Business Tips For Calls – Business owners today spend too much time on digital marketing strategies. The Internet has opened up many new opportunities for marketing and business development, but in the rush to capitalize on this new frontier, historically tested sales and marketing strategies have been underutilized. Cold calling is a strategy set up for a comeback.

Cold calling refers to the act of calling a business or individual who is likely to use your product or service. You usually do not have any relationship with the business or individual on the other side before the call. A successful cold calling campaign can be the difference between feast and famine. If cold calling makes any sense for your business, you’d be wrong not to take advantage of it. Below, we’ll discuss the top 25 cold calling tips to help you crush them and dominate your competition.

Business Tips For Calls

If you want to talk to the person in charge, you’ll have to bypass or “kill” the gatekeeper.

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The sole responsibility of the gatekeeper is to prevent unwanted attraction of senior and middle management. The good ones will take their work very seriously.

If you plan to be successful in cold calling, you need to determine how to deal with the gatekeeper. I cannot stress this last point enough. Since we’re talking about cold calling, the gatekeeper will more than likely be your biggest obstacle.

To learn more about these recommendations, see this article entitled “What is a Business Gatekeeper and How to Deal With Them?” The article details why and how to deal with a gatekeeper and provides practical examples you can use.

If you’re running a low-margin business, you might want to spend a lot of time gatekeeping right now. In this scenario, do your best to get around them, but if you fail, move on.

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On the other hand, if you have healthy and robust margins, and client acquisition is profitable, be sure to take full advantage of these recommendations.

If you want a successful cold calling campaign, you need a sales call framework. We recommend a framework similar to the following:

If you want this image for yourself, please link back to this page. Thank you. Download: Sales Call Framework

For a detailed explanation of sales call frameworks, see this article “How to Create a Sales Call Framework.”

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A note about the “small steps” component; if the call naturally progresses to a conversation with your prospect, then have the conversation. Don’t miss the opportunity to close the sale.

In most cases, especially cold calling, the leads will not be available. For small or medium-sized businesses, you have a better chance of talking to a leader. For larger businesses, you will more than likely need to adhere to the “small steps” component.

Always be ready for anything. Don’t be too rigid and inflexible. The most successful sales associates are the ones who fly by the seat of their pants and are ready for anything.

When you feel that you can handle anything, the client on the other end of the phone will feel that and have more trust and confidence in you.

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You want the words to flow off your tongue. Try yourself in the mirror and look at yourself! This might be hard to do, but that’s the point! By looking at yourself in the mirror, you force yourself to speak as if you were talking to someone. When you play a conversation out loud or in your head, you are not simulating the conditions of an actual call.

The self-conscious feeling you get when you look at yourself helps create a sales call-like discomfort. The more uncomfortable the practice, the more you learn and the better your actual call results will be.

Another way to practice is to ask a friend to play your frame. If you have a friend who is willing to do this, get their feedback, but make sure they are honest enough to give you a critical opinion.

Focus on how the conversation felt. Did it feel natural or awkward? Keep practicing until it feels natural. Once you start dreaming about your frame, you’re good to go.

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You certainly don’t have to take this advice. Instead, you could jump right into the call. Maybe you’re the type of person who learns best by doing. If that’s the case, you know yourself best, do what feels right to you.

But if you jump in without practice, you need to know that you will burn contacts. That’s just a fact. No one, and I mean no one, has ever become a master at something without first working long and hard.

So if you want to jump right into your cold calling box, we recommend saving your best leads for later. Call some of your “lower paying” clients first. Save those “higher paying” clients until you have some success and a load of confidence.

Try 20 calls in 1-2 days and not more than that. A call is defined as a call in which you were able to talk to someone. No pickup and answering machines are not considered a call but an attempted call.

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When you finish these calls, sleep on it. Give your subconscious a chance to think about them. The next day, answer the following questions and be as detailed as possible:

Based on your answers, make corrections to your framework. Rinse and repeat this process. Don’t be afraid to give yourself as much time as you need to improve your sales tactics. In fact, some of the best sellers will tell you that they are constantly improving.

I promise you, if you stick to this process and do it 10 times, yes that’s 200 calls, your frame will be as perfect as it gets! What’s more, you’ll likely be an unstoppable cold calling machine!

For business entities (B2B), call in the morning between 9:30 and 11:30. Everyone is fresher in the morning. Call after people have had a chance to check email and talk at the water cooler.

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Don’t call too close to lunch. They won’t listen to you if you are. After lunch it’s time to digest. People need time to get back to work after lunch. If you have to make a phone call in the afternoon, do it between 14:00 and 16:00. After 16:00 they are in go-home mode. Do not waste your time.

For business users (B2C), call when your customers are likely to be at home. The weather could vary greatly. If your business focuses on housewives, daytime is fine, but if not, evenings will work.

Today, few families adhere to a strict dinner schedule. What can I say, the culture is changing. I wouldn’t worry too much about the dinner invitation. A good rule of thumb is to eat dinner alone with your family and when you’re done, call. If they are busy with dinner, excuse yourself and call again.

Most countries have a do not call list regulation. If you are asked not to call back, don’t! This means keeping careful records of requests so that they are not called.

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Following this point is for your sanity. People can be quite difficult at times, but they can be downright hostile if you invite them after they’ve asked you to add them to the do-not-invite list. Above all, it’s a waste of time.

Have a do-not-call list and update it regularly. The best way to manage this is software. We may have a software recommendation for this in the future. Stay updated.

I’ve never seen a business that makes too much money and doesn’t want more clients. Of course you’ll have growing pains if you grow too fast, but that’s a problem you shouldn’t worry about.

For smaller businesses, set aside time every day to cold call without fail. Never blow your ritual. Be proud of it. Cold calling is a numbers game. You might have to talk to 10 or 20 people before you get a glimmer of hope.

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The faster you go through the numbers, the better. It’s very easy to get discouraged, so you have to deal with failures in order to enjoy the victories. Consistency over time is the key!

If you’re anything like me, when faced with a repetitive, low-achieving task, your mind is desperate for anything to distract it. You know what I’m talking about? I bet you can.

You MUST do everything you can to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand. Try doing the following:

I know some of you will disagree about the water. If you must have water, store it in a sports bottle with a nipple. Do not use a water bottle. Water bottles can be a huge distraction. Water bottles are made of such cheap plastic that a light touch can cause quite a commotion, and more importantly, distract you from calling.

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Before you know it, you will be

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