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Decades ago, small business marketing consisted of putting up signs in stores and advertising in local newspapers. Now it’s a website, content marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, email, AR/VR and more, plus a sign for the store and an ad in the local paper. Of course, with the expansion of channels, marketing costs will also increase. From this post, you’ll find out how much they’ve grown: How much a small business now spends on average on marketing, broken down by primary channel of communication with customers.

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Advertising

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Advertising

Most small businesses in the U.S. spend an average of $100,000 to $50,000 a year on advertising and marketing, according to polls by Clutch and The Manifest, and they all say they plan to spend even more on promotions in the next year.

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According to Sageworks analyst Libby Bierman, small businesses spend roughly 1% of their revenue on the $10-50K spent on marketing. So, if a business is making $500,000 a year, then advertising would cost $5,000, and if sales are $2 million a year – $20,000. Of course, in some industries small businesses spend well over 1% (retail) and much less in others (production).

In addition, the size of a small business marketing budget also largely depends on the age of the boss. As a result, Millennials spend the most on advertising, seeing it as one of their main tools to achieve their goals, while Gen X’ers ​​and Baby Boomers, businessmen, feel an “obligation” to invest in advertising, so they It did so without intending to improve advertising strategies and spend “too much” on them.

How much different generations of small business owners spend on marketing. Millennials in 2019 are those between the ages of 18 and 34, Gen X are those between 35 and 54, and Baby Boomers are those over 55. Image Source

Left: In which channels will small businesses spend more in 2020. Image Source. Right: Which digital marketing channels do small businesses prefer? Image Source

Tips For Managing Small Business Finances

As various studies have shown, most small businesses are willing to invest in digital marketing. Meanwhile, most businesses go to market through websites (62%) and social networks (61%) and are poised to increase spending on these channels by 41% and 21%, respectively, in the next year.

And this is a general trend across all generations, which means that absolutely everyone sees digital marketing as the best tool for increasing sales and brand awareness and is therefore willing to spend more on it.

Let’s take a look at how much small businesses are spending on each digital marketing channel. Website Design Development Estimated Cost to Create a Website – From $3,000 to $100,000. Your business needs a website to showcase your products or services and convince potential buyers to choose you over your competitors. If the site is not performing these two functions, it means you need to redo or create a new site from scratch. The cost of this service depends on:

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Advertising

For example, if you create an online store from scratch then it will cost you $5,000, if you use CMS WordPress or Shopify web store templates – from $100. If you want to make a website with a responsive design, that’s another $500 to $5000, integration with a database will cost $1 to $25000, copywriting and SEO – from $60 to $1000.

Cost Of Payroll

These numbers may be higher or lower depending on the country of developers you hire. Thus, the average salary for a web developer in the US, Canada and Western Europe is $80-100 per hour, Eastern Europe and Asia – $40-80 per hour, Africa – $20-40 per hour.

Since most mobile users prefer to consume web services through applications, you will most likely need to create one. If the application is relatively simple, it will take 3-10 thousand dollars and 2-3 months of development time, if complex – 20-10 thousand dollars and 6-24 months. If your service already has a website with a backend, then the cost will be slightly lower.

If you can connect to mobile services that your target audience is already using, you don’t need a mobile app. For example, restaurants can use food delivery apps like GrubHub, Eat24, UberEATS, Foodpanda, etc. You can rent out your property on Booking, Airbnb or OLX. You can sell products on OLX, Amazon, eBets or Etsy.

When connecting to other people’s applications, you need to consider the cost of hiring people to use those services, as well as the subscription or commission costs of that service as payment for their services.

Making The Most Of Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Around $600 to $5000 per month. This price includes keyword research to create an SEO core, content optimization, link building and more – everything that can improve your site’s ranking in Google and other search engines’ search results. This is useful because the higher your search engine ranking, the more potential customers will see your business.

Estimate costs because the web has many marketing agencies, each with their own way of determining the price of SEO services. Typically, the price of such services depends on several variables, including:

In addition, the cost also depends on the optimization method. So there are gray methods when it comes to creating link clusters on “spammy” low-quality sites, which are relatively cheap but can result in fines or being banned from search engines. And there is a strategy of using high-quality content to build link groups, which may cost several thousand dollars a month, and real-time for 3 to 6 months. Content − Marketing (text, photos, video) $1,500 to $10,000 per month. It includes researching your target audience, developing a content plan, creating content, distributing and promoting it, and creating links. Content can be text, photos, videos, images, infographics, graphics, gifs, memes, etc. All of this provides a steady stream of users through organic traffic, even without ads.

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Advertising

The cost of developing content depends on the complexity of the topic (industry), the amount of content required, the format and level of expertise, and the creator:

Wait, How Much Time Does A Small Business Spend On Taxes?

About $200 to $10,000 for Social Media Marketing (SMM). Prices may include creating posts (text, photos, videos), targeting, launching advertising campaigns, communicating with customers, etc. Prices depend on the complexity and volume of content, as well as social networks: According to The Manifest, “Facebook (86%) is the most popular social media channel used by small businesses to advertise their business, followed by YouTube (51%), Instagram ( 47%) and Twitter (41%)”.

According to a Criteo survey, users also point to Facebook as the main channel for searching for products and companies (49%), followed by Instagram (27%), Pinterest (22%), Twitter (14%) and Snapchat (12%). However, users prefer to make purchases outside of social networks: only one in five (18%) of users make purchases directly through social networks, according to the SUMO Heavy survey.

As with content marketing, marketing agencies, employees of your company, or freelancers can participate in SMM. At the same time, small businesses prefer agents, the quality is not guaranteed, and it is economically feasible. They rarely hire freelancers who run multiple SMM projects, and almost none of them hire a single SMM box on staff.

Around $500 to $10,000. It’s a relatively new digital marketing channel that’s already generating huge profits (often exceeding traditional monetization methods). At the same time, such ads are not very annoying to people: According to the IAB report, mobile ad spending is up 40% year-over-year, while desktop ad spending is flat or down.

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Google Ads

But the main advantage of serving ads in mobile apps is that they cannot be disabled with an ad blocker. The ad will close itself after the integration is complete, or the user can close it 5-10 seconds after the show starts. Additionally, advertisements in mobile applications can be made interactive, thereby increasing user engagement and thus increasing conversion rates.

About $10,000 to $50,000 per month. It’s about pay-per-click advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any other web platform. It’s still the fastest and easiest way to increase traffic, subscriber count, views and sales. Such ads can often be targeted by various socio-demographic parameters – from gender to location on a particular street.

Partnership programs range from roughly a few hundred dollars to 50% of revenue. This is an excellent marketing channel for small businesses because it involves paying for a desired action, rather than paying for impressions or clicks (link clicks). The specific cost depends on the calculation method:

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Advertising

AR/VR Marketing Around $5-100k. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) digital marketing uses advanced technology to bring consumers closer to

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