How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully – Three Musts for How to Manage a Successful Restaurant Business how to hold restaurant managers accountable how to conduct successful training in restaurant systems

Managing a restaurant has its ups and downs, many of which are out of your control. We are all familiar with these types of challenges, but there is one challenge that is in your control and controlling it is critical to your success: people management. Here I want to share with you my top three management must-dos on how to run a successful restaurant business.

How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully

How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully

Managing inventory, preparing food and drinks, creating an incredible atmosphere is easy compared to managing people. But to be successful in the restaurant business, you must be able to successfully manage people to help you on the path to a smoothly running restaurant.

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You should always train people to do it your way so that when a manager leaves, you have trained replacements. You don’t lose someone and wonder, oh my gosh, all that information in their head, what do I do now? As long as you keep training your system, your process, your way, things will be done your way when you are there, but especially when you are not. This is how chain restaurants often kick our ass. They impose their will without being there through systems.

Start documenting all your systems. There is no system too small or too large. Everything you do in your restaurant is done the way you want and should be done that way by everyone.

It is common to show someone how to do something and ask them to understand without going through the process of confirming that they understand. The main reason you lose people is that they don’t know what their job is, how to do it, how well it should be done, or by when. And it’s a top-down practice. No one in the restaurant can work if they are not properly trained. If you want people to manage a restaurant successfully, you need to make training a priority.

Following STA – systems, training, accountability – will change your life and your business. It seems so simple on the surface but it takes real work to implement. You need to become the leader your restaurant needs because I guarantee you, if you go down this road, there will be pushback. Knowing these three things are how to run a successful restaurant business can help you stay strong.

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If you are looking for support to learn how to do this well and become the leader of your business, I have a premium restaurant training program for independent restaurant owners. It’s a 24-week program that sets you up with systems, training and accountability. Members who go through this program transform their lives. Schedule a discovery call with me today so we can talk about you, your goals and your willingness to take the program.

If you want to learn how to own a restaurant that doesn’t depend on being in it for success, sign up for the myfree video course that teaches you three key principles to running a successful restaurant. If you’re ready right now to make some serious changes to your restaurant, you can also book a 60-minute call with me where we’ll talk about your challenges and understand exactly what’s holding you back from having a restaurant that doesn’t depend on being in it to succeed . .

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How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully

How to manage a restaurant is a common search term on the Internet. Restaurant entrepreneurs tend to always learn new things and try to improve their businesses and this is true in running a restaurant. In my experience, the most successful people I’ve worked with are always trying to get better. They want to do things better and get the best results possible. Watch this video or keep scrolling to read five tips I’ve collected from the owners of the very successful restaurants I’ve given.

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Start with just one system. What do I mean by that? I don’t care what that system is. Choose any system, any system you can handle, whether you’re standardizing how to count a bar drawer or working on recipe cost sheets, shelf-to-sheet inventory, budget scheduling or heck , looking at ideal versus actual product usage , implementing a new software package. It doesn’t matter. What system do you want to work on? Choose the one thing.

In my coaching with restaurant owners I provide a 23-step course to achieving the Restaurant Prosperity Formula™. I can tell you exactly the path I want you to take, but it doesn’t matter what I want. Look, if I stay on you or someone tells you that you have to start and feel defeated, many people stop dead. So, the key is to choose the one system. Start there. Take Action. It really doesn’t matter which system you choose because you will get results.

Number two, find a person in your restaurant who can help you do this. Someone who will hold you accountable and others accountable for the process, for the plan. Yes, you are the owner, you are the GM. You are the person who holds people accountable and makes sure everything gets done. But have you ever noticed, sometimes we feel like we are on an island and no one can help us accomplish anything? The fact is you need some help. Everyone needs someone to say, hey, shouldn’t we move on? What are we doing tomorrow? What is our next step? You have to find that person. I call that person the Implementer. This is someone who – excuse my French – who does shit.

See, most restaurant owners have a hard time focusing on one thing and staying focused on it. The nature of running a restaurant is very hectic and requires you to divide your attention among many different people and projects. Restaurant owners want the next thing. You want to work on the sales and growth of the company, or the new menu item. The new. The new. The new. But the truth of the matter is some of the things you have to do are mundane. They are tasks, systems and processes. And it’s the same way every single day. So, if you can find that one person in your team who can help you get things done, then you can move your company forward. You can lead that process.

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Number three, make sure you’ve got Restaurant 101 mastered. These are the things you promised to your customers and your employees. It’s great service, great product and great hospitality. Make sure you’re delivering that, that you’re training that, that you’re making sure the guest has the best possible experience, because regardless of what systems we put in place, it doesn’t matter if your restaurant catches on. So those systems start with service steps, cleanliness, all the things to make sure that your guest gets the same experience every time.

Number four, have a system for everything in your restaurant. Make sure you fall back on your implementer and your management team to keep them going because there is a system, a process, a way of doing something and everything in your business. That’s where chain restaurants cut our ass. There is only one way to do everything in their business – their way. We can learn from the chains that there is a system, a process, a way for everything in the restaurant, from counting that bar drawer to how to carry out the inventory. Everything you do in your business needs systems because in this way you ensure that no matter who is working, which shift, it is done your way.

And number five, do your best to get through each day. I want you to work on your business instead of in it. This gives you the chance to lead your team. Instead of being in the trenches, you know, flipping a burger or flipping pizza, making sure things get done. When you are really paying attention to the business, you have to increase your communication skills. You rely on your systems to make sure things are getting done. That you don’t have to manage someone’s personality. They either did the job or they didn’t. See, this is how we bring about change in our business. When you really want to manage your business, not the people, but the business, you need systems in place and someone to help you get there.

How To Manage A Restaurant Successfully

If you want to become a member of the most successful restaurant owner category, start with these five tips.

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You can also fill out a free restaurant evaluation. It’s a great way to identify immediate opportunities where you can make things better in your restaurant.

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