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A Breakdown of Facebook Ad Types In Chapter 3 of our Facebook Ads Guide, we’re going to explore all the different Facebook ad types.

How To Do Facebook Advertising

How To Do Facebook Advertising

By understanding your Facebook ad format and ad type options, you can design Facebook ads that meet your specific audience and marketing goals โ€” and get the most out of your Facebook ad experience.

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A Facebook ad format is the basic layout of your ad: text, a video, an image with a full-screen interactive experience, there are only seven basic ad formats, but with these seven, you can design a large number. Ad types for different advertising purposes

In the section below, we’ll introduce seven ad formats before expanding on the many ad types you can do with them

Image ads are the most basic ad format They contain only one image and can be used in multiple different ad types, placements and aspect ratios

Image ads are easy to create and can effectively showcase your product or service if you use high-quality photos This ad format is a great choice for almost any stage of your funnel, whether you want to increase your brand awareness or promote a sale to increase conversions.

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Although image ads are a great all-around choice, they can also be limiting because you only have one image to get your message across. When you want to show how your product works or display multiple products, a single image format is not your best choice.

Video advertising drives high audience engagement, and even small companies can create simple videos to entertain and connect with their audience.

The only downside to video ads is that they are time-consuming to prepare If you have a simple message, an image or carousel can do the job more efficiently

How To Do Facebook Advertising

Slideshow ads consist of 3 to 10 images or a single video playing in a slideshow. These ads are the younger cousins โ€‹โ€‹of video ads because they use five times less data and are intended for use in markets where Internet connectivity is typically limited.

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Slideshow ads can also be a great stepping stone for people who don’t have any video-making experience but still want to capture readers’ attention with the movement and sound that make video ads so effective.

Story ads are full-screen immersive experiences that pop up between Stories users are viewing on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp. You can create your story with videos, images or carousels

Stories offer more freedom of expression than your typical video or image ad, as you can experiment with video effects, emojis and even augmented reality to impress your audience.

The story format is great for showing off your brand, but stories aren’t placed in the Facebook feed, so they’re not a silver bullet for advertisers. Media in stories require different formatting than image or video ads, so you may be forced to create unique content just for stories, making them more functional overall.

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Instant Experience Ads (formerly Canvas Ads) are mobile-only interactive ads that allow users to engage with your content on Facebook.

With Instant Experience ads, your target audience members can swipe through a carousel image, tilt the screen in different directions, and zoom in or out with the flick of a finger. Instant Experience ads also load up to 10 times faster than standard mobile web apps!

Instant Experience Ads are a great tool overall, but if you’re new to advertising on Facebook, they may require more time than they’re worth. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, it might be better to stick with more basic ad formats.

How To Do Facebook Advertising

With carousel ads, readers can flip through multiple images or videos, each with its own headline, link or description.

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Carousels are great for introducing readers to a wide range of your products, as each image in the carousel can have its own landing page tailored specifically for that product.

The carousel format can also be used effectively to tell a story or explain a process by dividing each section into different sections of your carousel.

A collection ad is like a mobile window-shopping experience, where readers can scroll through your product lineup with a single tap. You can think of collection ads as an advanced carousel ad โ€“ both show your product lineup, but collection ads are more customizable and full screen.

Collection ads are perfect for large online stores, but for companies selling a limited number of products or services, there are probably better options for you.

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Ads on Facebook are based on objectives such as brand awareness, conversions or leads Each of these goals has a corresponding ad that is designed to meet that goal; These are called ad types

In this next section, we’ll go over the types of ads we create on Facebook We have divided them based on where you create these ad types With Facebook Ads, you can create ads in two places:

In general, the ad builder on your Facebook page focuses on simplicity and speed, while the Ad Manager ad builder allows you to go more in-depth. Understanding what you can do on these two platforms is key to advertising on Facebook

How To Do Facebook Advertising

The easiest way to create Facebook ads is directly from your Facebook Page Just click on the Promote button, and you can start the process of getting your brand and products out there. You can’t create all ads from your Facebook Page, but you can create:

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Since you can also run lead ads and event ads on Ads Manager, we’ll look at those ad types in the next section

Every time you post something on your Facebook page, Facebook offers you the opportunity to reach the poster with a Boosted post.

After you click Promote, simply select a post to get your post in front of more people on Facebook’s ad network.

Boosted posts will look like normal Facebook posts with a sponsored note above the ad

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Page Like Ads are the go-to option for increasing your Page Likes. They can be displayed in all placements and include a visible CTA (call to action) that allows readers to immediately like your page.

You can advertise a Page Like by clicking on the Promote My Page option in the Promote menu.

This ad type helps promote your external website by sending people to your landing page or blog post. You can use website visitor ads in different places, allowing you to reach a larger audience

How To Do Facebook Advertising

You can advertise a website visitor by clicking on the Get more website visitors option in the Promote menu

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Websites use Facebook Pixel data from people who have shown interest in products on your website to purchase ads

Before you can use these ads, you need to set up your Facebook Pixel so that it can collect all the data you need.

You can advertise a website purchase by clicking on the More Website Purchases option in the Promote menu

An automated page is the perfect balance between a simple page boost and a full marketing campaign organized by your ad manager. Instead of doing everything yourself, automated advertising walks you through the process, using AI to help you get the most out of your targeting, placement and ad budget.

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You can create an automated ad by clicking Start Automated Ads in the Promote menu

A user will see your ad in their inbox within their conversation, and can click to start a Facebook conversation with your Page.

The Ad Manager we set up in Chapter 2 to design ads on Facebook Ad Managers have more options than just your Facebook Page Plus, if you want to create custom audiences or categories, you can do so through Ads Manager, making it a one-stop-shop for all your Facebook advertising needs.

How To Do Facebook Advertising

An event ad is an ad that helps market your Facebook events to your target market, helping to grow the reach and impact of your events.

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Depending on the size and relevance of the event you are promoting, you may want to limit the geographic scope of the ad to people who live in the same city or region as the event.

This ad type is perfect for online or brick-and-mortar store owners who want to attract more people to their store.

With an offer ad, you can give users the opportunity to redeem a special offer on your product or service By offering a special discount or promotion on Facebook, you can encourage new customers to try your product or bring back old customers who need that extra bit to repeat.

A lead ad is an ad with an instant form so you can find out valuable information about your potential future customers.

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You can use lead advertising to conduct market research on your target audience, to collect contact information for future promotions,

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