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Introduction to Facebook Marketing Our generation has become highly dependent on the Internet for knowledge, communication and entertainment. In fact, the average person spends up to three and a half hours a day on social media browsing the web. For advertisers, this is a great opportunity to attract potential customers. However, the digital world is already saturated with advertising. To put that into perspective, we see an average of 400 social media ads per day, which is almost five ads per minute when we scroll through our news feed!

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Facebook Marketing in Hong Kong Data is a valuable asset that can accelerate your business growth. As marketers, we’re used to relying on our marketing experience and instincts to guide our creativity, feeling like every campaign is a bet. But with the help of digitization, we can effectively transform our experience into numerical representations and, with the help of statistical modeling, get concrete proof that one concept is more effective than another. “The numbers don’t lie” is one of our core strategy development philosophies at PRIZM, it is inseparable from the data. We strive to offer marketing recommendations using analytics to clearly define the direction of a client’s social media presence and create digital communication tools that will initiate long-term brand relationships with audiences. Data collection is no less important when mining information. As a social media agency in Hong Kong, we provide early consultations to help assess your business’s current approach to data and how collection can be improved through various marketing campaigns to give you an edge in the data cycle. As a professional Facebook marketing agency, we take a media-first approach, ensuring that the content that is placed on various social media channels is the most effective and has enough time to impress your target audience, increase interest and ultimately drive conversions . Another challenge when it comes to social media advertising is choosing the right metrics to measure the success of your campaign. Using the wrong metrics can cause you to over-estimate or mis-estimate your current marketing efforts. Rest assured, with our ten years of Facebook marketing experience in Hong Kong and our exclusive partnership with Facebook Business and Google, you can trust us to benchmark your campaigns and provide you with the most effective strategies.

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Find the right audience at the right time With the vast amount of time we spend on social media, we’re bound to leave clues about where we’ve been, sites we visit frequently, recent purchases, or as we call it, digital footprints. Putting the puzzle together and retargeting where the target audience was is standard procedure for advertising. Our new methodology is to predict the places where the audience will soon visit and develop a Facebook content marketing strategy in Hong Kong to engage them in a non-intrusive way. Behavioral targeting is a meta approach to media buying. As a Facebook advertising agency, our professional media planner collects first-party data (personal information, purchase history, preferences, etc.) and projects it into similar interest pools and segment groups consisting of media pages, websites, SEO keywords/ SEM, etc., and formulates possible customer journey stages to target. We will also recommend different types of social media ads (dynamic product ads, location-based ads, dark posts) and specific solutions for Facebook ads in Hong Kong that are best suited to drive your audience down the conversion path. In addition, through our partnerships with third-party data providers, we will be able to access exclusive customer segments that are much more complex than generic targeting settings.

What the evolution of digital advertising means for our agency As we enter a paradigm shift in the digital world, where big data and analytics dictate business decisions as much as advertising. As Facebook’s leading advertising agency, our R&D department explores new developments integrating artificial intelligence into Media Buy to better optimize, automate and oversee thousands of media channels during campaigns. The future of media buying will be more closely linked to content development than ever before, they work in unison, a continuous feedback loop where the customer can truly experience the brand in their own way, and we are here to help you create that perfect ecosystem

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Client Satisfaction: We looked at what clients are saying about these advertising agencies to get an idea of ​​the relationship that has developed between them.

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Experience:  We looked into the background and history of these agencies to find out what experience they have in running advertising campaigns.

Company portfolio: We have reviewed available information about these agencies and their work to verify their accessibility to clients and the quality of their campaigns.

Range of Services:  We reviewed the range of services offered by these agencies to determine the adaptability and versatility of their operations.

Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) is one of the largest advertising groups in the world. Its Hong Kong office even became one of the most awarded advertising agencies in the country.

Top Digital Agencies In Hong Kong: Some Of The Best Digital Design From China

Behind this success is the agency’s promise to create unexpected work – and that’s what caught our attention!

Like their project with McDonald’s Hong Kong, a ready-made campaign where customers joined a heist to steal a box of 24K pure gold Chicken McNuggets, we are thrilled!

Another DDB campaign we love is working with Hagar International, an anti-slavery NGO. This particular project resulted in record donations, exceeding the target by 550%.

In our opinion, this mastery of project implementation for both commercial and non-commercial purposes is perhaps the reason why DDB’s client list is so diverse.

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Having clients like McDonald’s Hong Kong, Hagar International, non-profit organizations, start-ups, etc. only proves the capabilities and versatility of DDB.

But if there’s one thing we don’t really appreciate, it’s the lack of detail about how a client starts working with an agency.

Although this is quickly resolved by correspondence with DDB HK, we would still like to see some semblance of a process on their website.

Havas Group has been operating for more than 50 years in more than 100 locations around the world and has numerous subsidiaries. One of them is Havas Creative, their advertising company.

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Behind this feat is what we believe to be their strongest point: the combination of content, creativity, data, media and technology. We also think these traits come out beautifully in their partnerships.

Unlike other advertising agencies in Hong Kong, Havas works with film studios, game companies, live event organizers, music labels, television networks and video distribution platforms.

This diversity is an immediate plus in our books, especially since these partnerships also consist of big names!

But we think it’s impressive that Havas doesn’t rely on this advantage alone. Every year, Havas conducts research to obtain information from 350,000 people worldwide, 31 markets, 22 industries and 1,800 brands.

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However, we can’t help but notice that most of the works in their portfolio are either AVP or TVC. While we know this isn’t the only type of ad they can create, it would be very helpful for first-time customers to see the other options available as well.

Founded in 1948, Ogilvy is the longest-running agency on this list. Fortunately, all the years they spent in the industry brought many good things.

One is the number of offices. At the time of writing, Ogilvy currently has 131 offices in 93 countries, building an award-winning global creative network, which is definitely a plus in our book.

Another advantage over all their years in the industry is the wide variety of clients that Ogilvy has accumulated. Only Ogilvy Hong Kong has already worked with such famous names as IKEA, KFC, Pizza Hut, Shangri-La, etc.

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However, apart from these for-profit companies, it is good to see that Ogilvy HK is also working with non-profit organizations, as it once did with the Hong Kong Cleanup. For us, this shows the versatility of the agency in relation to the clientele they serve.

And we love that this versatility is also reflected in their campaigns, from the ubiquitous KFC ad to the witty IKEA x Pizza Hut campaign and the socially impactful and high-tech HK Cleanup ad.

However, we would like an official online presence of Ogilvy HK. To see an advertising agency of this caliber not have its own website seems not only ironic to us, but also impractical for potential

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