Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop – Once you hit ‘Publish’ on your Etsy listings, you’re not done. So don’t expect sales to start pouring in. You must promote, promote, promote and take advantage of every free marketing opportunity the internet has to offer. This is part 3 of the Your Shop, Your Way series and we’re going to talk about how to promote your Etsy shop on social media.

You can’t rely on Etsy to attract all your customers for you. You need to use every tool at your disposal to attract customers. I touch on this in Part 4 where we discuss Etsy statistics and how to use them to grow your shop. Etsy brings about 58% of my visitors, the other 42% I bring myself.

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

You need to know how to promote your Etsy shop in a way that won’t eat up all of your time or drive you crazy!

More Than 50 Etsy Marketing Tips To Incase Sales In Your Etsy Shop

I’m just talking about all the free ways to promote your store that you should take advantage of.

There is a list of social media in the printable workbook that accompanies this series. The workbook contains 9 amazing printables that will help you create the thriving store of your dreams! And it’s only $7 (CAD), a total steal! There’s a pricing worksheet to go with part 1 of the series, and a tag worksheet to go with part 2. Plus lots of other good stuff. 🙂

Pinterest drives a lot of my store’s traffic. Pinterest is amazing because pins last forever, unlike FB or IG posts, they can keep cycling.

I wrote a huge post on how to make pins for your Etsy listings. So I’m not going to repeat everything here, because you really should go read this post. It tells you exactly what I do to make pins and how and where I attach them.

Top 5 Etsy Tips For Organization

Don’t just pin directly from your Etsy listing. Instead, you should create unique pins with several layers of text that explain in a few words why someone needs your product.

You need to attach these unique pins to multiple boards, including group boards. (I wrote a whole other post on the Pinterest group boards, you should read that too!)

And this process doesn’t have to be a huge time-suck either. I spend about 10 minutes a day on Pinterest, and I wrote all about my pinning strategy in this post.

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

Pinterest is essential for getting traffic to your online space. There’s no reason why you can’t take full advantage of this platform.

Ways To Build Hype And Increase Traffic For Your Etsy Shop — Valerie Freeman

Shop Updates are a type of Instagram post that only appear on Etsy. It’s just an image with a caption that you can link a listing to.

The jury is still out on how effective this is. I would imagine that if you are really consistent with their advertising, you should see a small boost in traffic. Maybe I’ll do a little experiment to see if that’s true.

However, the point is that as a small business owner, you should take advantage of every free marketing opportunity that comes your way. Store updates are free, so give them a try and see what happens!

Store updates are a good way to show what ‘behind the scenes’ looks like for your store. Customers really like to see behind the scenes. But don’t share your super messy workspace. Try to keep your photos beautiful and stylish. Nobody wants to see your mess. lol

Amazing Tips On How To Promote Etsy Shop Effectively

Your business needs a Facebook page. It’s often the first place people go to look for information about your business.

It’s a great place to really engage with your audience, ask questions and tell customers what they can expect from your store.

Also, you are less likely to get spammy troll followers on FB as you are on Instagram. which is pretty nice. I’m a little tired of trying to determine which of my IG followers are real. 😛

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

On FB, you can encourage your friends to share your posts. Friends want to support you, but they can’t buy everything you make, so tell them how they can help. Likes, comments, tags and shares go a long way in getting your work in front of new eyes.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop Like A Rock Star (without Being An Online Media Guru, Or Going Broke!)

You can also invite people to like your page. Not everyone you meet of course, but people who have liked your posts but somehow aren’t following your page. so:

Click on a photo you shared and click on the number of people who interacted with it.

A box will appear with everyone’s name and whether they liked your page or not. Now you can click ‘invite’ for those who haven’t!

Often, what I post on Instagram is exactly what I post on FB. Audiences are often different, but in any case it doesn’t hurt for people to see your post more than once. I get overwhelmed easily with all this social stuff, so I have to keep things as simple and efficient as possible!

Complete Guide To Manage Multiple Etsy Shops [february 17, 2023]

But it’s really important to have a FB page to make it easy for people to share your work with others. You can participate in giveaways and connect with other small business owners. FB page is a must.

There are tons of FB groups for online entrepreneurs. The rules in these groups all change depending on who runs them. However, spamming is generally not allowed. lol

Some groups are just for connecting with other business owners and learning from each other. Some will have opportunities to share your work. And some have set up threads where in exchange for sharing someone else’s social post, they’ll share yours.

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

These types of threads can take a long time. But they can be very helpful when you’re just starting out or need a boost in movement!

Get Your Etsy Shop Noticed In 2022 Through Seo — The Pink Ink

FB groups are a great place to ask questions and learn new things that will help you grow your business.

The best way I’ve found to find good FB groups is to search and join one or two, even if they’re mediocre. (You can leave them later.) Then scroll down the right sidebar within those groups to find similar groups that FB recommends for you.

Don’t go crazy and join lots of groups. Your feed will quickly clog up and you will be so overwhelmed. If you can find 2-3 high quality groups then you are good to go!

There are a lot of existing articles out there on how to be effective on Instagram, so I’m not going to dive into that here.

How To Choose The Best Etsy Shop Name (2023)

The key is to post consistently, take amazing photos, use relevant hashtags and speak like a real person to your target audience.

And don’t mix your personal and business. Don’t post random pictures of your cat among beautifully designed pictures of your work. People will unfollow you. Keep your feed branded.

I mix in some fun quotes about moms in my feed so it doesn’t feel like just one huge offer. I write captions that relate to my real life and try to ask a question to get people engaged. The key is to try to connect with your target audience.

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

IG stories is a big thing that I haven’t mastered yet. But based on how I always check for new stories before scrolling through the feed, I’d say they’re pretty effective! I have serious reservations about appearing on video, so I don’t share a lot of stories, and never my face. But if you’re not camera shy, get out there! Video is king now!

Ways To Grow Your Etsy Shop In 2023

I’ll be honest, I can’t speak much to other social media platforms. I’m just not into them. Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are the star team of handmade items.

Twitter and Snapchat might be worth your time, but they might not. I imagine it’s pretty hard to convert scrolls into buyers in 140 characters or less. I guess if you are also a blogger you can make use of Twitter. But being a creator is all about the visuals and the beautiful pictures. So I don’t know.

But I’ll say it again: As a small business owner, you must take advantage of every free marketing opportunity you can to promote your Etsy shop! Try things, if they don’t get the results you’re looking for, then no harm done.

You should consider setting up a website for your business. Even if it’s just a landing page with basic information.

Finding The Right Target Market For Your Etsy Shop

I believe it’s important to have a small corner of the internet that you own and not be affected by algorithm changes. You can post a photo gallery of your work, links to all your social accounts and your store, some basic information and contact information.

You will be surprised how many people will search for your business. Shop owners, potential customers, local bloggers and craft market organizers. All your information on the site will be very helpful for your business.

With a freelancing website you have the option to add a blog or start an email list. You can add a woocommerce store to your website or other methods to diversify your income.

Best Way To Advertise Your Etsy Shop

You will have many opportunities to perform SEO on your images and increase your chances of being found in a Google search.

Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Etsy Shop

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