How To Know If You Drink Too Much – Water is an important component of the body and makes up about 60% of your total body weight. Water powers nearly every cellular process that takes place in the body, and when you don’t consume enough of it, those processes suffer. Experts in nutritional response testing such as Drs. Lonny is skilled at helping you understand how nutrition and hydration affect your body.

As critical as water is to the proper functioning of the body, we naturally lose much of it throughout the day via urination and perspiration (perspiration). To avoid dehydration, we need to replenish the lost water by consuming an adequate amount on a daily basis.

How To Know If You Drink Too Much

How To Know If You Drink Too Much

As with most things in life, each individual’s water needs vary. It differs from one person to the next depending on factors such as gender, age, state of health, level of daily activity and geography. Although there is no universal number for the amount of water to be consumed, although common recommendations are to consume 8 eight-ounce glasses (2 liters) per day. Having a good understanding of how your body uses fluids will help you come up with a reasonable estimate of how much water you should be consuming daily.

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Every day we lose water through sweat, urination and respiration (breathing) and other processes. Because of this, we need to consume water, electrolytes (which help maintain adequate hydration levels in the body) and the right foods to compensate for the loss.

It varies from person to person and will depend on many factors, but the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommends the following daily fluid intake:

This recommended daily fluid intake includes water, beverages, and food, and while about 80% of daily fluid intake comes from water, 20% comes from beverages, food, and other sources.

Your fluid intake is most likely adequate if you do not feel thirsty or your urine is pale yellow or completely colorless. This infographic from Children’s Health is a great way to monitor your hydration:

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Although it rarely happens, it is possible to suffer from a medical condition known as hyponatremia if you consume too much water. Hyponatremia is a condition in which the level of sodium in your blood drops due to the kidneys’ inability to excrete excess water.

Hyponatremia is a life-threatening disease, and athletes are more at risk of suffering from this condition – especially when preparing for or recovering from intense exercise or endurance exercise.

Apart from water, all types of fluids that you consume during the day count towards the amount of water you need that day. Some beverages like sports drinks, some juices/teas and even the food you eat contribute to your water intake.

How To Know If You Drink Too Much

Vegetables and fruits like spinach and watermelon are rich in water, so when you consume them, they reduce your required fluid intake for the day.

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Your daily water needs will vary based on several factors. You will need to change your daily fluid intake based on the following factors:

Although some juices, teas and sports drinks (like Gatorade) can move you closer to your daily fluid intake requirements, they should be taken in moderation and supplemented with water. Other drinks, especially sodas, can dehydrate you quickly. Because of its availability and calorie-free nature, water remains the best option for staying safely hydrated and meeting your daily fluid needs.

If you drink a lot of soda and are looking for a way to reduce your daily consumption, here are some tips to help:

In addition, humans are creatures of habit. We like to have a drink of some kind in our hands while we sit on the couch to watch TV, and overtime, we make it a habit.

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To help kick the habit of sitting with soda, you can buy a refrigerator with a dispenser or a cooling water filter. The next time you want to sit on the couch to watch TV, have a cup of chilled water with a slice of lime and you’re good to go! It can be difficult to keep track of how much alcohol you put away. Alcoholic drinks come in different strengths and serving sizes.

Your age, weight, gender and even how you feel at the time can also affect how alcohol affects you.

By limiting your drinks, you reduce the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol-related injury or disease. The Australian guidelines recommend that healthy adults should drink:

How To Know If You Drink Too Much

A standard drink contains about 10 grams of alcohol. This is the amount your body can process in one hour.

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A standard potion can be much smaller than you think. For example, the average glass of wine served in a pub contains 1.5 standard drinks.

Check the label on any bottle, can or keg of alcohol for the number of standard drinks it contains. Read more about standard drinks here.

Some people struggle to limit the amount they drink. Others find it difficult to go even a day without drinking. Low-level dependence like this can gradually increase over time until alcohol becomes a serious problem.

Health and Wellbeing Reducing alcohol consumption means you are less likely to feel anxious or depressed. You will also have less risk of developing long-term health problems such as cancer, heart disease or liver cirrhosis (scarring).

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Drinking too much becomes expensive and can lead to problems at home and at work. Cutting back on alcohol will help you perform better at work. It will also reduce the risk of an accident that could prevent you from working.

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Standard Drinks – An Australian Standard Drink contains 10 grams of alcohol. By counting standard drinks, you can keep track of your drinking. Read more on the myDr website Interactive Standard Drink Calculator Learn how many standard drinks are in regular glasses by filling the glass to one standard drink. Read more on Positive Choice’s website What is a standard drink? – Alcohol and Drug Foundation Different types of alcoholic beverages contain different amounts of pure alcohol. If you are someone who chooses to drink alcohol, it can make it difficult to keep track of how much you actually drink. Read more on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s website Standard drinks guide | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care Standard drinks are a way of keeping track of how much alcohol you really drink. To find out how many standard drinks you have, check your drink label. You can also use our handy guide, try a standard drinks calculator or ask the staff. Read more on the Department of Health and Aged Care website Guidelines for low-risk drinking – Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australians use alcohol to celebrate, enjoy themselves, relax and have fun. However, alcohol is a major cause of injury and ill health, violence, crime, family breakdown, road accidents, loss of workplace productivity and death in Australia. Read more on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website Effects of alcohol, binge drinking and withdrawal symptoms | Your Room Alcohol is a legal drug that has many short- and long-term side effects. Read about the effects of binge drinking, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and more. Read more on the NSW Health website How much alcohol is safe to drink? | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care Alcohol is never completely safe, it can cause harm to the person drinking and sometimes to those around them. The Australian Guidelines for Reducing the Health Risks of Drinking Alcohol provide evidence-based recommendations on how to keep the risk of harm from alcohol low. Read more on the website of the Department of Health and the Elderly Alcohol | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care Alcohol is a substance that affects your body – how you think, feel and behave. Drinking too much can affect your health and disrupt your life. Learn about guidelines to reduce your risk. Find help to reduce your own alcohol consumption or support someone close to you. Read more on the National Board of Health’s website Alcohol & your liver | Liver damage and effects of alcohol | Hepatitis NSW When you drink alcohol, your liver has to process it. Learn how alcohol affects your liver health, symptoms of liver damage and support services here. Read more on the Hepatitis NSW website Avoid alcohol | Stroke Foundation – Australia Avoid alcohol Alcohol can cause high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation Read more on the Stroke Foundation website

How To Know If You Drink Too Much

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