Jobs For Freelance Graphic Designers – Freelance design jobs are a great way to live a flexible life. You choose the jobs you want to work on, where you work from, and even when you work.

Being a freelance designer also allows you to work on more than one job, expanding your skills and knowledge base. Want to design a website? Why not? Or would you rather design graphics? The choice is completely yours!

Jobs For Freelance Graphic Designers

There are many jobs that a freelance designer can do and because of the increasing importance of good design – there are a large number of brands looking for quality and experienced designers. The increasing potential for finding work means that more and more designers can work with international clients, from anywhere in the world and build a business remotely, allowing them to travel, create more time for families and hobbies.

Video Marketers And Their Advice On Graphic Design Career

Being able to land clients you really want to work with is definitely a dream come true! To achieve this dream you need to find available jobs.

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If you want to learn new skills as a designer or improve your existing ones, taking online courses is a fantastic idea. Not sure which graphic/web design courses to take? Check out some of our favorites:

What Does A Graphic Designer Do? And How Do I Become One?

Below, we’ve compiled a collection of 25 of the best freelance design job websites that you can put to good use.

Upwork is one of the largest online freelance job boards that brings together job seekers and clients looking for high quality services. Anyone looking for any type of freelance work from copywriting, blogging, customer support, virtual assistance, marketing, social media management, accounts, among others and of course there are thousands of freelance design jobs on Upwork. Getting started on the site is easy, just register for free (you can upgrade your profile later if you want) and get started right away. Payment on the site depends on experience and type of project.

Freelancer is another popular and large freelancing website that is similar to Upwork in the way it works and the types of jobs available. You can find endless design jobs here, with some high fees.

PeoplePerHour is another large job board with a range of jobs including freelance designer jobs such as web design and graphic designer jobs. The site mainly focuses on hourly rates. These are quick little jobs that take less than an hour to complete. Therefore, you can work as many hours as you can and get paid for it.

Companies That Hire For Remote Graphic Design Jobs

LinkedIn has managed to gain a reputation as a platform for reputable companies looking to hire top talent. Hundreds of jobs are advertised on the site every day. You can find high-quality design jobs on LinkedIn by simply running a quick search or suggesting top companies you believe might need your services.

Hubstaff Talent makes it easy for freelancers to find quality work, simply create a profile and wait for companies to start contacting you. Potential employers can contact freelancers directly – without intermediaries. Hubstaff Talent also recently launched a “Jobs” section on its website where freelancers can browse hundreds of great remote jobs to find the right one for them.

99designs is one of the most popular boards for design-focused jobs. To get a job on the site, you have to participate in contests. This means you will only get paid when you win the competition. With a large number of freelance design jobs, if you have good experience, you can compete for many interesting jobs like graphic design, web design, logo design and product design on 99designs.

Envato Studio is fairly new and focuses on online businesses for freelance artists. Envato studio is more of a community of experts open only to designers. Site members are hand-picked to help Envato maintain high quality. Jobs on the site are mostly short-term projects that pay between $50-$500.

Awesome Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Sites To Find Clients Fast

Toptal offers jobs to designers and software developers. The site is popular with highly skilled designers as it attracts top tech companies and start-ups. The site has a Toptal community open to all interested freelancers. As a member of the community, you can attend many tech events and meetups that help with networking.

AwesomeWeb is a popular site that attracts freelance graphic designers, web designers and developers. Freelancers are manually screened before they are allowed to bid on jobs on the site. After approval, you access the job and get paid directly by the client. There is a monthly subscription fee of $27, no other fees are charged.

DesignCrowd is another popular job market for freelance designers looking for jobs like website design, logo design, flyer design, poster design, business card design, etc. To get the job you have to enter the contest and submit high quality designs to win. If your design wins, you’ll be paid contest money. Some clients will actually pay you a basic payment simply for entering a contest.

Smashing Jobs is a reputable business that lists a variety of freelance jobs, including lots of opportunities for freelance designers. You don’t need to create a job board profile, simply subscribe to the Job Alert and you’ll receive job vacancies that match your skills straight to your inbox.

Exploring The Pros & Cons Of Being A Freelance Graphic Designer

Squadhelp is a crowdsourcing platform that offers design jobs such as creating company names, taglines and slogans, business logos, viral marketing materials and more. You have to participate in the available competitions and outdo other participants to get the project. A predetermined amount is set before the start of the competition.

Behance, now part of Adobe, is home to millions of creatives in fields including animation, character design, cinematography, advertising, architecture, art direction, among others. Upload your online portfolio to showcase your work and get hired.

Juiiicy is a private community where top designers can find freelance projects. The site differs from other job boards because clients do not post available projects directly. Instead, fellow designers post inquiries they’ve received from clients but aren’t interested in accepting. When another freelancer gets a job, the designer who posted it on Juiiicy is paid a referral fee.

YunoJuno is another good site to find freelance design jobs. The site connects freelancers including designers, developers, coders and creatives with employers interested in various services. As a member you also get access to contract generation and invoicing tools.

Explore The Various Sources To Find Telecommute Graphic Design Jobs And Start Your Remote Journey Today

Just as the name suggests, We Work Remotely is a site that advertises remote work opportunities. These jobs allow you to work from anywhere. Jobs range from design to marketing and sales to programming positions. Simply search for available freelance design jobs and apply to the ones that interest you.

Crew brings together top designers, developers and clients looking for high quality work. To join the site, simply submit your name, online portfolio URL and get started. The site has capabilities in web design, app development and brand identity.

Fiverr works differently than most freelance jobs. You will not find companies advertising available jobs on the site. Instead, freelancers create “gigs” based on what they’re best at, and clients buy the best “gigs.” Fiverr is especially good for freelance designers who are just starting out and want to get their feet wet. You can create small “gigs” that can be done quickly. It can be logo design, business card design, slogans, slogans and many more.

Dribbble is a message board for designers where they can find a variety of remote freelance design opportunities. Dribble has various jobs for web designers, graphic designers, logo designers, illustrators, typographers, icon artists and other creative types. When you join the site, upload screenshots (small screenshots) of your work to attract suitable clients.

How To Become A Successful Freelance Graphic Designer?

Coroflot is an online freelance site where design companies post jobs looking for professional designers. As a freelance designer, create your portfolio on Coroflot to attract potential clients. The jobs available on the website are filtered by job level and specialty categories.

LocalSolo is open to freelance designers based anywhere in the world who have expertise in either design, engineering, copy, photography or analysis.

OnSite is an online job listing for designers, developers and copywriters. You can find many freelancing opportunities here. Members are carefully vetted before being allowed to join the site. Once accepted, upload your portfolio, set your price and your availability.

Folyo contains a curated list of designers available for freelance work. Once you become a member of the site, you will be matched with potential clients based on their expectations and requirements.

Where Do Freelance Graphic Designers Work

Crowdsite is a popular site for finding freelance design jobs. In order to get a job, you have to participate in competitions. The site will pay for all submitted designs even for those that do not win the contest. This encourages designers to submit more  higher quality designer entries. The site also features private projects for established designers and developers. With a private project, you won’t be required to enter a competition to get the job

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