How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion – Managing a budget requires discipline and easy access to the right information, so I’ve created this handy Marketing Budget Excel Template to make life easier. Basically I’ve spent hours creating formulas, formatting cells, and tinkering with design so you don’t have to! If you decide to use it, definitely let me know how it works for you and what you would change – spreadsheets are living documents and I like

The first step to customizing the marketing budget Excel template is determining what you have to work with. In some cases, the overall marketing budget is set by the CEO or CFO, but if you’re in the enviable position of setting your own budget, see some benchmark figures below from the 2014 CMO Survey.

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

One method to calculate your marketing budget is as a percentage of the company’s revenue. Generally this ranges between 6-11% depending on whether you’re B2B/B2C, selling products/services, have a lot of brand recognition, etc. B2B companies are generally on the lower end of this scale, and B2C companies are on the higher end. But ultimately you have to work with your leadership team to arrive at a number everyone is comfortable with.

Pdf) The Impact Of Publicity And Ad Spend On Marketing And Company Performance

A better way to calculate your marketing budget might be to first establish your revenue and marketing goals, and then back out how much money you need to accomplish those goals based on cost per lead/opportunity, ASP, win rate, and sales cycle assumptions. I’ll go over this method in a future post, but if you’re interested, here’s a copy of my Excel model so you can use it right away.

Regardless of the method you choose, once you determine your marketing budget, you’re ready to move on to step 2.

The next step is determining how to allocate your marketing budget across various channels, tools, projects, etc. See below for some benchmark values ​​from MarketingSherpa. Again, take the figures below as guidelines and balance them with your own experience, as well as any upcoming projects that will affect your budget (e.g. product launch, rebranding).

In the marketing budget Excel template, you’ll see suggested allocation percentages for each budget category in Column B. Begin fleshing out the monthly category budgets based on your anticipated activities and expenses, and make adjustments based on how your allocation (Column C) compares to the suggested values. Cell AB24 calculates your total marketing budget. Make sure it matches your expectations. You can add new budget categories by copying a row and inserting it where you want it (copying a row will ensure that all formulas stay intact). If needed, add notes about what expenses are included in each line item. You can see an example of this in cell A14, where I note all of the vendors that are included in the Systems and Applications budget category.

Gartner Survey Reveals Marketing Budgets Have Increased To 9.5% Of Overall Company Revenue In 2022

The last step (which unfortunately lasts the whole year) is tracking marketing expenses each week. Depending on how you handle purchase requests at your company, you can craft a system that works for you, but I’ll share what’s worked for me. At one company, we completed out a purchase request form (via Outlook) and the CMO, CFO, and/or CEO replied “Approved” for us to move forward. When all of the relevant parties approved the purchase request, we’d get a PR #, which was our signal that we could go ahead and sign a contract or start the work. I created a separate folder in Outlook to keep all of the approved PR emails together, and then once a week I added each one as a line item in the Actuals tab.

Note: if you added a custom budget category on the Budget tab, you’ll have to add it to the list of approved values ​​(column X on the Actuals tab) IN THE SAME ORDER THAT THEY APPEAR ON THE BUDGET for everything to work properly .

And that’s pretty much it! Now when your boss asks how you’re doing on budget, you can confidently reply that you have exactly $13, 856 left to spend in March.

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

And that’s it! Definitely let me know how the marketing Excel budget template works for you, and happy marketing!

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Planning doesn’t have to be painful. This 42-page workbook helps you comb through campaign stats, coordinate the team, and answer marketing’s toughest questions: What worked? What content do you need? And what can you afford?

Whether you inherited a new instance or just want a second opinion, we’ll dive in and benchmark your tech stack. When it comes to working out how much money you should be spending on your marketing activities, you could ask, how long is a piece of string? It can be difficult to simply pull a number out of the air and for that figure to be right.

But generally speaking most successful businesses use a few strategies to help them work out how much money to dedicate to their marketing.

Let’s take a look at some ways to decide on a workable budget to meet your needs. Firstly though, we should define what we mean by marketing budget – what exactly do we want to cover or include in the budget.

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Your marketing budget should cover all costs needed to market your product or service, so that includes things like print advertising, promotions, demonstrations, exhibitions, public relations, social media, free product sampling or giveaways and costs to cover Google AdWords etc.

There is a general rule-of-thumb in the marketing world that you should aim at spending between 2-5% of your sales revenue on marketing. This 5% rule has been based on years of previous marketing experience and feedback from successful companies.

While at first glance this 5% rule doesn’t seem to be very generous, but when you break it down it is quite reasonable. This is because it should apply to most years, but not every year. Roughly 5% of your sales revenue should cover most of your regular ongoing marketing activities.

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

There may be times when you will need to spend more, such as in the early days of your company foundation when you need to invest in your day-to-day marketing activities.

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Extra expenses will come from the initial set up your company website, buying software such as a good CRM package etc. and then you will need to spend a little more on upgrading your website every three to five years as technology moves on.

9 out of 10 B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions (source)

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles versus an advertisement (source)

Content marketing is a long term game. Almost every campaign begins with a negative ROI overall, which should improve over time (source)

Marketing Budget Template For Excel (free Download)

There are many benefits that content marketing offers that are hard to quantify numerically. Brand perception is one of these advantages (source)

The old saying goes: You need to spend money to make money. However, while most companies will spend around 5% of their total revenue on their day to day marketing to maintain their position, they will up that amount to around 10% when they aim to grow and establish a greater market share of their niche.

A business should budget according to its tenure in the marketplace. So if your company sells multiple products or services, then you should allocate your advertising budget differently based on the status of each product or service you offer.

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

If you have well-established products or services, then you may only need to spend around 1% of their total sales on marketing them. But when launching a new product or service, you may be interested to know that other companies will spend 50% or more on marketing their new offerings until they become established.

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While you need to first build a strong marketing foundation as mentioned above, don’t forget that as time moves on your focus must be targeted towards the ever-growing mobile marketplace.

You should allocate a large portion of your marketing budget towards mobile marketing and especially towards your best-performing channels. This could be your company website, blog, SMS messaging or social media accounts.

Building dedicated app for your business is another important aspect of your overall marketing strategy that you need to consider. Building an app is a lot easier, quicker and cheaper today than it was just a few short years ago.

It is unlikely that every marketing channel you have will be right for your marketing efforts, but for those that are effective, it can make a massive difference for your company awareness, positive customer experience and satisfaction, and therefore sales.

Digital Marketing Pricing

With mobile traffic now overtaking desktop traffic, nearly all digital growth is now coming from mobile users. But this doesn’t mean you need to increase your marketing budget to cover more bases or abandon your efforts for your desk-bound devices.

It should be about striking a good balance between both channels and making your business more mobile-friendly. According to the Google Shopper Marketing Council, mobile shoppers spend more money, but 84% also use their smartphones while in-store to make informed purchasing decisions.

It can help you greatly to use services like Google Analytics to show you how your web traffic is divided between desktop and mobile. You can

How Much To Spend On Advertising And Sales Promotion

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