How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest – Learning how to use Pinterest for Etsy is a great way to promote your handmade business to increase traffic and sales of your Etsy shop.

That’s because Pinterest has evolved into a site that does so much more than curate pretty images. It has become a valuable marketing channel for brands (like yours) to acquire new customers and engage followers.

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

Pinterest is an image and video based search engine. You enter your search, and content relevant to that search is displayed. These photos and videos usually link back to another website – like yours or even your Etsy listings.

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Content for Pinterest can be infographics, product ideas, inspiration, links to short video tutorials on YouTube, or even an e-commerce link – again, to your Etsy listings.

In a nutshell, Pinterest allows users to create visual boards made up of search results they like. You can categorize these boards into different topics or ideas and label them as you wish.

In other words, Pinterest can be used to group images and videos that link to other websites. This makes Pinterest a great tool for organizing and storing all the nooks and crannies of the internet so you can easily find it in the future.

This means it’s also great for gathering inspiration for your Etsy shop, creating shopping lists, organizing ideas, and so on.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest & Make More Money

Like all social media platforms, Pinterest tracks your activity on the website and app. And if it notices that you’re pinning a lot of content about gardening, it will suggest more content about gardening, as well as other content it thinks gardeners would be interested in seeing.

It’s easy to see how such a process could benefit your Etsy shop. But if you’re still wondering how to use Pinterest for Etsy, read on! Why Use Pinterest for Etsy?

Pinterest has been around for decades, but only in recent years has it grown in popularity as a

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

For this reason, Etsy sellers are using Pinterest to promote their products now more than ever. For too many people, especially those already in the handmade/Etsy space, Pinterest is the search engine for visually inspiring content.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop Or Website On Pinterest

Another advantage is that it’s free, and it doesn’t take much time (or experience) to see results. And in a world where paid marketing is only getting more expensive, it’s a free marketing channel

From there, you can build your Pinterest Business account to include the name of your Etsy shop and website, then describe your business to help Pinterest understand who will see your pins.

Now that you have your business account, you need to add your Etsy shop. Etsy and Pinterest communicate with each other in the sense that you can use Pinterest to

When you claim your Etsy shop, you’ll also see the option to claim Instagram, YouTube, and any other websites you own. If you use these other channels, it’s a good idea to claim them all. This will ensure that all pinned content from these channels will show your Pinterest account as the owner.

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Just creating an account isn’t enough for you to start getting traffic from Pinterest to your Etsy shop. It requires more work, but fortunately not much more.

You can stick with a personal account, but it doesn’t have the same tools or benefits as a business account. All of which are free.

Bonus Tip: To further establish your brand as an authority on your product, make sure your Pinterest account name is the same as your Etsy shop name.

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

By creating multiple boards covering different categories and topics, you will be able to attract more relevant and engaged traffic to your Pinterest account and then to your Etsy shop.

How To Sell On Pinterest: A Complete Guide For Beginners

It’s important that you tag these boards in the same way as the keywords relevant to your Etsy products. That way, there is consistency between your Pinterest boards and your Etsy shop.

Enter your keyword in the Pinterest search box and you will be presented with some similar and popular keywords that Pinterest itself frequently sees. This is a great way to find more ideas for creating more Pinterest boards.

Pro Tip: Running a successful keyword strategy for your Pinterest account is critical to the success of your marketing efforts if you want to get more sales for your Etsy shop. Let our friend Kara Buntin show you everything you need to do to start winning on Pinterest. 3. Ensure quality rather than quantity

Pinterest is a very visual site and it is the aesthetics of your creations that draw more attention. Simply put, the more attractive your photos and videos are, the more likely you are to get clicked.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest

But you also need to communicate effectively. When setting up your pins, describe your product as accurately as possible. Use keywords that you also use in your Etsy listing descriptions, but it shouldn’t be a copy/paste.

Just make sure the language you use to describe your products on Pinterest and Etsy is on-brand for your business.

By using the same keywords for your Pinterest account and your Etsy shop, you establish your business as an authority for that keyword to Google.

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

Pro Tip: Add your logo or store name to your pins. This makes it easier for Pinterest users to see and remember your brand name. And it’s a quick way to build trust with a new audience.

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It’s time to start partying! But remember that this is your business account, not a personal account. What you pin on your business account should be completely different than what you pin on your personal account.

Your Pinterest account is a great place to showcase the complete lifestyle you hope to achieve through buying your product and adopting your brand.

The best way to think about this is to ask yourself what your ideal customer is interested in. If you sell outdoor products, you can also pin content from travel and outdoor photographers. That way, you increase the chances of your ideal customer stumbling into your product pins from this similar content.

Or, if you sell men’s jewelry, try attaching some nice suits that match the style of your own products. Use these pins to compliment your product and complete the overall “look” that a shopper will strive to achieve by purchasing your jewelry.

Creating Pins For Your Etsy Shop

Pro tip: One way or another, make sure your non-product pins complement the Etsy brand as a whole. 5. Pin regularly

Consistency is important with any marketing strategy. And when using Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop, consistency is even more critical. At least 2 or 3 times a day, try to pin something to all your boards.

A good rule of thumb is to fast as often as you can. Remember, you’re running an Etsy business, not a Pinterest influencer account. When using Pinterest for your Etsy shop stops being a marketing tool for your business and becomes a boring time waster, take a step back and reassess your priorities.

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine used by over 400 million people every month. And it can ultimately bring more traffic, awareness and sales to your Etsy shop.

The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest Marketing

But to do that, you need to have a decent understanding of pins, pinning, and how to create visually appealing images.

But once you’ve been at it for a few months, you’ll start to see results. And when that day comes, double down on what works and fine-tune your approach. You never know, Pinterest could become the best marketing tool for your Etsy business!

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This article will share everything you need to know about making more money with your Etsy shop using Pinterest.

How To Sell On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine where people can share “Pins” about different new ideas like recipes, wedding ideas, tattoos, DIY crafts and more.

Pins can be photos or videos that people use as bookmarks to save content they love on Pinterest.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, users can search for Pins in the search bar by entering specific keywords. They can then save the ones they like and click a pin to learn more.

How To Advertise Etsy On Pinterest

Once you’ve created an account on Pinterest, you can start sharing Pins that link back to your Etsy shop. Why should you promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest?

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And now, let’s talk about how to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest, drive more traffic to your business, and generate more sales!

First, the images you use for Pins should be able to immediately catch the eye and interest of potential customers scrolling down their Pinterest feed.

It also helps to use images that show interesting angles about your products, what makes them unique, or how they are meant to be used in real life.

According to visual analytics and marketing platform Curalate, below are some of the notable characteristics of highly clickable Pins:

Reasons To Invest In Pinterest Advertising Services

Pro Tip: The picture you

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