Advertising Campaign Has Which Theme – In the spring of 2020, LEGO® launched an advertising campaign for their new product: Braille Bricks by LEGO®.

Designed to help children who are blind or visually impaired learn to read and write Braille, Bricks Braille was launched in twenty countries over the next six months after a successful pilot program.

Advertising Campaign Has Which Theme

This launch was launched through a well-coordinated marketing strategy that included: dedicated website, video, press release, photography/PR, social media, marketing, blogs, and etc.

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In addition to developing a valuable new product, LEGO’s global launch of Bricks Braille provides a clear insight into how many content properties, channels, and marketing strategies can go into executing a successful campaign.

If you are new to developing marketing campaigns, or just want to learn how to improve them, this guide can help.

Let’s dive into the steps and steps that marketing teams should follow to achieve successful results from their marketing campaigns.

At its most basic, advertising is simply a method used by businesses to promote their company’s products, services, or resources.

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However, for a campaign to have a fighting chance to be effective, this approach should start with a solid strategy and a detailed plan.

Think of the strategic part of your marketing campaign as the destination you want to reach. Before you can know how to get there you need to know where you are going. It can also help to know why you want to get there and who will join you on your journey.

If the strategy matches the destination, then the campaign plan is your map to get there. It explains how to implement your strategy. Well, it should be clear:

Whether your marketing campaign is focused on a specific product, has a small budget and will only work for one month in a narrow geographic area, or is a large, global, multi-month program with a large budget , the meaning is the first. The first few steps of your campaign should be focused on defining your strategy and plan.

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Now that we’ve covered this at a high level, let’s dive deeper into each of these areas.

While traveling without a specific goal may work for the avid traveler, in the world of marketing, this is a path that risks wasting time and money.

To help you make sure you’re not biased about your marketing campaign, take the time to consider — and answer — the following questions:

Let’s circle back to the LEGO® Braille Bricks example from the beginning of this post. Based on LEGO’s communications around the campaign, we can speculate that the goal of this campaign is to promote inclusive learning in a fun, engaging way.

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In LEGO’s case, the WHY behind their campaign is clear in their press releases and marketing assets: “To help visually impaired children learn critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration through play. “

Now, the purpose behind your advertising campaign doesn’t have to be as benign as this, but it’s important for you and everyone else involved in the campaign to understand — and step back — why it’s being invested. time, effort, budget, and resources. in this war.

The key is to include the WHY behind the WHAT. For example, “Increase awareness” is what. What you really want and need to get is, why do you want/need to do this?

And taking this a step further…it’s important to clearly answer the question, “Why should my target audience care about this?”

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The heart of this question is, who is your target audience for this campaign? This is also known as the “buyer’s person”.

Going back to the Brick Braille campaign, their communications and content make it clear that the primary audience for this campaign is:

Why does this matter? Because, in the words of Seth Godin, “Everyone is not your customer.” It is important that you are clear about who you are trying to reach and add value through your campaign.

If you haven’t created a persona (or people) of your ideal customer, check out our post: “How to create your buyer persona”.

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Most marketing campaigns, even short ones with small budgets, need a team to help deliver it. So, who are the people you need to rely on to successfully implement and measure your marketing campaign? This list may include:

After considering what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and who will help you achieve it, it is important to look at how you will pay; in other words, your budget.

A lot of this can go towards creating the assets you need for your campaign and paying for the marketing to promote those assets. However, other budget considerations include coverage and promotion rates (if you have a full site or domain dedicated to your campaign), bonuses for influencers or affiliates, posting if you are doing any direct mail, and any additional tools you may need to use. to execute your campaign effectively and efficiently.

Whether you want your marketing campaign to run for a few weeks, a few months, or even longer, setting a clear start and end date is important — not only for measuring performance, but also for budgeting. and the distribution of natural resources.

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For example, if your goal is to develop a new product or service, your KPI might be “X amount in sales revenue.” And if your mission is something like LEGO’s – to help the blind and visually impaired learn Braille in a fun, playful, and engaging way – you might have KPIs about customer satisfaction, share of voice, and/or social interaction.

Well, now that you know where you are going with your marketing campaign, the next step to focus on is your plan to get there.

Answering this question can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming steps in this process as there can be parts, parts, people, processes, ideas, methods, and major things to consider. Some of these include:

Said differently, what specific actions should be taken. For example, if you are determined to use blog posts, paid ads, and videos in your marketing campaign, the strategy might be to create 10 blog posts, paid ads 5, and 2 videos that focus on X, connect to Y. , and channels A, B, and C distribute them.

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Going back to your question “Who will help you get there” in the marketing strategy steps, the answer to this question should focus on assigning ownership to the various tasks that need to be completed to achieve the strategy that will let them bring you closer. achieve your goals.

Your dynamic marketing campaign needs a well-defined strategy for each and every accounting strategy. It helps them stay on track, know what time parameters they have to work within, and set clear expectations.

A sales calendar can be an important tool to provide clarity in what is due when, what is being worked on and by whom, what has been completed, etc. This transparency can improve collaboration and engagement throughout your marketing campaign.

Your overall marketing campaign budget should be set at your Strategy level. How you allocate this budget should be determined at the planning stage.

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This relates to the What (strategy) and the How (actions) of your program. If you want to run paid ads, make videos, and work with influencers or affiliates, this is the step where you determine how much you want and can spend on each.

If a KPI is a measurable value that is related to your marketing campaign strategy, then your plan level should use additional metrics – metrics – to help you achieve or improve your KPI.

For example, if your KPI is $100,000 in revenue from a new sale of your product, then the steps you can track and measure may be related to specific strategies you employ to contribute to sales. driving.

See below for examples of metrics to track based on the type of content you’re using for your ad campaign.

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If the above information conveys anything it is that marketing campaigns, especially successful marketing campaigns require a lot of thought, time, resources, and collaboration.

Fortunately, tools exist to help coordinate, simplify and coordinate parts of the process. In a shameless (but hopefully helpful) blog, here are a few tools that many marketers find useful in their campaign strategy and planning process:

Although there are tons of tools to help strategize and plan campaigns, there are no shortcuts to a successful campaign. Use the tools, but trust the system. Marketing plays an important role in creating a memorable experience. They are working to give the brand her image and voice. But more importantly, they increase the value of the brand and marketing activities.

The right marketing campaign can help you grow your business and give a unique feel to your brand. There are different types of advertising campaigns, and you can use each of them to reach new levels in your industry.

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