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Government Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Upsc

Government Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Upsc

The UPSC aspirants also named Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the Ministry of Personnel and Training as responsible for conducting the exams.

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Hundreds of UPSC aspirants staged an online protest demanding either increase in attempts or age limit. The hashtag ‘UPSCextraattempt’ trended on Twitter as aspirants voiced their demands on the micro-blogging platform. The UPSC aspirants had even knocked the doors of the Supreme Court, but the court rejected the petition regarding age relaxation or number of attempts.

The basis of the complaint is that the opponents of COVID-19 have hampered the candidates’ preparation for the exam, causing them great loss. Many students have experienced emotional upheaval due to the loss of loved ones, while many have been infected. Many doctors who were frontline fighters were also preparing for the exam but could not make it due to busy schedule during Covid-19. The candidates believe that Covid-19 was an exceptional situation and therefore it needs an excellent response.

UPSC is one of the toughest and most prestigious exams conducted for the recruitment of IAS, IPS and IFS officers. The exam is conducted in three stages: preliminary, main and interview. Every year around 9,00,000-1000,000 candidates apply to appear in the exam.

The UPSC aspirants also named Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the Ministry of Personnel and Training as responsible for conducting the exams. Candidates are tweeting ‘#UPSCExtraAttempt’ to draw the government’s attention to their demand.

Upsc Extra Attempt: Civil Service Aspirants Demand #upscextraattempt2023; To Protest On Dec 19

The number of attempts was modified in 2014 by the Ministry of Personnel for UPSC candidates by sanctioning two additional shots, two for all categories of candidates, with a consequent age relaxation in the maximum age for all categories of candidates if required after the Civil Services Examination. In 2014

We use cookies for analysis, advertising and improving our website. You consent to our use of cookies by continuing to use our website. See our Cookie Policy and Cookie Settings to learn more. OkAn engaged citizenship is essential to any democracy, and social media is built on engagement. A government agency using social media can communicate directly with citizens in a more personalized and accessible way than press conferences, television appearances or advertisements. It is important for individuals in government organizations to understand how well-done social media can provide many benefits. However, even the best intentions can go astray, so professionals responsible for public accounts must also prepare for the challenges of direct interaction with the public on social networks.

Social media is a unique opportunity for government agencies to create an engaged citizenry. Many agencies consider this to be mission critical.

Government Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Upsc

For example, the Department of Justice believes that its use of social media through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram improves government transparency, increases access to services and information, and allows share news more easily. The State Department uses the same social media platforms, plus Flickr, to disseminate the influence of United States foreign policy. These five platforms are also used by the Department of Energy to promote their brand in the public eye, with the goal of increasing government transparency, facilitating public participation, and promoting discussion on energy issues.

Will Bring New Rules For Ads Related To Social Media In The Country, Will Be Applicable On Meta, Fb And Instagram. Meta Company Announces New Rules For Ads On Social Issues For

Unfortunately, many state IT departments have open positions because the government can’t pay as much as corporate sector employers, and IT professionals don’t see the government as a progressive workplace in their field. But some states, such as Maine, Colorado and Vermont, are using social media to highlight the service-oriented nature of government that appeals to millennials.

Austin, Texas shares information about resources, activities and city initiatives through social media. For example, the Austin Energy Utility’s YouTube channel teaches customers how to save on utility bills, while the Austin Public Library’s Flickr account highlights the results of library craft nights.

Seattle Washington uses social media to encourage citizen engagement and interaction on its account. For example, the city’s Office of Economic Development uses Twitter to share information about school and business closings related to COVID-19, while their Department of Building and Inspections uses Facebook to showcase community engagement and share city news related to industry. for:

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it allows governments to share critical information during a crisis. It can also enable governments to control the narrative on key issues. Third, social media allows governments to use experts to share health, scientific and expert information. Additionally, it can allow governments to create an open channel for citizen interaction and engagement.

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Another key benefit is that it allows agencies to quickly identify which messages resonate best with target audiences. It can also reduce public relations and advertising costs. In addition, it can increase trust in the government. It can also allow agencies to reach people and communities on the platforms they already use. Finally, social media humanizes governments.

Social media can benefit government agencies, but it’s also the domain of conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns. While social media can facilitate better citizen engagement and connection, it can also divide and confuse.

About 70% of US adults rely on social media for government information at least once a week, but only 11% of them actually trust social media information, according to an Associated Press poll. This creates some unique challenges. For example, an Arizona woman sued her congressman after he blocked her from his personal Facebook page where she posted campaign information. Social media platforms used for public meetings, such as town halls, have also caused problems when comments are reposted elsewhere in violation of the platform’s rules.

Government Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Upsc

There are many hurdles to be aware of in order to effectively manage a government account. One potential pitfall is to view social media as a bullpen. Another challenge is using personal accounts to post official information. A third pitfall is to avoid concerns about posting confidential or sensitive information. It’s also important to be careful when posting or advocating for political content. Another problem that should be avoided is the publication of official policies without permission. Finally, it is important to avoid violating local quorum laws by engaging in private social media channels or commenting on a post.

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Many Americans turn to social media for government information and news, and agencies can use social media to show people and communities what their government is doing.

There are several key strategies behind creating an effective, credible government social media channel. These include making the channel visual through video, using tasteful humor, and understanding privacy laws.

It can be important to understand your audience and deliver what they need. It is also important to reach out to citizens when they need clarity. Also, an attractive presence can help a lot. After all, it’s wise to use the vast resources at your disposal.

While social media can pose problems for government agencies, it is also a huge opportunity for civic engagement and targeted messaging. Clear, thoughtful social media guidelines and a contingency plan can go a long way in helping those posting on public platforms avoid pitfalls.

Experts Share Insights On Cracking Upsc Exam At The Hindu Seminar In Vijayawada Of Andhra Pradesh

Founded in 1804, Ohio University is the ninth oldest public university in the United States. Located in Athens, Ohio, the school serves more than 35,000 students on its 1,850-acre campus and online. This esteemed institution is ranked in many publications such as

, as one of the best educational forces and academic values ​​of the country. Ohio University offers a variety of programs in 10 different colleges, including 250 bachelor’s programs, 188 master’s programs, and 58 doctoral programs. Ohio University is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Ohio University has a longstanding reputation for excellence based on the quality of its programs, faculty and alumni. If you’re a professional looking to align with one of the best, you need look no further than the prestigious on-campus and online programs offered at Ohio State University. The new IT rules of 2021 come at a time when the number of Internet users, especially social network users, has increased significantly. The user base of social media platforms has grown tremendously in India. According to PIB (Press Information Bureau) news, the number of users of various social media platforms in India is as follows:

Government Advertisements On Social Media Platforms Upsc

The use of mobile phones and the Internet has grown tremendously in India, along with the expansion of social media platforms. India is now the world’s largest open internet society.

Social Media: Social Companies Eye Self Regulatory Body To Tackle Content Issues

If Twitter does not follow the new IT rules, it will lose its intermediary status. This is because it has “repeatedly failed to act on content takedown notices sent under Section 69A of the IT Act”.

• All intermediaries doing business in India must follow IT rules in letter and spirit.

The proliferation of social media has enabled the common citizen of India to actively participate in online activities and that

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