How To Boost Your Business On Instagram – You may have noticed a while ago that Instagram introduced its new “stories” feature, and you may be wondering what this means for your business and whether Instagram is right for you. Fear not, we’ll take a look at our thoughts and how businesses should use it.

Instagram is going from strength to strength this year. Originally (in 2010), the social media channel started as a photo sharing platform and gained over 1 million users within the first few months! In April 2012, the company announced that it had passed the 30 million user mark – which is where Facebook jumped in and bought the app.

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

So this is where Instagram started, but I’m sure most of you have seen the amazing new features introduced so far this year. In case you missed it, here are some cool features:

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Everyone can choose up to 10 photos and videos per post; these can be traversed horizontally.

Like Facebook LIVE, I’m sure you’ve seen Joe Weeks cook up a storm. Just go to “Search” and then you will see Top Live videos. Your viewers can comment and add “hearts” to the stream while watching.

Not to be confused with Live. This is where you upload short, 15-second videos, where you can tap to go back or forward, or swipe to jump to another person’s story. There is no function to like or comment on these, but the latest update means that these videos can be replayed for up to 24 hours.

A video app that lets you turn everyday moments into something a little more fun! It takes multiple photos and combines them into a mini-video that plays both forwards and backwards.

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If you haven’t seen these, where have you been? Very controversial (trying to copy Snapchat) Instagram has released 8 selfie filters: Gold Crown, Koala, Nerd Glasses, Bunny, Butterfly Crown, Ice Crown, Peacock and Makeup. OK, these aren’t ideal for business purposes, but some of their standard, original filters are great.

If you’re going to use a standard filter like Lo-Fi or Nashville, it’s a great idea to find the right filter and stick with it. Like the Illyria Pottery below. How do you immediately know the brand you are looking at, understand what the brand is about?

Certain features, such as ‘swipe up’ to link images to websites, are only available to verified accounts. So you need a captive audience of more than 10,000 followers. But to be honest, I don’t think it will be long before this is rolled out to all businesses – Instagram seems to be testing it on a small scale. I keep my eyes peeled for you!

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

Instead of focusing on the products or services you sell, try a different approach on Instagram (and on all social media channels). Try to show more about your company’s culture, mission, and general advice.

Boost Your Instagram With Organic Reach.

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget the basics. Please remember that the ONLY link to get out is in the “Bio” section under your name.

Your bio is something you should always update. Don’t just link to your website, consider linking to a free downloadable resource, a recent blog post, or a purchase.

People are generally very curious creatures, so you can give any “insider scoop” people something better! Does it represent your production line, the team behind the business and your general day-to-day office life? Check out our Instagram account for ideas!

Many people don’t realize that you can add up to 30 hashtags per post! While this is good news for spreading awareness, you need to make sure your hashtags are relevant and not distracting. Set up your company hashtag (#yourbrandname) so people can easily find content related to you.

Boosting Marketing And Pr On Instagram

It’s also a good idea to check the number of posts related to the hashtags you have. Just type a hashtag into the search box and Instagram will show you the number of posts.

As with most social media campaigns, if you can partner with other like-minded companies, your message will be more accessible. Just make sure they align with your brand values ​​and mission. “Shout” is another good technique.

This is where you partner with another brand with a similar following to yours to cross-promote to your audience. Hello increased exposure!

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

As with all marketing techniques… yes, you guessed it – measure your success. Review what worked and what didn’t last month and use that to expand your campaign for the next month.

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So, I hope I have given you some good tips to help you start your Instagram campaign. If you have any questions, or need more inspiration on how to get started, give me a call on 01472 848 496 or email me at [email]marketing@[/email].

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Cookie Policy: By using our website, you consent to us placing cookies on your device. Tell me more No social media marketer will ever forget March 15, 2016, as Instagram announced a surprise change to its algorithm. So all social media platforms are search engines, not as big as Google, but somehow more powerful.

Instagram offers the perfect opportunity to build a strong social media platform to showcase your business’s identity in a creative way.

How To Boost Your Visibility On Instagram ?

But just creating and publishing your Instagram page won’t get the job done. You need to work on effective strategies to increase the visibility of your Instagram page, gain new followers, attract customers and grow your business through Instagram marketing.

Basically, Instagram’s success strategy isn’t about how often you post — if no one cares and your followers aren’t engaging with your photos or content, your page will be buried deep in search results.

Survival of the fittest requires brands to follow a well-designed strategy to increase visibility in Instagram search results. Below we provide some promising tips that will help you get a better position in Instagram search results and thus increase the visibility of your Instagram page.

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

We all know that Instagram is all about pictures. And another fact is that people fall for HD and creative photos and like, share and follow them without any prompting.

Dmp Boost Your Business With Social Commerce

So, post only HD quality images with some inspiration, message and creativity. Vibrant colors, Eye-catching landscapes, Innovative designs attract people and make them stay on your page and click the “Like” button.

Creating eye-catching content can keep you ahead. the research; There are tons of photo editing apps to let your imagination run wild to get professional vibes in your photos.

The Instagram platform is promoting video content in the news feed through stories and IGTV. In fact, Instagram has been public about IGTV content; Shown not only on IGTV, but also on followers’ channels.

This can be seen as a guideline for Instagram marketers to create more videos along with images for their Instagram page. Instagram experts don’t outright say that videos take precedence over photos, but if we dig a little deeper; In fact, videos contribute more to attracting the attention of viewers.

Handy Dandy Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Business On Instagram

Consider Facebook marketing strategies; Video posting is a more promising component and brings the best results, say Facebook experts.

Be it a poll-type post caption or a post title with an image or video. Be as creative as possible.

Captivating headlines grab the attention of viewers and act as a “Call to Action” for visitors to engage or respond to your post. The more engagement you get, the more likes and shares your post can get, so Instagram prioritizes search results based on the most engaging posts.

How To Boost Your Business On Instagram

A few simple words can do the magic for you, for example, “Share your thoughts in the Comments” or “Share this post with the right person” in the text of your post as part of the captions. People feel a personal interaction and they will connect directly with you and do as you say.

Ways To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Conversions

If your business allows; Try your hand at offering Freebies & Giveaways on your Instagram page once in a while. You’ll notice that this kind of post works like a charm; it will get maximum visits, likes and shares compared to your other posts. Get more likes and shares, more visitors and increased engagement and ultimately visibility.

Instagram marketers also advocate running a contest because creating a contest does the same thing, make sure you create a user

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