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Getting a job in advertising is no easy task – especially when your ambition is to work for one of the world’s top creative agencies with a dreamy London office. The barriers to entry for many industries are high, but the creative world is just as notorious.

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

However, the world’s leading creative agency BBH has an internship program that overcomes these barriers of finance, professional networks and experience to focus on one thing only: talent.

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The BBH “Homegrown” program is a 4-month paid internship that runs from 6 March – 26 June 2023, giving you an incredible insight into the world of advertising and advertising agency.

As the ad says: “You’ll learn how to brief, build and manage campaigns. How to research, develop insights and creative strategies. And how to find directors, photographers and designers to bring campaigns to life.” .You will do all this through a combination of working on live projects, as well as attending talks and clinics on core skills for your discipline.

We know there are many urban girls across the country who would jump at the chance to do this. So, we went straight to the program’s co-head, award-winning strategy director, Ellie Waring, to ask her more about it.

Homegrown is designed to offer an experience on display. That means being deeply involved in day-to-day work and live projects so you can get a real feel for some of the more traditional roles in an ad agency. We’ve found this to be quite a unique offer compared to other programs that really only offer ‘drop off’ opportunities.

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Not to mention that BBH also has a legacy of producing some of the most popular advertising globally, as well as an impressive list of existing clients. Here’s to a good 4 months!

There are three steps to applying for Homegrown: a short write-up on the online form, a video interview, and then an assessment day. What distinguishes an applicant in each stage?

We find a few things. The first few are curiosity and intrigue – we want to see evidence of applicants actively pursuing a deeper truth or meaning in people, culture and brands. Another is a passion for creativity and a genuine interest in advertising: the impact marketing can have on our brand perception. And finally, we work exclusively with ‘nice and good’ people!

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

You do not need previous experience to apply but we would encourage applicants to have strong points of view on the advert. Why not practice taking apart some ads with your friends? Ask work questions critically and creatively. Find ways to improve it!

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I think it fits perfectly. There are very few egos, we’re all in this together and ultimately it’s all about the work!

I have always felt like an outsider in this industry but BBH has welcomed me home. The black sheep may be the logo of our agency, but it’s a truth about who we are: this is the place where you want to work in creativity, but still haven’t found a sense of belonging. We want you and all the things that make you, you!

We would like to welcome applicants from both within and outside of London, therefore, we have developed a very competitive starting salary which reflects the rising costs of capital. Way above a living wage! We hope this shows how serious we are about supporting and welcoming new talent into the industry.

There are a few different ways you can access the program: the way we recommend is to choose a discipline (account management, strategy and production) and stay with it for 4 months. This gives you a solid foundation in a discipline and a skill set that you can take with you. An alternative way is to cycle through each poem. This may be best for applicants who are not yet sure what they want to do. But it will also mean that they will be moving around more and may therefore feel that they get more exposure than the experience. The choice is entirely yours! But you know our vote 😉 One of the biggest effects of the pandemic was the accelerated digital transformation in the economy and society. The sharp increase in retail sales volume last year significantly boosted digital advertising spending and boosted the long-term prospects of digital advertising.

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The shift in advertising dollars toward digital—including email marketing, social media, and programmatic advertising—is driving high growth for digital marketing agencies; However there are still many traditional advertising and creative agencies that are adapting to a digitally focused landscape.

According to December 2020 figures, WPP generated nearly $17 billion in revenue in 2019—strengthening its position as a top advertising competitor. Self-described as a creative transformation company, WPP offers its clients communications, technology, and commerce services.

In 2021, the advertising giant announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, Finsbury Glover Hering Corporation and Sard Verbinnen & Co (“SVC”) had merged to offer more board-level strategic advice, notably faster With growing industries such as health, renewable energy. , and DE&I.

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

Omnicom Group generated $15 billion in revenue in 2019, ranking second for the top ad agency. This global leader in digital marketing serves more than 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

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Last year, Omnicom made it to Fast Company’s 2021 Most Innovative Companies list as the only holding company to have three agencies (Goodbye Silverstein & Partners, TBWA and BBDO) in the top 10 in advertising. .

Publicis Groupe saw $12.3 billion in revenue in 2019, and reports that its continued U.S. growth is being boosted by digital media spending and the surprising success of its Epsilon data business. Amid the pandemic, Epsilon’s ability to help Publix clients activate their first-party data proved invaluable.

And in 2021 Epsilon and The Trade Desk partnered to make their consumer identity products viable. The partnership signals that Publix has abandoned user-level cross-domain tracking and sees value for its customers in engaging in such targeted advertising.

This digital agency is expanding its marketing and advertising business, and reached $10.3 billion in revenue in 2019. It is widely recognized for its ability to deliver experience and facts by connecting business insights with potential technologies.

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During 2021, Accenture Interactive is engaged in a series of acquisitions aimed at creating stronger commerce experiences and better transformation services. Recently, it acquired Japanese agency Tambourine – an e-commerce customer experience agency with around 70 employees, specializing in leveraging Salesforce’s cloud-based technology for better digital services.

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Earning just over $10 billion in revenue in 2019, this US-based advertising company consists of five major networks: FCB, IPG Mediabrands, McCann Worldgroup, MullenLowe Group, and Marketing Expert. These companies specialize in advertising, digital marketing, communication planning, media, public relations and specialty marketing.

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

In 2021, TikTok announced a three-year partnership with IPG Mediabrands to launch a “Creator Collective”. The program pairs TikTok creators with IPG Mediabrands clients to provide feedback and guidance on campaign strategies—highlighting the importance of short-video marketing and mobile advertising.

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Dentsu Inc. is a Japanese international advertising and public relations company that brought in $9.6 billion in revenue in 2019. Dentsu’a Network’s M1 solution, developed by its Merkel division, includes a model to estimate access to linear and CTV platforms.

The M1 system process begins with defining user targets, often obtained from first-party data provided by the advertiser, then is modeled to identify other users who closely match the original customer list. Once target and data set configurations are achieved across platforms, various modules within the M1 system are used to estimate cross-platform access.

Securing the 7th spot on our list of top advertising companies, Deloitte Digital generated nearly $8 billion in revenue in 2019. Deloitte Digital was launched in 2012 as Deloitte’s creative consulting unit.

Deloitte Digital has offices in more than 30 countries and works to help clients develop a growth agenda using human insights to deliver dynamic experiences. Deloitte Digital works to help brands find customers and audiences, guide them through engagement, retention, and loyalty.

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PwC’s digital arm brought in $6.7 billion in revenue in 2019. PwC Digital’s approach is based on its BXT (Business, Experience, Technology) framework.

PwC Digital Services focuses on digital design and employee and user experience – empowering them to work better and smarter. Among its digital marketing services, helping professionals modernize their marketing plans and cloud suites, and optimize processes for memorable CX.

IBM iX is a fierce competitor in the advertising space, bringing in $5.6 billion in revenue in 2019. It is one of the world’s largest digital and design consultancies, with approximately 60 studios and a global network of strategists, designers, developers and data architects. .

How To Get Into The Advertising Industry

IBM iX solutions include customer experience consulting, customer lifecycle consulting, e-commerce consulting, mobile app development, and customer service consulting. It can help new identity

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