How To Manage Goat Farm – Livestock is also a productive part of the agricultural sector. However, some of the farmers cannot prefer agriculture because of the high investment required. In this case, they move towards animal husbandry, which is included in their budget and also provides a good return. In animal husbandry, goat rearing is the most important and most profitable livestock business in India. You can start commercial goat farming in a small capital city and open a small scale goat farm. However, you need to know several steps about goat farming before starting the business. So let’s start our goat raising tips with the benefits and top 10 goat breeds to raise.

Every farmer thinks twice before starting any farming or business. Not even a farmer, every Indian citizen thinks many times before starting a business. That’s why here we also show some advantages and disadvantages of goat farming which will definitely help you to provide the best goat farming business ideas.

How To Manage Goat Farm

How To Manage Goat Farm

Compared to other livestock or farming businesses, goat farming is relatively easy and cheap to maintain. However, all of them also have some disadvantages, in addition to the advantages. Here are also some disadvantages that we mention below.

Broiler Goat Rearing A Profitable Enterprise

Well, these are some advantages and disadvantages of goat farming that you have to accept or face. So, let’s move on to the goat farming business tips that can make your goat business plan more manageable.

Small investment and high profit in a short period of time. Who does not want; As we know, the demand for livestock business is high all over the world and due to its popularity, it is increasing rapidly. Goat farming is one of the prominent livestock business in India and it provides better return.

Is goat farming profitable? Such a question arises in the mind of every farmer. But the answer is a resounding YES! Goat farming business is profitable and you can start even with low capital. But before you start a goat farming business, you should remind yourself of some important goat farming tips. These tips can also be valuable for starting goat farming for beginners.

Goat farming business needs suitable land and shelter for better goat farming. Goat farming needs a separate shelter to cultivate and grow. A farmer should create a multi-purpose land or shelter where the goats can have all the required facilities. The shelter must be clean, healthy and free from disease. Sanitation and good shelter can give high profit and you can also use a shelter in long term.

Guide For Goat Farming In India

Choosing a goat breed is a necessary part of the goat farming business. As part of raising goats, breeding is important to select and properly separate the male-female ratio (Bucks & Does).

As we know, goats are ruminants and eat almost all green herbs, crops, leaves and corn. To feed them better, the feeding area or grazing area should be quite spacious and clean. So, there the goats can roam freely and eat easily. With the help of the natural grazing system, you can reduce the cost of other goat feed.

Your goats can suffer from various kinds of diseases. Therefore, you should raise your goats healthily. Make sure his vet is available near you so you can go there in an emergency. Keep an adequate supply of vaccines and goat-related medicines and always keep your goats vaccinated.

How To Manage Goat Farm

You need proper management for bakri farm. To run your goat farming business, you should maintain a systematic way. First, you should split the management team to separate the departments and manage properly.

Bulletin #1210, Farmer Skill And Knowledge Checklist: Goat Producers

To start a goat farming business, you need to set your budget and investment. You need to know about the capital required and how many facilities you can get in that capital for goats. According to our opinion, goat farming business is profitable, if you make a good investment, you will definitely get a good profit in return.

After you have a profitable goat farming business plan, you should know about goat breeds. These goat breeds, which we have mentioned below, will definitely help you start a goat farming business. We have listed the top 10 goat breeds for profitable commercial goat farming. With the help of these options, you can choose the right breed of goat according to your business requirements. So, let’s look at the top 10 goat breeds.

The Boer goat breed was cultivated in South Africa and is the most popular breed worldwide. They have tremendous growth due to selective breeding. Boer goat farming is very popular and profitable due to its highly adaptable and resistant nature to heat and disease. Due to their fast growing and high fertility rate, they are in progressive demand all over the world. Breeding Boer goats can be the reason for the successful breeding of goats as their weight increases up to 45 Kg. It is ideal for breeding and meat rather than milking.

The Barbari goat is grown in Berbera, Somalia, East Africa, but has gained so much popularity because of its good adaptability to Indian conditions. They are a kind of small breed with a medium size solid body and they look attractive. It is a type of goat that is alert and attentive. They are commonly found in India and Pakistan and are ideal for their meat. The main purpose of breeding Barbari goats is to produce meat and dairy products that can provide a profitable goat breeding business. The weight of the Barbari goat is about 38 kg for a male and 23 kg for a female goat.

The Farms Of Kranji

The Malwa goat originates from Madhya Pradesh. Maximum Malwa goats are bred for milk production because of their ideality to produce a large amount of milk. The weight of a mature Malwa goat is about 50 kg with quality and good feed. It is one of the best breeds to start a goat farming business in India. You can also raise Malwa goat breed and get double income by selling for festive periods, mainly Durga Pooja and Eid (as per Indian rituals).

The Sirohi goat breed originates from the Sirohi region of Rajasthan. Due to their highly adaptable nature, you can find them in many parts of Rajasthan. Sirohi goats have a small to medium sized body with a total body weight of 50 kg for a male goat and 25 to 30 kg for a female goat. Sirohi goats give birth twice a year, of which 40% of the lambs are single and the remaining 60% are twins. Therefore, these goats are ideal for breeding and meat purposes. The price of Sirohi goat depends on its gender category which is around Rs. 150 /kg for females and Rs. 175 to 200/kg in male goats.

The Tellicherry goat breed was cultivated in Kerala and also bred in Tamilnadu. It is also commonly known as the Malabari goat breed, which is famous for its high rate of multiple births compared to other goat breeds. The Tellicherry goat grows to about 45 to 50 kg of male goat weight and 35 to 40 kg of female goat weight. Tellicherry goat farming business can be profitable goat farming for beginners because this breed can produce 1 to 2 kg of milk/day. They are ideal for meat, leather and milk.

How To Manage Goat Farm

The black Bengal goat breed is cultivated in West Bengal and also grown in Bangladesh. It is one of the most prominent goat breeds in India which is in high demand for the goat farming business. The weight of the black Bengal goat is about 15 to 16 kg for a male and 12 kg for a female. Because of its tasty and nutritious meat and milk, it is ideal for its meat and milk. The price of black bengal goat comes into your budget which can’t exceed the budget to start a goat breeding business.

Goat Farming: Quality Crucial When Building Your Herd

Found in Uttar Pradesh, it is the most productive goat breed for profitable commercial goat farming. The weight of Jamunapari goat is about 65 to 75 kg for male and 45 to 60 kg for female. Rearing Jamunapari goats mainly for meat and milk as they have high commercial ratio. Its name is derived from the river Yamuna and it is commonly known as the Chambal Queen.

The Osmanabadi goat breed is mainly cultivated in the regions of Maharashtra and also in the regions of Andhra Pradesh. The weight of this breed reaches 32 to 36 kg for an adult male and 30 to 32 kg for an adult female. They are raised mainly for meat and milk. The Osmanabadi breed produces an average of about 3 to 3.5 kg/day/goat of milk.

The Saanen goat originates from the Saanen Valley in Switzerland. It is the most popular dairy goat that produces high quality milk in larger quantities per day. For commercial goat breeding, the Saanen goat would be the best choice for breeding. They are highly adaptable to cold regions and ideal for milk production. Saanen goat breeds are a good choice for starting a small scale goat farming business.

The Beetal goat breed originates from Punjab but was also raised in Pakistan. These goats are smaller in size but weigh up to 45 to 65 kg of an adult male

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