List Of Entertainment Business Careers – Use ‘s entertainment resume examples, step-by-step writing tips, and our Resume Builder to create a drama-free entertainment resume.

Details matter in the entertainment world, and so does a strong resume. ‘s Resume Builder takes the stress out of finding the perfect words to sum up your professional past by providing industry-specific sentences pre-written by certified resume writers that you can use to make your entertainment resume stand out from other actors, directors or producers. Use them as is or adapt them to suit your individual needs.

List Of Entertainment Business Careers

In the entertainment industry, time is money. That’s why many studios and companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to save production staff valuable time during the hiring and casting processes. The larger the company, the more likely it is to use an ATS.

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Hiring managers identify the keywords most desirable in a new hire. When the company receives resumes, they are run through an ATS, which screens each document for the predetermined words and phrases. The system removes CVs that do not contain the correct keywords from consideration.

Including the right language can be crucial to landing an interview. Our Resume Builder offers useful, industry-specific keywords you can use in your resume to get it past an ATS and into the hands of a hiring manager. Here are some examples:

This entry-level resume uses a functional resume format that highlights the job seeker’s skills. As a trainee in video production, he does not yet have much work experience. However, he has valuable talents that he can convey to hiring managers in measurable terms. He notes that he has “maintained and organized digital video files into [a] library of approximately 1,500 assets.” This says a lot about his ability to organize. Quantifying your skills in this way shows hiring managers your potential in concrete terms.

For entertainment professionals looking to change careers or advance to the next level, a combined resume format is a wise choice. It dedicates equal space to skills and experience. For example, this applicant includes not only a professional summary, but also a review of his most relevant skills. Together, they highlight his talent for collaborative leadership, video production supervision, and other specific talents that a hiring manager might seek. This moves right into his work history, which elaborates on how he has used these talents to benefit his previous employers in measurable terms.

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For the experienced entertainment industry professional, a chronological resume format is generally the best way to highlight years of accomplishments. It focuses on the job seeker’s extensive work history. In this example, the applicant’s decades of experience in talent acquisition and casting fill most of the page. It’s easy to chart how she went from coordinating casting sessions and booking audition slots to working with a double-digit team of producers and directors and interviewing hundreds of candidates for successful casting projects.

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