How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram – According to the latest Instagram statistics, the platform has 1.704 billion users worldwide. While it started as a photo sharing app, it has transformed into a business platform. Millions of entrepreneurs are leveraging its selling power, from service providers to nonprofits to dropshipping e-commerce business owners, to make money on Instagram.

You might be asking yourself: How do people make money on Instagram? Can I pull it off myself? How does selling on Instagram differ from other types of e-commerce business?

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

In this article, we’ll look at a few tactics you can start using today so you can join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs making money on Instagram.

Instagram Master Class

Absolutely. As long as you have some beautiful and creative images to use, you can grab the attention of Instagram’s millions of users.

Now you might be thinking: Yes, I understand that it is possible, but how the hell do I start?

Don’t worry, we will unravel the mysteries of this entire process in detail along with some success stories from Instagram.

If you have some photography skills, you will have a great advantage for the platform. Bonus points if you’re photogenic yourself and want to bring some extra life to your product photography. Don’t have a camera? Learn how to take great photos with your phone with our product photography course. Nothing will stop you from making money on the photo and video sharing app.

How Instagram Makes Money

If you can reach the coveted influencer status, you can use your Instagram profile to promote all kinds of products from all kinds of brands.

If you’re not familiar, an influencer is someone who has built a reputation and loyal following by sharing regularly on their social accounts. They have a good following and are able to convince their audience to jump on trends and buy certain products.

They have this power because they have spent a lot of time building trust and relationships with their audience.

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

Brands tend to partner with influencers to create sponsored posts that help spread the word about their products. To get to this point, you need to grow your Instagram following as well as regularly come up with posts that generate strong engagement from your followers.

How To Make Money On Social Media: Tips For Brands And Creators

Top influencers earn thousands of dollars per sponsored post. Keep in mind that it takes a long time and a lot of hard work and talent to get to this point. It’s certainly achievable, but be sure to manage your expectations if you choose this route.

As an influencer, it is extremely important for you to know your audience. You need to understand who these people are – their interests, values, needs and wants.

This way you know which brands suit them best. If you’ve switched to an Instagram business account, you can dig into your audience stats a little more through the Instagram Insights feature.

If you’ve created a notable online presence, chances are big brands will reach out to you. But as you build, you also find yourself brands that you think match your personality and value the most.

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Contact them directly (via Instagram or through their websites) to try to negotiate a deal. You can also list yourself on an influencer marketplace to increase your chances of being found by a big brand.

As an additional tip, be careful not to lose the trust of your existing audience in the process of monetizing sponsored posts. It’s always a good idea to use an Instagram hashtag that tells people it’s a sponsored post (something simple like #sponsored or #ad).

You can sell other people’s products and get a cut. There are lots of people making money on Instagram through affiliate programs.

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate works towards selling to the partner brand in exchange for a commission. On the other hand, the influencer primarily aims to create awareness. (If you’re only interested in getting exposure for your brand, you might want to review these brand awareness tips to gain traction).

Instagram Ad Revenue (2019–2023) [updated Feb 2023]

Affiliates earn money through a trackable link or promo code to ensure you know exactly which sales came directly from your posts.

Create engaging posts to promote the products without being intrusive. Since you can only have one link on your Instagram bio, you might want to link a landing page to your affiliate link, which you can quickly create using a “link in bio” tool like Linkpop. In every post, make sure to tell people that they can buy the product via the link in your bio. And make a funny Instagram caption to make it sound less salesy.

At first it might sound like a tough game, but affiliate marketing has a lot of potential if you plan to grow. You can expand your presence by including a website and/or other marketing or social media channels.

Check out our  list of eye-catching Instagram post ideas from successful brands for inspiration.

How To Make Money On Instagram: 10 Actionable Strategies

Many influencers out there need help – filtering sponsorship requests, running ads, identifying fake followers and more. You can offer to be their VA and charge hourly for your services.

As an Instagram influencer VA, you will be responsible for many things such as managing DMs, scheduling posts and responding to comments. The influencer may also ask you to share content ideas to develop their personal brand.

So if you’ve always wanted to practice your Instagram marketing skills without being the center of attention, this is a great place to start.

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

Many small business owners use Instagram to promote their goods and services, but few of them have the resources or expertise to write great Instagram captions. If you are good at coming up with creative Instagram captions, you can sell your services to these companies. Just remember, they will judge you by your ability to write engaging copy in short form.

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To get the attention of business owners, write and post some captions on your own account. Then include the ones that generate the most engagement in your portfolio. Chances are, if a company wants to hire you to do their Instagram copy, they want to see your work. So make sure you have some examples that they could look at right away.

How much to pay for Instagram captions? Whatever price you feel you are worth. It could be $600 for 10 captions or $1,000 for 20 captions. The important thing is to pay for your expertise rather than your time or content.

You can sell poster photos, paintings, drawings, animations, videos and other image or video based virtual products. On each post, include an interesting caption and direct readers to visit the link in your bio. This is another popular way people make money on Instagram.

If you think you’re taking high-quality photos, there’s a chance you might get paid for it. Once you’ve taken some great photos, use the best photo editing apps for phones to get the most out of the photos you take. Try to be original, creative and funny when taking pictures. They will get much more attention than boring ones.

Tips To Find Clients And Make Money On Instagram

You can sell any physical product that you make yourself or buy from suppliers. This conventional e-commerce business usually requires inventory, which means you need some initial capital to purchase your products.

You will also need a place to store the products, such as a spare room at home or a rented storage space. This is especially true if you plan to save money by buying products in bulk. You need a place to store everything before it is ordered by and delivered to customers.

The good news is that you can sell products directly on Instagram by creating an Instagram Shop (more on that later). Just include products in your Instagram photos and you can direct your Instagram followers to your product pages where they can buy your stuff in one fell swoop.

How To Make Money Advertising On Instagram

Once you’ve made a sale, your supplier ships your products from their warehouse straight to your customer’s doorstep. You never have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping your products. Phew.

How Can I Make Money From My Instagram Account ?

This works similarly to our previous idea of ​​selling products on Instagram to earn money. The only difference is that you don’t need to store any inventory. With dropshipping, you can experiment to find the niche products that would sell well without wasting start-up capital.

You can easily set up a dropshipping store with Shopify’s e-commerce platform (which is free for 14 days) and apps like DSere.

While Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s growth has reached 1 billion users over 9 years in 2019 since its launch in 2010.

With Instagram constantly growing in popularity, it’s no surprise that Instagrammers are becoming an unstoppable force. They have figured out ways to make money on Instagram and monetize the photos they take.

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9) 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, making it an ideal platform for brands targeting young adults.

Promote a specific niche lifestyle and start selling products

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