

There are many iterations of the Cartier Tank, such as the Tank Anglaise, Tank Cintrée and Tank Solo, but they all have many elements in common. This classic rectangular watch always features Roman numerals on the dial and a subtle cabochon crown. If you prefer a more elegant and traditional look, the Cartier Tank might be the watch for you.

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Without a doubt, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is another legendary rectangular watch. Its Art Deco design is also very elegant, yet less formal than its Cartier counterpart. What you get here is pure watchmaking from a famous manufacturer.

The name indicates a basic function of the Reverso. The case can be rotated on its axis so that the back of the watch faces up and the front is hidden on the wrist. When it was originally made in 1931, the watch glass was very delicate and broke easily. To protect the glass from damage, the user can turn the watch case back.

With Broderie, Hublot combines Big Bang’s sporty personality with colorful and shiny accents for those who are not afraid of the spotlight. With this watch, you get an undeniable frame in materials ranging from steel to carbon fiber to gold mixed with silk patterns and various gemstones. While our previous picks are timeless classics and perhaps a little understated, Big Bang Broderie is the exact opposite with its bold attitude.

Aside from its looks, the Broderie is a serious, high-end watch that boasts the same technology as its more conservative rivals. This includes high-quality case covers, automatic movements with a 42-hour power reserve, water resistance to a depth of 100 meters (328 feet) and, of course, a durable sapphire crystal.

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The Rolex Daytona is not only the most popular sports watch on the planet, but also a great example of how tastes change over time. Several years ago, it was worn almost exclusively by men. Now we see the Daytona on more women’s wrists.

Why is it so popular? Well, this is a perfectly designed sports chronograph from the most desirable luxury brand in the world. This screen is available with a black or white screen and in steel, white, yellow or rose gold and even platinum colors. What was originally created as a tool watch is now a symbol of exclusivity.

A simple round gold watch from Patek Philippe is just as traditional. Calatrava comes in different shapes and sizes, but ref. 5119 is the most classic. It was built in the 1930s, but is still incredibly beautiful today. As is true of all Patek Philippe pieces, it offers watchmaking at the highest level.

Top 10 Watches For Ladies

The Calatrava is known for its subtle stud pattern on the bezel and its clean lacquered dial with Roman numerals and small seconds dial. As most traditional dress watches are, the Calatrava 5119 is wound. You can admire the beautiful movement through the sapphire glass bezel.

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A. Lange and Söhne Saxonia Thin dare to compete with Patek Calatrava. If you think that less is more, this piece should appeal to you. Only two hands show the time, meaning that not even a running second hand distracts from the purity of the dial. Crafted in white or red gold and available in 37mm or 40mm, the Lange Saxonia is the ultimate dress watch with more than meets the eye.

It’s also worth taking a look at the inner workings of this piece. The Glashütte-based brand is known for creating some of the finest movements in the watch industry. Every detail is finished with maximum attention to detail and quality.

Oliver Siegel was not only the author, but also the editor of the magazine. He helped develop our magazine and his passion for… The current state of the watch world can best be understood with a quick trip to your local Rolex boutique. Walk in and you’ll see empty shelves, metaphorically representing a shortage of watches in the wake of pandemic-induced demand. In other words, the industry is booming and women want a piece of the pie.

In 2021, sales of Swiss watches were around $23 billion, while the secondary market also saw significant growth (per McKinsey, it will grow to more than half the size of the primary market by 2025). According to a luxury watch market report by Mordor Intelligence, “The use of accessories to enhance one’s appearance is a popular fashion trend … thus, helping the luxury watch market grow.” Reading this serious sentence in the context of a serious analytical report made me laugh. Of course, luxury accessories are used to enhance the image – that couldn’t be more obvious.

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But if you think about it in terms of gender, you understand why expensive watches have been so popular among men, in particular. Kids couldn’t exactly rock a Chanel bag or Manolo heels to show off their status, so they went for Rolexes and Pateks. Now, it’s not unusual to see a man rocking a handbag (I’m thinking of Jacob Alverdi and his small Bottega bag), but traditionally, men had their watches and women chose everything.

It wasn’t always like that. Did you know that the first wristwatches were actually worn by women? In 1868, Countess Koskovich of Hungary commissioned Patek Philippe to create a jewel that doubled as a wristwatch, setting a feminine trend forward for timepieces that were contemporary.

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