Business Tips For Video – Video is an effective marketing tool for many businesses today, especially with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. If you’ve been considering adding video content to help promote your business, now is the time to do it!

Considering that the average person watches over 90 minutes of video content daily, it is now one of the most effective tools for increasing your online presence and engagement by showcasing yourself to your audience. Studies show that consumers retain only 10% of a message when presented in writing, compared to a 95% retention rate when viewing the same message in video format.

Business Tips For Video

Not only is video an engaging medium for your audience, but it also adds a human element to your brand. People do business with people, so choosing to be a faceless business probably won’t help you get where you want to go. Video continues to grow in popularity, so if you want to stand out from the crowd and reach new customers, you need to jump on the trend.

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According to research, users prefer raw and authentic content, which means you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars creating videos for your business. In some cases this can be beneficial if you are working on a large advertising campaign, but for everyday content you don’t need to worry.

Today you can make a great video in minutes with just your phone! Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have made editing easy and accessible in their apps. However, you can also use an app like InShot to add transitions or voiceovers, or Canva to add a nice background or frame to grab your audience’s attention.

When it comes to creating video for your business, think about the end goal. Who is your audience? What are their ages, demographics and key interests? Which social media platform are they most likely to use? (You can learn more about how to effectively communicate with your audience here.)

For example, making TikTok videos that have no audience or brand relevance just because it’s a trending platform won’t get you very far. You need to be specific about the type of video content you create and where you publish it to ensure it will be seen by your potential customers.

How To Get Started With Small Business Video Marketing

There are many different types of videos you should be making, from live streams and stories, to reels and TikToks, to Facebook and Instagram TV videos (IGTV) anymore. Again, it’s important to think back to your audience and the type of content you think they’re most likely to consume.

When it comes to creating video content for your business, you’re only limited by your imagination! No matter what type of video you want to make, it’s important to consider your audience and what message you want the video to send.

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If you’re considering video as a marketing tool, these expert tips can help you produce videos that look professional and connect with your audience.

Tips On How To Explain A Business To The Masses With Video

If you’ve decided to make a video to promote your business, ask yourself a few questions before you get started:

Decide how you want to record the video. You can do it on your cell phone and even pick up a cheap selfie stick so you can hold your phone further away from your body than you can with your bare arm. The fancy ones come with a plug that makes it easier to press the on/off button during recording. I have a client who makes several videos a week with just his smartphone and a selfie stick. If you decide to do it that way, you can skip several of the next steps.

If you plan to make a lot of videos and want high quality, buy a good video camera. If you choose to buy a camera, also buy a lapel microphone with a 25-foot cord and stand.

You will also get a three-light set that has square lights. The three light sets, which vary in price, are called “soft boxes” and they come with a cover that you can put over the bulbs. This will save your eyes and make the lights easier to adjust so that you get exactly the effect you want.

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There are many good tutorials online on how to set up the lights and background. Watch some of the most popular videos on YouTube and you’ll see the different ways people light themselves, how far they stand from the camera lens and how much they move (not much in most cases!). Once you’ve figured out which lighting works best in your room, diagram the positions on a piece of paper so you can easily replicate what you’ve learned.

If you’re not using a light kit, film during the day near a window. Place the camera between you and the window so that your face is lit, but not so bright that it’s hard to see you. You don’t want to look washed out and you don’t want the shadow of the camera to be on you or your background. Viewers want to be able to look into your eyes to judge your sincerity. The more your audience can read your microgestures, the more you will prove your authority and sincerity.

Decide where you want to film. Indoors? Outdoors? In a formal studio do you make or rent? In front of something symbolic? Consider the background your audience will see. Is it interesting but not distracting? It is better not to lie flat against a wall, or have something reflective directly behind you, such as a framed piece of art. Although you may not see the glare, the camera will, especially if you use light. It’s difficult to record outside, where your viewers will hear barking dogs, airplanes, cars, sirens, children, and other people talking, and because those same sounds can distract you. Unless being outside is part of your brand, it’s probably better to do it in a quiet room where you can control the ambient noise.

Think about the impression you want to make. The rule of thumb is to never use stripes or small patterns (because they will appear blurry); solid light red or orange (because it will wash you out when you add the effect of light); or glittery eyeshadow or lipstick. The clothes you choose will immediately convey a message.

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Light people should wear a dark contrasting color, especially close to your face, especially if you’re filming against a pale or white background. Blue is always good. Consider adding a splash of bright color, like a politician with a red tie. Darker people should consider pastels to highlight and draw attention to the face. Colors will appear slightly differently on different computers, laptops, smartphones and other display devices.

Are you an off-the-cuff speaker who can speak passionately after just looking at some notes or bullet points? Or do you need a script or maybe even a teleprompter?

I’m in the former group, so I take a giant white board and write in big letters the main points I want to cover in the video. I hang it just a little higher than the camera on the tripod — in the place where the cameraman’s eyes would be if there was one. Then I just look at it to make sure I’m covering all the intended points in the right order. You can also use the flipcharts that have a sticky background and put them as cue cards on the wall behind the camera.

You can rent a teleprompter (expensive) or set up your laptop or iPad to be one. There are many different apps and programs available to do so. No matter what, the important detail when using notes, flipcharts, a whiteboard, or a teleprompter is not to move your eyes back and forth while reading the lines.

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Look in the mirror before you start filming. Pretend you are on your way to the most important meeting of your life. Do you look “right”? No sparkly stuff? A dab of makeup will cover that razor burn you got this morning or that pimple you hoped wouldn’t happen. Do your eyes look awake? Take a few deep breaths. Practice smiling broadly.

Connect the microphone and turn on the recording function. Get into position. I mark my position on the floor with a piece of tape, record a few moments of conversation, play it back, and check that my background and I are both lit and in focus. Delete the sample video to save space on your memory card, if you are using one.

Turn the microphone back on. Get back into the correct position. Take at least one slow deep breath.

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