How To Start Wedding Event Management – Have you always wanted to be a wedding planner, but could an event management course help you break into the industry? If you love to create, conceptualize and organize beautiful events, this great field of event management is a great career choice. You must have the foresight to predict unexpected events and tap the skill boxes below.

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How To Start Wedding Event Management

How To Start Wedding Event Management

Skills you learn on an event management course include financial management and people management. Because proper budgeting and employee engagement always contribute to the smooth running of the event.

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This is important because a successful event depends on the effective use of team skills. Incident managers must ensure that each member of their team is performing the task that best utilizes their skills. Project management skills are essential when moving a team toward overall event goals.

Incident managers must be able to share their views and ideas with their team. They should be open to and receptive to new ideas and criticism. As good communication develops, event managers can also improve their leadership skills and motivate team members to work together.

Successful event managers are individuals with the ability to communicate and understand people from diverse backgrounds. This helps them build relationships with future customers and supporters. These relationships can become a valuable resource for planning future events.

If something does not go according to plan on the day of the event, the manager must be able to react quickly. This requires considerable resources and creativity, but also involves proper planning. Planning and process can provide the foresight to put other plans in place if things don’t go well on the day of the event.

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In this short video, Mandy Mulder, Lead Instructor of the UCT Events Management Online Short Course, explains how to start your wedding planning career and how an event management course can give you the edge.

Mandy walks you through the skills you need to be a wedding planner, but if you want to make sure you start your event management career, you’ll need to learn the skills and be recognized for your abilities.

Transcription If you ask 10 different wedding planners how they got started in the industry, you’re likely to get 10 different answers, because there’s no set path to becoming a wedding planner. There are no specific certifications or courses to study. Obviously, my advice to anyone wanting to get into this industry is to get some form of undergraduate degree or diploma under your belt if possible in PR, marketing, business management, etc., and then complete an event management course. Or wedding planning. These classes will give you the practical tools and confidence to go out and start planning your wedding. As with everything in life, the more you gain hands-on experience, the more successful you’ll be at what you do. When starting out, consider volunteering at a wedding agency or working at a wedding catering company, which will give you the hands-on experience you need.

How To Start Wedding Event Management

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Become A Wedding Planner

I don’t know about you, but I can think of 3 couples off the top of my head who canceled their wedding plans in the past two years, waiting until they had the wedding of their dreams, with zero compromise.

So, they have extra time to dream, plan and check every detail of their wedding plans.

While Pinterest boards, DIY blogs, and reality TV (the wedding version) may convince a happy couple that they can plan their own wedding, they need the help of a professional wedding planner.

In fact, according to, 66% of people planning to get married want to hire a wedding planner, with an average of 150,000 weddings in Canada and 2.4 million in the U.S. with an average budget of $26,000. For $33,000 in Canada and the US, you can see how you can make incredible money by choosing wedding planning as your event planning center.

Just Engaged: 10 Steps To Start Planning Your Wedding!

So, if you are considering starting your own wedding planning business, here are 5 steps to help you.

A wedding is one of the most stressful days of a couple’s life, so it’s natural for tension and emotions to run high, and it’s the wedding planner’s job (for everyone) to keep it that way.

Once you’ve checked all these boxes with your self-assessment, try to get some real-life experience.

How To Start Wedding Event Management

And the great thing about gaining experience is that experience is not directly related to starting your wedding planning business.

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It can just be a wedding neighborhood, like working at a 5-star restaurant, luxury hotel, or florist like Michele Rago at Destination Michele Rago before starting one of the world’s most successful wedding and event companies.

Not only is this a great idea to gain experience, but it’s also a great way to become more well-rounded as a wedding planner.

Mitchell says these experiences have given him “a more holistic approach to design, focus on food and beverage and service.”

One of the best ways to do something is to learn everything you can first.

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When you are in the wedding planning business, you should always make learning a priority.

Whether you’re learning from a mentor, taking courses, listening to podcasts, or reading industry magazines and blogs, you should never stop learning.

A good way to learn is to immerse yourself in the subject, just like any forex program.

How To Start Wedding Event Management

If you want to learn French, the best way to do it is to go to France and live there for a while. It forces you to live and breathe the subject.

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Studying in a trend-heavy industry should become your passion. It’s important to learn about future trends early and stay ahead of the curve, and a good way to do this is through events like trade shows.

So, obviously, a great way to learn about weddings is to attend them, or at least attend all the trade shows, workshops, and conferences you can find.

Attending a wedding can be invaluable in giving you an insight into a more realistic version of your dream wedding – because even the best-laid plans often have bumps in the road, and it’s imperative that we learn how to deal with these bumps.

Being at an actual wedding as a guest can also provide first-hand insight into how guests feel, which is incredibly valuable information to have in your back pocket for planning future events.

You Should Become An Event Planner: How To Start A Home Based Event Planning Business Step By Step From Scratch

If you want to be ahead of the game, and want to know what the next trends are, such as color schemes, hot destinations, wedding favors, floral design and on-demand catering companies, then trade shows should be on your radar.

Attending events not only helps you learn, but can also help you network, which can lead to the safety of vendors, venues, and even customers.

You can’t have your own wedding planning business without clients, but you can’t get clients without a wedding planning business – or can you?

How To Start Wedding Event Management

One of the biggest career challenges everyone faces is the endless cycle of “you can’t do a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.”

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Of course, like any other wedding business, there are technical aspects to starting your own wedding planning business:

Now that you’ve got the top 5 steps to starting your own wedding planning business, which one should you take first?

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