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Bachelor Of Science Major In Business Management

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Management Bachelor Of Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Master Of Business Administration, Marketing, Png

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Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration, Major In Financial Management

Imbued with the core Ignacian Marian values ​​of Faith, Humble Service and Excellence, graduates of this program demonstrate a high sense of integrity and accountability, dedication and commitment to assuming supervisory responsibilities and management within their organization, to pursue higher education in commerce, and to run and manage a business.

1. Demonstrate knowledge of management process and ability to assess industry attractiveness and competitive environment;

2. Apply the fundamental processes, theories and methods of business communication in the workplace by communicating effectively orally and in writing using both English and Filipino;

3. Develop Marian-Ignadian leadership and interpersonal skills to promote change, communicate vision, provide a sense of direction and inspire employees;

Is A Business Administration Degree Worth It?

4. Illustrate the practice of Gospel values ​​with a strong sense of nationalism and social responsibility to preserve and promote Filipino historical and cultural heritage;

5. Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and morality by working effectively and independently within multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

4. Analyze business and organizational situations using professional, social and ethical approaches to decision-making based on the application of professional standards;

6. Practicing the values ​​of integrity and fairness in the preparation, analysis and evaluation of reports, offers conceptual documents to fulfill Christ’s mission to promote a free and just society;

Business Administration (b.s.)/information Technology And Management (b.a.c.)

9. Apply technology to enable business growth, development and sustainability and help produce quality service fulfilling Christ’s mission of stewardship;

10. Exercise Ignaco-Marian leadership in carrying out their duties and functions, guided by the fundamental values ​​of the faith, a high degree of personal responsibility and accountability, and humble service;

11. Conduct a feasibility study and launch viable business ventures in the community to increase employment and productivity to achieve God’s plan for sustainability and quality of life;

12. Create business plans that respond to the call of the country’s national development concerns and socio-economic indicators guided by the Ignatian Marian values ​​of faith, service and excellence. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is a one-year program that provides professional education in business and management for those who wish to become entrepreneurs or pursue a career in any field of business such as economics, finance, human capital management and marketing. Prior to the conception of the program in 2009, the Institute originally offered a Bachelor of Science in Commerce as per Government Recognition No. 28, with major specializations in accounting, economics, finance , management and marketing.

College Of Business Administration Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration

Under the Mandate of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum No. 39, Series of 2006, the 2009 BSBA program offered major specializations in Operations Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource and Development Management , financial management, business economics, business management, internal audit and legal management.

The program’s curriculum underwent several revisions in 2012, 2014, and in 2018 to better meet industry needs, recalibrate professional course offerings, strengthen professional and elective course content, and align common courses with other programs to improve efficiency and pedagogical management.

Due to the implementation of the K-12 curriculum for basic education in the Philippines, CHED has since drafted new Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSGs) for higher education programs, including administration of Business under CMO No. 17, Series of 2017. Under this new mandate, the current BSBA program prepares graduates for management and administrative responsibilities in a variety of corporate settings, from small businesses to local and multinational entities, regardless of organizational structure.

BSBA currently offers five (5) specialized streams, namely Economic Law, Entrepreneurial Management, Financial Management, Leadership and Human Capital Management, and Marketing Management. Students must complete a total of 168 credits including 600 hours of internship.

We Offer Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration

The BSBA program has been granted Level IV accreditation status by the Accrediting Commission of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACUCOA) and recognized by CHED as a Center for Development since 2015. The program has had a total of 67 batches of graduates and 2,307 students enrolled from the 2

Graduates of the BSBA program are classified under the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) Level VI (Baccalaureate) with the qualification code number 60413, as well as the ASEAN Qualifications Framework (AQRF).

The program welcomes all interested students from any high school stream who pass the college admission test.

In achieving the vision of being the preferred business school in Asia, we will train professionals capable of making critical and strategic decisions, while using effective communication skills, data analysis, mastery of digital information, relational skills and leadership skills.

Major In Business Administration

BS Business Administration learners are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes by the end of the program (please click on each PELO for more information):

Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of accounting, business analysis, business law, economics, finance, management science, management and organizational behavior, and marketing in the application of concepts , theories, business models and workplace ethics.

Evaluate business problems from the perspective of multiple business disciplines and propose appropriate and well-justified solutions using appropriate technology, information and analytical tools.

Define business information needs, analyze information sources, and meaningfully evaluate information that can be used in business situations where ethical and evidence-based practices are needed to recommend appropriate courses of action.

B.s. In Business Administration

Communicate effectively in a variety of areas, including writing, speaking, listening, and reading in the business context, and excellently defend recommendations to decision-makers based on appropriate assessment and compelling oral presentations.

Use appropriate interpersonal and group theory to work effectively in understanding and recognizing diversity, unique cultures, and interpersonal and group interactions to better inform, persuade, and influence others.

Demonstrate global awareness and commitment to civic engagement by applying business insights to create and support higher living standards and quality of life in communities while recognizing the framework of environmental, technological, social and economic sustainability.

The first two years of all BSBA tracks contain the same courses that focus on the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the main functional areas of business administration. Teaching and learning activities consist of interactive discussions, individual and group case studies and presentations, lecture series by industry partners and research into the latest developments in theory and practice of the management.

Online Business Management Degree

Each course is expertly run by faculty with industry experience, if not industry practitioners or entrepreneurs. During the third and fourth years of study, the student must choose a specialized path to undertake eight specialized professional courses and four elective courses in which the student can freely choose his specialized path without limitation. The student will have greater flexibility to choose elective courses based on their professional interests and career plan, in line with current industry opportunities. There are fifty-eight elective courses available and will be run by industry experts

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