Advertising Campaign Goals – Design your next big marketing campaign using the 5-step RACE framework to inform your strategy. Combined with a plan to reach, drive, convert and attract, our marketing solutions are proven to drive more customers and accelerate ROI.

Do you have a modern marketing campaign planning process? Creating custom campaigns or reusing previously successful approaches can be a time saver for starting a new campaign.

Advertising Campaign Goals

But without understanding the broader PESTLE issues before planning a campaign, you can target the wrong audience with the wrong messaging and even offend. Read examples of marketing campaigns that do just that and our recommended tools for marketing campaign PR management.

Free Marketing Campaign Templates

The RACE framework supports managers and marketers in integrating all their key channels and tactics into one plan. Use the RACE Framework to streamline your marketing strategy today so you can clearly track and manage your campaign goals.

Whether you need to increase brand awareness, increase sales, or improve lead generation, there are tools and techniques to support your growth.

Thousands of Smart Insights members worldwide use the RACE framework in their marketing campaigns, monitor KPIs at every step of the customer journey, and use data to accelerate marketing content.

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Creative Campaign Decision Process

As shown in our handy chart, marketers planning a winning marketing campaign must consider the macro- and micro-environmental factors that can influence the campaign among suppliers, competitors, intermediaries, and customers.

Did you know – nearly half of companies don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy? These companies are losing opportunities to lose customers due to better integration and outdated processes. Don’t underestimate the impact of the planning phase!

This is essential for any business before creating an ad campaign. Many businesses already know their competitors and their market, but must constantly monitor and update as new customers and competitors change their broader strategy. Organizations responsible for planning and executing a campaign for a client should conduct market research before any communication strategy is implemented. By understanding how your target audience consumes media, you can speak to them in the right online spaces about the topics they are interested in at the right time.

How can you develop a campaign if you don’t know who your target audience is? You may have a target audience that you’ve analyzed from a database, but how do you plan to segment your audience into subgroups of potential customers with the right messaging?

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A social post, TV ad, piece of content, etc. It might appeal to a portion of your target audience, but what about the rest? Understanding the needs or wants of a problem facing your customer/audience is essential to providing an informed and inspiring response that encourages engagement with your brand and purchase.

Knowing what your competitors are doing well and not so well will help you focus your campaign messaging in the right direction. When conducting a competitor analysis, compare up to five and consider:

Here are some examples of big brands trying to target growing cultural issues with their campaigns, but failing to get the concept, audience, or messaging right should cause national outrage.

Dove took off her shirt to reveal a white woman, sparking a lot of debate about the image of black women. Many said it tarnished women of color. However, the actor released a video saying that he was disappointed that people felt this way about the campaign. It was soon removed from Dove’s Facebook page.

How To Define Smart Marketing Objectives

With the ever-increasing public scrutiny of the body positivity community, it’s hard for women to see that beauty and cosmetic companies aren’t perfect and that something as natural as cellulite needs to be hidden through their products. Avon soon apologized for not getting their communications right.

Social listening or social media listening can be defined as a process focused on reputation management and market research. Through social listening, key audiences’ public content and conversations identified through blogs, social networks, and forums can be monitored to inform customer engagement, collaboration, and new product development.

By implementing social media to inform your marketing campaigns, you can ensure that your content is in the right place for your target audience while avoiding bad PR.

Now is the time to think about your media plan and schedule. We like to use a visual timeline or Gantt chart to see when the media is scheduled and who is responsible for the live broadcast. Check out the 18 most important digital marketing techniques to make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities.

How To Plan And Manage A Successful Marketing Campaign

You should also consider the budget within this section. Need a higher budget per channel? Should you invest in analytics software to track results and understand how your campaign is performing?

This Excel template above is just one of our library of ready-made tools and templates to help business members reach more customers.

Our extensive checklist includes the various content and media tools you need to manage your campaigns – from new product launches, sales promotions, events or new page launches. It is presented as a Gantt chart, so you can plan all the activities of your campaign over a long period of time.

What types of content will get your audience talking and interacting? Learn about what works well with your audience, including:

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Our Content Marketing Learning Path includes tools and templates to help you think through different content metrics based on what you want to achieve as a business and how your audience might respond.

Check out the Smart Insights Content Matrix to compare the roles of content in your goals to inspire, educate, and persuade.

The popular content marketing matrix helps marketing leaders define the purpose of content marketing – across 4 functions: to entertain, inspire, educate and acquire.

One of the best marketing theories for web optimization is the common sense approach or Steve Krug’s “don’t think about me” theory. Is your landing page very clear, concise and easy to understand? Is the navigation simple to use so your users don’t have to “think”? Complex websites and confusing navigation systems frustrate users who can’t find the information they need or find the purchase they want quickly enough.

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Continuous monitoring is necessary to be flexible to necessary changes. If your marketing campaign isn’t reaching as many people online as you’d hoped, have you got an emergency plan and budget to boost your ads? Is your target percentage of users converting to your landing page? Need to make last-minute changes?

You should be prepared to make additional improvements to live campaigns depending on how your campaign is being received. Optimize your marketing campaign by rotating assets to see which ones perform best, does your audience respond positively to video, image or text content?

A/B test key marketing campaigns to see if they can be improved – remember to change just one thing to measure impact. Is there a better time of day to work? Consider changing the percentage of updates/posts around that time to reach your audience.

To get the most out of your original first-tier media investment, your marketing campaigns must be interesting enough to encourage or motivate customers to advocate or share online with their own connections. If you’re running a campaign to bring in “X” amount of new sales, how do your current customers feel about churning? Having a plan for integrating customer advocacy is critical to maintaining the loyalty and trust of existing customers.

Objectives Of Advertising

A good example of customer promotion is a “refer-a-friend” scheme or encouraging your current customers to share your campaign on social media. Budgeting for motivation is also important because, despite 90% of marketers calling themselves “customer centric,” only 17% appreciate brands. If your customers don’t feel valued, they’re less likely to recommend and share your campaign to their networks.

However, if you are confident in your product/service and feel that customers are willing to share experiences with your brand, you have built a strong and reliable brand.

As we saw above, the RACE Framework supports managers and marketers in integrating campaign strategy and channel tactics into customer planning, reach, action, conversion and engagement.

By streamlining your marketing plan, you can track key metrics and optimize your content to drive more conversions while effectively managing your customer retention through key digital channels.

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The RACE framework is proven to drive growth and accelerate digital marketing ROI. There are over 20 customizable templates and tutorials

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