Business Ideas For Beginners In Uganda – Profitable business ideas in Uganda. Are you looking for a profitable business idea to start in Uganda in 2020, look no further.

Startups have seen a rapid growth lately as many people are moving away from being employed as the proverbial employer or their boss.

Business Ideas For Beginners In Uganda

There are many different ways how one can start their own business but the most common question today is; What is the most profitable business to start?

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Well, I may not have an answer to this question but below I have a list of good business ideas that you can start your own business from.

Cellphone retail businesses have proven to be very profitable. If you are looking for a profitable business idea, opening a cellphone and accessories store can make your fortune.

Without spending on production and other manufacturing processes, the retailer only has to buy from the wholesaler or the factory or company himself and stock the products in his store where he sells at a premium and earns his profit.

You just need to get a suitable place to start it where there is high traffic, good security and public access.

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After securing the location, all you need to do is get the license from the right authorities, get your stock from your supplier and open your store.

Are you good at imagining and creating? If you are good at writing, you may get some money for your gift or talent.

With many websites and blogs looking for guest writers, becoming a writer is another profitable business idea one can think of.

If you know how to write quality content for books, stories or poems, you can start writing your own books and start selling them on many book selling websites and stores.

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Many websites register guest writers. Register with one of them now and start earning from your talent writing for other people on their blogs and websites.

You can also decide to type your own books and become a writer. However, this requires you to be patient as it may take longer to start earning from your products.

This is for you my dear who loves farming. Poultry farming is a very profitable business. Poultry farming requires only a small structure to keep chickens.

Broilers are for meat production while layers are for laying eggs, but can later be sold for meat.

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I recommend broilers because they require much less maintenance than layers. Broilers can grow from chicks to adult chickens in a period of nine weeks.

There is a ready market for chicken meat and eggs. So no matter what type of poultry you choose to go for, be sure to reap the benefits of your hard work.

So you may need to learn a thing or two or hire someone who has experience in raising poultry.

Are you good at designing or do you love fashion? This is for you. Boutiques are numerous these days, but one surprising thing is that they are all profitable.

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Why is this possible? This is because each boutique has its own designer which means different designs from each boutique.

If you have a taste for fashion, you can now become a designer and open your own boutique and start dressing people and fill the world with your touch.

All that is needed to start a boutique is a love for design and fashion, a good location that is accessible and safe, and the machines that you will use to make your designs whether clothes, bags or shoes.

If you have little money to buy manufacturing machines, you can start by selling other people’s designs while planning to start your own production.

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Well, this is my favorite business idea even though it came in at number five. An online store is easy to start and sell any product you want through your website or someone else’s website.

Online stores are much cheaper to start than other physical stores and they are also safe as no one will visit your online store.

Although it requires tech-savvy people to start a fully functional online store website, once it is up and running anyone can upload the product and add the product or service like price, images and availability. can include

You can sell a variety of things online, from physical products such as clothing to downloadable content such as books or software.

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However there are big online stores like eBay, Amazon and OLX, which encourage people to sell their products or software on their platforms.

It is cheaper to start selling your products on already established products and you don’t need any marketing because these big companies are already popular.

So whatever platform you want to use to sell your products, just know that an online store is a profitable business idea.

Another profitable business to start is a milling machine business. Milling machines are quite expensive to start but once up and running, the risk is worth the reward.

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There are many products in the milling business that can be sold at a good price. It includes flour, poultry feed, husk and many more. All of them have a ready market waiting for them.

This business is very profitable and requires little maintenance once started. It requires a lot of energy to start, but less work once it’s up and running.

You need to buy the machines that will work in the mill and also hire workers who will do the offloading and loading of the products and many other factory tasks.

Many people have limited or no time to complete laundry services for themselves.

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They may be busy or they just don’t want to go through the process of washing, drying and even ironing their clothes and other clothes.

This is where laundry service comes in. With a given price, many people happily take their clothes, bags, coats and more to laundry service stations.

All you need is a washing machine that costs around US$100, a dryer and a flat iron. You also need a place to carry out drying, cleaning and ironing service.

If you have a little money to buy machines, you can wash physically in a basin, put the clothes in the sun to dry and then later, you can iron the clothes.

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This is a profitable business idea especially if you start it in a busy place. You will get profit very soon.

Welding has been going on for some time now. Right from the days of blacksmithing to the present day, people are falling in love with welding products.

This business may require some money to start but it is worth every penny invested. With this real estate infrastructure being built every day, there is a ready market for your welding products.

You don’t even need a huge space to get started, just a small room to store operating machines and some products.

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You don’t even need to be on the busiest road in your city as people can easily find your services even if you are in a less populated area.

Welding is a very profitable profession. There can only be limit training. You need to learn welding procedures first. The good thing is that there are many training institutes from which you can learn this.

Are you skilled in a handicraft? If the answer is yes, then know that your destiny is in your hands.

With a huge surge in love for crafts, starting a craft shop may be the destiny that awaits you.

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This type of business is specialized and only for skilled craftsmen. But remember no one is born knowing everything, we learned everything we know now.

So if you have a passion for crafting but are not skilled yet, you can learn crafting and start your own business.

Depending on the type of craft you plan to start building, you will need certain tools and machines to help you in the building process.

The best thing about this business is that it doesn’t feel like a business at all because you spend most of your time doing what you love the most.

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Last but not least on our list of profitable business ideas to start in Uganda is to be a broker.

Being a broker means being a middle man between the seller and the buyer. All you have to do is connect the buyer with the right seller and get a commission share if the sale is successful.

It is a business that does not require any capital to start, does not require a storage structure or obtain a license.

In other words, everyone can become a broker now, however as an entrepreneur, you need passion for this broker business to make it successful.

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You can choose to specialize in a given area and complete your brokering business in these specific areas.

The broker negotiates with the seller the price at which he is selling his products or services and then the broker looks for suitable buyers.

When a buyer comes looking for that product or service, the broker connects him with the seller.

After all, success is

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