Advertising Agency Jakarta – Hakuhodo Makes It Four Consecutive Creative Agency of the Year for Indonesia in Asia: Hakuhodo Creatives Take Top 5 Hottest Creatives

2020 sees another dominant performance from Hakuhodo Indonesia in Campaign Brief Asia’s Creative Rankings. For the fourth time in a row, Hakudodo has been named Creative Agency of the Year in Indonesia.

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In 2018, Hakuhodo was the undisputed No. 1 in Campaign Brief Asia’s creative rankings, 550 points ahead of its nearest rival. This year, Hakuhodo did even better and is clearly #1 with 630 points for a total of 840 creative ranking points.

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Independent agency Flock Creative Network is a newcomer to the Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings and has jumped straight into the #2 position just ahead of Dentsu Indonesia at #3.

Next week, Campaign Brief Asia will publish these 2020 Creative Rankings country-by-country results, before releasing the full tables and Asia Rankings as a downloadable 80-page magazine pdf. The Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings were introduced 25 years ago (1995) to chart the most creative agencies and individual creatives in Asia, based on award-winning performances over a two-year period of the best global and regional awards.

Hakuhodo took the top five spots in Indonesia’s Hottest Creatives 2020, once again led by Chow Kok Keong with 865 points, retaining his spot at #1.

Woon Hoh finished in the #2 position with 695 points, with Nicolas Alvianto maintaining his 2018 ranking in the #3 position, scoring 520 creative ranking points.

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Davin Susanto and Nelia Nelia complete the top five in 4th place with 240 points. Both were previously unranked.

Dentsu’s Keat Soh ranks tied at #6, previously at #4. Febrian Adi Putra of Flock Creative Network joins him in the #6 position with 170 points. The former Dentsu creative ranked #10 in 2018.

Wunderman Thompson’s Edwin Jacob, Natya Arun and Sebastian Chandra climbed 10 spots from their 2018 rankings to #8 with 155 creative ranking points each.

Three from the Hakuhodo creative department occupy the next three positions – Fajar Noor Fathjri (#11), Andhini Rahayu (#12) and Happy Dewandani, who is tied for #13 with Michael Fabian K of Flock Creative Network.

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NB: The results of the 2020 Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings are tabulated from the winning creative awards of the 11 awards entered over a two-and-a-half-year period starting from AdFest 2018 (March 2018) to Campaign Brief’s The Work 2020 (June 2020 .). Shows included in these calculations are: Ad Stars, Spikes Asia, AWARD Awards, AdFest, Campaign Brief’s THE WORK, Clio Awards, London International Awards, New York Festivals, One Show, D&AD and Cannes Lions.

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And we’ve changed so much in the last 18 months that we felt our brand needed to catch up. We have new owners, new management, new people and an entirely new organization. Fortune PR, Fortune Indonesia and our media, activation and digital brands were all brought together. And we’ve realigned our processes and culture to deliver that expertise seamlessly and efficiently.

Customers work with us because we know Indonesia from the ground up. And we’ve made our deep local knowledge a central pillar of Fortuna, investing in the data, research and strategic capabilities to take it to the next level.

The changes we have made (and are still making) are significant and necessary. Our new identity is a way to signal them to the world – and to remind ourselves where we are going without forgetting our Indonesian roots and values.

Fortuna strives to go beyond communication to find ways to impact your brand in a deep and meaningful way. This means we work harder to get to know you. And to properly understand your problems, your brand and the context in which you operate.

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We have the experience, people and tools needed to learn and connect with every part of Indonesian society. And the basic understanding that allows us to perform flawlessly in almost every part of the country.

From C-suite consulting and crisis management to cutting-edge creative campaigns and transparent, client-focused media planning, we have all the tools and experts you need to get results. And more importantly, a unique culture of collaboration that enables their ease of use.

We don’t fit you into our structure, we create a customizable structure around your brand or project. We pay full and constant attention to your business and can move quickly to more effectively deploy the right capabilities at the right time.

Our goal is to find the critical points that create the greatest impact for you in the most focused and efficient way. And like Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch, landing the punch successfully takes effort: training, persistence, and focused attention on channeling our energy in the right way, in the right place.

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Hello, we’re glad you’re here. Please send us inquiries and we will get back to you soon.Brandkraft is a creative agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia. With an experienced and creative pool of talent, Brandkraft has been able to help its clients achieve their goals through a holistic branding and redesign process. Our vision is to transform companies and brands to create a lasting impression on their audience.

Will is a very experienced brand consultant and graphic designer. After graduating from San Francisco University of the Arts, he began his professional career at Michael Osborne Design, where he honed his skills in packaging design. He then worked for Landor Associates in San Francisco and Singapore. He has worked on numerous branding projects, from startup to global scale, such as Procter & Gamble (P&G), Chevron, TacoBell, OCBC Bank, Bank Mega and Hoka Hoka Bento. He also contributed to the success of numerous package redesigns such as Coors Beers, XBOX, Del Monte, Vicks and Pantene.

Martin Samuel is a multidisciplinary designer whose work spans brand identity, product design, packaging and advertising. His career journey started 20 years ago in advertising agencies and later as branding consultant Makki Makki before joining Brandkraft. Its clients include small to large projects such as banks, automobiles, FMCG, tobacco, pharmaceutical companies, as well as non-profit organizations with various national, regional and multinational brands and corporations such as Djarum, Gramedia, BCA, HSBC, Citibank, KT&G, Astra International, Unilever, Jaguar & Land Rover, UNESCO and the ILO to name a few. Now he wants to be a superstar DJ (LOL).

After graduating with a BA in Integrated Marketing Communication, Glenda started her career at multinational agency BBDO Indonesia and successfully managed integrated marketing campaigns for several global and local clients such as Unilever, Indofood, MARS, Fonterra, VISA and AKKI for 2 years.

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She has extensive experience in advertising and marketing planning with a strategic analytical mindset, having also worked in the F&B industry, Ismaya Group as Senior Marketing and Promotion to lead and enable brands through various strategic campaigns and marketing. She realizes her passion to embody 360-degree brand campaigns, an integrated marketing and communication strategy to achieve the optimal required brand campaign and build a loyal relationship between internal and clients, leading you to effective project management.

Vonni started her design career as a graphic designer for Ciputra Group in 2016. She then worked for a boutique agency where she encountered projects in various industries such as builder, home life, food and beverage, fashion and retail. She believes that design is a vehicle for solving problems and quietly changing the game in the industry. There are great design solutions out there and the real challenge is finding them. The opportunity to continue learning and exploring the world of design is what makes her very excited.

Annisa Novani is an experienced HRD person who worked in multinational companies before Brandkraft. She is responsible for payroll management, attendance, company legality and general matters. She graduated with a degree in Industrial Management in Human Resource Management and enjoys cooking in her spare time.

Gamaliel has a strong passion for overall brand design and typography. He enjoys creating compelling brands that look and feel equally exciting, strategic and functional both online and offline.

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