How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising – Today customers expect the businesses they frequent to have a social media presence and follow the companies they like on a regular basis. This makes Facebook marketing a powerful tool for both local and online businesses to increase customer engagement – ​​and increase sales, too.

Customers are much more likely to patronize your business if you make it easy for them to find you.

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

The best way to increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty is to curate content that your fan base finds valuable and useful to them in some way.

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The average Facebook post only reaches about 16% of followers organically. If you want to guarantee that your most important posts will be seen by the majority of your followers, you should take advantage of the “

Make the process of communicating with you as simple and straightforward as possible. If a customer has a question, they should be able to message you directly from your Facebook page

Did you know you can sell directly on Facebook? Now it’s easy to set up a Facebook store that lets you sell directly to people on Facebook – and it costs as little as five dollars a month to do so.

One of the best ways to reach and engage mobile customers is to place an ad and use the “

How Facebook Marketing Turns Your Business Into A Profitable One

‘ button as a call to action. This is an especially powerful tool for increasing sales for service businesses!

Now you have the ability to create a special offer that you can send to your followers. You simply create an offer and it appears in your followers’ news feed with a “

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook to increase your sales. The key, above all, is to keep things simple and intuitive. When you streamline things, you greatly increase the chances that your Facebook followers will buy from you – both now and in the future.

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

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How Facebook Messenger Marketing Can Help To Boost Your Online Store

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Oh, don’t get me wrong, we’ve been in the craziness for a while now. In fact, we’ve been on a Facebook Group (and social media) boom for the past few months. I talked about how I fell in love with blogging, which had to do with a Facebook group in this post. If you have any doubt about the power of Facebook Groups, this post (and this one) should squash it for you.

But now, it’s time for the US to start one. If you’re on the edge of your seat and just can’t wait, we totally understand. Click here to register!

One of the first free Facebook Groups we joined and became active with Janet was Leah Kalamakis’ Freelance to Freedom Project Community. It might even have been the first…after the amazing web design team, which is part brotherhood, part tech support!

The Facebook Boost Post Button: How To Use It And Get Results

Leah really set the tone with the Freelance to Freedom Project Community by implementing a clear structure from the start. Our favorite “set threads” were (and still are)

. Those days really pushed us to blog posts more often and be more active on social media (Thanks, Leah!).

Facebook Groups have quickly become one of the #1 benefits of signing up for an online course. Once again, Leah hit this one out of the park with her Stress Less & Impress course and very supportive Facebook group.

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

Since joining our web design team and Leah’s groups, we’ve strategically joined over 60 Facebook Groups. Yes, you read that right!

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Thank goodness Janet and I have each other, because we can split the list and face our own teams every day. If you decide to join a large number of groups, we recommend that you keep the group details organized in a spreadsheet or table. If you can split tasks with a business partner or Virtual Assistant, bonus!

Want a list of our favorite Facebook Groups to share, support and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and bloggers? GET IT HERE!

You don’t want to join them if you’re not going to be active, if the topics don’t interest you or match your business, or if you’re just joining for self-promotion. All of these reasons will not only NOT benefit your business in any way, but this last one might just get you fired. And who wants to say they got kicked out of a Facebook group for not following the rules? Um, not me!

There is no doubt that joining Facebook Groups will benefit you and your business. But, they need to be the right groups that align with your goals and interests.

Hire A Facebook Marketer (the Top 1% Of Online Talent In 2023)

And guess what? So many people don’t even know Facebook Groups exist or at least don’t realize the benefits. Seriously – go ask 5 people if they know they exist and how beneficial they can be. I bet they don’t realize these 5 ways Facebook Groups will boost your business:

You can’t control who appears in your Facebook News Feed, but you can [better] control what appears in a Facebook Group.

Designated thread days (ie Share Your Stuff Wednesday, Free Friday, Social Tuesday, etc.) help you and your business get out/noticed. You can share your blog posts, courses, webinars, products and more. You can also connect with those you care about on various social media sharing days.

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

You can ask questions and get support (depending on the team, this could be general business support, technical support, emotional support, etc.).

Ten Tips To 10,000 Facebook Followers For Your Business Page

Since becoming more active and consistent in Facebook Groups, we have definitely seen an increase in our website traffic, customers, email subscribers, and social media followers. We have also found people from whom we can learn and share our knowledge. people living in our own town that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. and people we can build a whole business with (like this one!).

Since Janet and I both suffer from FOMO, and one of the online entrepreneurs we admire and learn so much from said,

“One of the best things you can do for your business is to create your own Facebook group”

The best thing about the online world is that there is ALWAYS room for more! More skills to learn and teach, more people to connect with, more ways to do things. So why would we NOT start a Facebook Group?

How To Enhance The Visibility Of Your Facebook Business Page

The best thing about the online world is that there is ALWAYS room for more! Click Tweet

Since Janet and I refer to ourselves as “online magic makers”, we thought it was an appropriate name for our group. Our business is about making magic happen online through web design and development, graphic design, website maintenance (okay, it might not be that magical, but it’s important), social media, and more! So, if you too are making magic online through web development, web design, graphic design, social media management, virtual assistance, SEO services, business coaching, copywriting or any other related field, we invite you to Become a member of the team! We want to connect and support you in this wild and crazy online world!

We’re not very happy, so we don’t have set thread days for you to share motivation or what you do on the weekend. However, we’ll occasionally throw in some fun prompts to share a fun fact about yourself or photos of your pets (“because who doesn’t want to see cute puppies every once in a while!).

How To Boost Your Business Online With Facebook Advertising

In addition, there are some designated days

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