Campaign Advertising Jingles – As an independent musician, you want your music to be heard by everyone: from longtime fans to those who have just discovered your sound. The best way to share your voice is with music marketing. Nowadays, catchy and attractive marketing campaigns are stronger than album artwork. Implementing them is a must if you want to turn your musical hobby into a musical career. However, the struggle for most people is how to create a good music marketing plan that is innovative and helps you stand out while integrating your brand. And Mirada Media can help.

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite music marketing campaigns to get you inspired and get your creative ideas flowing!

Campaign Advertising Jingles

, the late Swedish DJ Avicii created a series of Instagram pages and linked them using the Choose Your Own Story. Each page contained nine images that made up a larger image and, when clicked, provided a binary link to the next Instagram page and part of the story. The end of each story represents a track on the album.

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What makes this music marketing campaign so impactful and engaging is the creativity it brings and the way it plays on the idea of ​​being the author of your own story. She also asserts that everyone’s story is different despite the similar paths we may decide to follow. Moreover, it still creates a world for fans to live in while listening to the album. It gives a new meaning to ‘losing yourself in the music’.

The hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan felt that the value of music had declined due to streaming and online piracy, and in 2014 they hoped to return music to its fine art value by releasing their double album

. The album was packaged in a handcrafted nickel silver box made by British-Moroccan artist Yahia and said to be unparalleled in music recorded over the years.

Only one copy of the album was made and sent on a world tour of venues consisting of music festivals, museums and art galleries. The only way fans could hear the album was by visiting one of the tour’s stops. When the tour was completed, the album sold for $5 million, earning him the Guinness World Record for the most expensive piece of music ever sold. This epic music marketing campaign capitalizes on fans’ fear of missing out and our society’s need to experience hype.

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There is no greater feeling than discovering an artist before they become famous. It just makes you feel like you’re in the know and have an ear for good music. It also makes you feel like you’re part of a special, elite group of music lovers, at least, which is the feeling Spotify aims to create with its #foundthemfirst music marketing campaign.

The ‘Share’ campaign lets Spotify listeners know just how ahead of the trends they are by showing how quickly they get to know artists and bands and get to know them before they hit it big. The platform rewards you with a digital badge, also known as bragging rights. The purpose of this campaign is to praise and encourage adventurous music listeners and others to step out of their comfort zone and discover new music.

If you’ve taken an artistic break or gone into hiding to create new music, there’s no better way to announce your return and the arrival of a new project with a dark and mysterious music marketing campaign. Fans of Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire have been dying to catch up on their 2010 album

. In August 2013, hidden codes began appearing in cities around the world. These graphic symbols featured a black diamond with a silver outline with the word “reflektor” mixed inside.

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A few weeks later, they teased their September ad with a large mural in midtown Manhattan. Their album was released in October to great acclaim. When planning your email marketing campaign, remember to create something that aligns with your brand identity. If it isn’t something you might do or say, it doesn’t matter how creative it is; Your fans may not recognize it or care about your campaign. It’s part of what makes Arcade Fire’s campaign so engaging. The band is known for its extravagant flair.

Sometimes you have to remind your listeners why they fell in love with you and your music in the first place! This was the focus of folk singer/songwriter Dan Mangan’s music marketing campaign or his 2018 release

. As this album would return to his roots, his marketing strategy was to focus on his core fans and essentially reintroduce himself to them. The first was released on February 13 with the re-release of “Fool for Waiting”, one of his first love songs, to signal the return of his old style of music.

From there, every single released was accompanied by a music or lyric video. A social media campaign was launched for his single “A Troubled Mind”, which encouraged fans to share photos of themselves with flames on their heads. Finally, to keep fans talking about him, they created a web series focusing on his songwriting process. They also curated a simple playlist app using the Spotify API, which allowed fans to follow Mangan and add the playlist to their library.

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Some music marketing campaigns may be a little off-budget for indie musicians, but Coldplay’s “quiet buzz” campaign for their seventh studio album is one that many artists can pull off, regardless of budget. Months before teasing their album release, the band posted a photo of frontman Chris Martin wearing a T-shirt with a rainbow design on it. Not long after, when a mysterious artwork appeared on the London Underground, fans quickly became aware of a similar pattern a few months earlier. After letting fans speculate, they confirmed an album release a few days later on Twitter, without saying a word.

As release day approached, the band continued to build excitement and anticipation by posting snippets of animated songs on Twitter and Instagram leading up to the album’s release. What stands out to us is how the British quartet created a stir by quietly dropping hints and confirming the upcoming release of their album.

. Sometimes letting fans talk among themselves, allowing them to generate hype and hype with their discussion, is an aggressive marketing strategy. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for artists who are afraid of spilling the beans before the time is up!

Planning your music marketing campaigns can be an exciting part of being a musician. Although it takes a lot of work, it can also be beneficial to express yourself through your marketing and attract new fans while still engaging with your existing fans.

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One thing to keep in mind while crafting your campaign is to protect your podcasts, strategy, and any other sensitive documents that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. The last thing you want to happen is your well thought out plan being sabotaged by online hacking. Mirada Media can help. With our SecureMedia API, you and many others in the entertainment industry can breathe easy, knowing that your media is encrypted, protected from early versions, and more. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that advertising jingles have been a part of American culture for a very long time – nearly 100 years. According to the Smithsonian Institution, the song was first broadcast on the radio on Christmas Day 1926 extolling the virtues of the wheat grain. Intervention decades brought ups and downs in the production and popularity of jingles. At their peak, these masterfully produced masks shaped the minds and spending habits of generations of Americans.

Of course, not all jingles are created equal. Some, once burned into our consciousness, will never leave us. Others do not make such a strong impression. Changing media habits have made it easier to avoid ads. The Atlantic went so far as to declare the anthems dead in 2016 — but that statement may have been premature.

To explore the staying power of jingles today, we got 735 US residents to share their impressions of 67 ad tunes…and then had to go on a week-long silence retreat. Once we got back with our hearing and our sanity, this is what we found:

We tested the respondents’ familiarity with jingles in several ways – remembering the melody, remembering the lyrics, naming the brand based on the song, and filling in the blanks. Read on to find out what else we learned, as well as some best practices for advertisers planning their next song-based campaign.

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As a 28-year-old woman from Texas said, “The Hotties are stuck in my head forever. I will never need to call J.G. Wentworth, but I will always remember their phone number because of their session.”

Using a weighted average of the responses in the ‘Surely remember’, ‘Maybe remember’ and ‘Don’t ring the bell’ columns, we analyzed how recognizable each song was for the respondents. Here we show the results of the top 20 jingle catchers, but you can also find ratings

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