Business Tips Pdf – If you want to grow your business on Instagram, then it is extremely important for you to create high-quality and best Instagram content that will succeed in engaging with your followers. However, it’s easier said than done because most businesses or brands fail to figure out how to create high-quality content on Instagram. Most people struggle with many such questions that we would answer on this blog.

If you consider Instagram, it garners 50 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter, which is why big businesses and brands are jumping on the visual bandwagon.

Business Tips Pdf

Also, unlike written content, visual content can be snackable – quick, quirky and ready to consume without much effort, which is why Instagram is proving to be a favorite for social media users.

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At first approach, building an audience with images may seem effortless and undemanding work, but it’s only when you dive into the pool that you realize the depth. Creating the right images, driving user engagement, pitching ideas, reaching a target audience all shape up to be Instagram’s most challenging task for business growth.

Many people ask this question, why has high quality content become so important to stay relevant on Instagram? Because it used to be incredibly easy to increase engagement on Instagram by sharing a few random photos and videos. But Instagram’s algorithm has made it difficult for businesses to grow their account on the platform. Now, you need to rethink your Instagram content strategy and come up with high-quality posts and photos if you want to stay relevant on Instagram.

However, the Instagram algorithm is not meant to stop you from growing your business, but it definitely forces you to rework your Instagram content strategy to create the best content for Instagram. If you’re sharing high quality and engaging posts/images then you shouldn’t be worried about Instagram’s algorithm, but if you’re doing otherwise then it’s high time you mend your ways.

Apart from the Instagram algorithm being one of the main reasons for creating high-quality, best Instagram content, the other reason to focus on creating good Instagram content is because it helps you engage with your audience and convert them into long-term leads. deadline.

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Before you start posting content on Instagram, it’s important to ask yourself these two important questions:

Who is your audience and what kind of content do they expect from your brand? Successfully answering these questions will help you create good content for Instagram.

Finding your audience and their likes and dislikes will take some time, but it will make your journey on Instagram a smooth one. Once you have identified your niche and audience, then focus entirely on your niche and distribute your content with your niche and audience in mind. This will really help you grow your Instagram fan base.

For example, if you are a jewelry brand, then you should post photos and posts that revolve around your niche. Most brands fail on Instagram because they try to please too many personalities. Hence, it would be advised to stay focused on your chosen niche and work on it continuously.

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1. Choose content that works 2. Command attention to a big idea 3. Learn the art of hashtags 4. Run promotional campaigns and contests 5. Focus on user-generated content 6. Maintain timing and frequency of posting 7. Instagram as source of micro Blogging

Instagram is based on visual inspiration, but image is an umbrella term that needs to be narrowed down when it comes to Instagram. Share images that enhance your visual presence and showcase your brand tool.

Maintain a narrative pattern through your images so that it becomes your signature over a period of time.

Here’s an example of how a famous coffee shop, Blue Bottle balances all these components – great work culture, new hires, happy customers, behind the scenes and of course, some great coffee moments for better engagement

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“Apply filters to your images before you post them. “Filtered images are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered.” 2. Command attention with a big idea and theme

When using Instagram for business, your ultimate goal is to convince your audience to take an action. Use a common theme that ties your different profile pictures together. Here’s how Kitkat, a famous chocolate brand, is building its community on Instagram. Several of his posts are so delicious they will literally make you want to take a break. And surprisingly, at the end of the day that’s what we want; to change the behavior of our audience by driving action. Interestingly, all of their posts have a consistent theme, color scheme, and you rarely miss that chocolate finger. Other than that, the central idea of ​​all the pictures remains the same – the luxury of a Kitkat break. This is one way to gradually develop the likelihood of your product, to build your brand in the mind of your audience. Once committed to your ideas, they would unconsciously reciprocate their appreciation in the real world by choosing your brand over others. 3. Learn the Art of the Hashtag A hashtag is essentially a way of tagging your images on Instagram and thus linking to the pool of other photos that already exist under that tag. It’s similar to distributing your image among different users, outside of your Instagram audience. It’s a great way to use Instagram for business and engage with your target audience. A study by Max Wolff reveals that photos with more hashtags get more likes. 5-11 hashtags in one post is considered the ideal number. Tip: Research and create your own pool of 8-10 hashtags that are popular and can be used repeatedly. In addition, you can set up your own hashtag specific to your brands or business name and ask your audience to use it in their comments or to post images related to your brand. 4. Run Promotional Campaigns and Contests One way businesses can get more of an audience on Instagram is to run promotional hashtag campaigns or photo contests asking your audience to share images relevant to your brand. By hosting such contests, inspire your audience to participate and connect with your brand. This also introduces your brand to your followers’ communities. Sharpie does that really well. They create a campaign around one of the popular hashtags #Iloveyou to connect with an audience beyond their own followers. With great visuals and extended use of this hashtag, they were able to get better engagement, more comments and likes. Therefore, using a trending or popular hashtag to shape your promotional campaign can inspire people to talk about you, resulting in a better response. Tip: Make a gallery or blog post of all the submissions you receive, say during a photo contest. This helps your audience stay connected and you can repost their images or simply use it as a resource to engage with them later. 5. Focus on User Generated Content UGC stands for User Generated Content. It’s one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for your brand on Instagram and other social media platforms. In simple words, User Generated Content is when users of a particular brand share its content with or without the encouragement of the brands themselves. This strategy works effectively for large and well-established brands, however, if you are still struggling to establish your brand online, then users will not create content for you without any prompting or encouragement. So you should run a contest or promotional event where users would get something in return for creating and sharing content for your brand. For example: Online furniture store Wayfair is running a fun UGC campaign that allows users to show off products they’ve purchased from Wayfair using the hashtag #WayfairAtHome. Wayfair then reposts the user content on their site with a link to the products that appear in the post. This is a great marketing strategy to promote products using customer testimonials. Moreover, this campaign also helps the company engage with their existing customers and make them feel connected to the brand. 6. Maintain posting time and frequency If you’re using Instagram for business, it’s important to post consistently. Sending out points at times when your audience is most active can help your business connect better. The Burrito Principle of Content Publishing, given by Darian Rodriguez Hayman, founder of the nonprofit Boot Camp, says the best time to post on social media is during their downtime when they’re most likely to be active on social media. Based on this principle, you can create single or multiple layouts to efficiently manage the flow of content. It also helps you visualize the bigger picture for your content. And the bonus – you can always go back for revisions and give the final touches before you press it

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