What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol – Alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle. We’re certainly not telling you to skip the cocktails. But it’s important to know how too much alcohol affects your brain and body. Here, we break down the exact physical and mental side effects of one (or more) too many drinks. So you can always drink responsibly this season.

“Alcohol affects your brain in a number of ways,” says Michael Jay Nussbaum, MD, FACS, FASMBS, chief of bariatric surgery at Morristown Medical Center. “[Alcohol] affects the frontal lobes of the brain, where personality and higher cognitive functions take place.” Your frontal lobe is the part of your brain responsible for thinking and making decisions. And if you drink too much, your brain’s ability to think and make decisions is impaired. This is why people tend to make terrible decisions after drinking too many cocktails (“I’m fine with driving!”).

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much can ruin your mood and make any mental health problem worse. “Although alcohol can have a temporary calming or mood-enhancing effect, alcohol can cause depression,” says Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, FACP, an integrative health and wellness expert at Duke University. “It affects the chemicals in our brains and brains, making it harder to manage stress and increasing the risk of depression, anxiety and even suicide.”

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Alcohol affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for creating new memories. Because of this, you may have difficulty remembering some details of your night’s drinking or, in extreme cases, blackout completely. Drinking it affects the brain, which regulates the balance of stability. It’s the culprit behind people walking clumsily (or, more realistically, staggering) when they’ve had too much to drink.

If you drink too much alcohol, your brain will recover very quickly. But if you take too much, it can cause long-term cognitive impairment and brain damage.

Drinking too much can cause serious damage to your body, starting with dehydration. “Alcohol makes you urinate too much, so you’re dehydrated,” Nussbaum says. “[Alcohol] causes your blood vessels to dilate, which increases dehydration, lowers blood pressure, headaches, and fainting.”

Alcohol causes an inflammatory response in the body. One study found that CRP, a marker of inflammation, increased in proportion to alcohol consumption. In other words, the more you drink, the more inflamed you become. If you are taking certain medications, the inflammatory response may worsen. “Even relatively small amounts of alcohol can cause stomach inflammation, especially when used in combination with anti-inflammatory medications,” says Perlman.

Effects Of Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Another way too much alcohol messes up your body? This causes your blood sugar to spike and crash. Post-crash side effects won’t leave you feeling too hot. “Alcohol lowers blood sugar,” says Nussbaum. “Low blood sugar can cause fatigue, weakness, shakiness, mood swings, and even seizures.”

Excessive alcohol consumption (and binge drinking) can damage your liver, pancreas, and heart. It even causes some types of cancer. “Alcohol consumption can damage your liver and prevent it from detoxifying other harmful substances and drugs,” Nussbaum says. “Alcohol consumption can cause cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus, stomach, and even breast cancer,” he added.

If that’s not enough for you, drinking too much can lead to unwanted weight gain. “Weight gain is common when alcohol is consumed,” says Nussbaum. “Alcohol contains hundreds or thousands of empty calories … some mixed drinks can contain a whole day’s worth of calories.”

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol

So drinking too much is clearly not good for your brain, body or health. But how do you know when you (or someone you’re with) have crossed the line from having fun with a few cocktails to not having fun with too many?

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“The first signs that someone may have overdosed are disorientation, flushing, and slurred speech,” says Perlman. “This can be exacerbated by symptoms such as confusion, vomiting, fainting, shortness of breath, hypothermia, and seizures.”

If you start experiencing some of these more serious symptoms, you may be suffering from alcohol poisoning and should seek immediate medical attention. “Being ‘lazy’ or drunk when you’re drinking continuously can turn into alcohol poisoning. [It] can be a life-threatening condition and requires immediate treatment if suspected,” Perlman said.

If you wake up the morning after a night of drinking and feel like absolute hell, think of your hangover as your brain and body’s way of telling you that no matter how much you drank the night before, you had too much.

“Dehydration is caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism, as well as other inflammatory chemicals (contains higher amounts of black alcohol, which causes hunger), low blood sugar, and disrupted sleep.” Perlman said.

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If you’re too in love, don’t sweat it. The key is not to make it a habit. Next time you’re drinking, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s moderate drinking guidelines. In other words, drink it once a day for women and twice a day for men.

In the meantime, maybe Google the hangover, drink a glass of water, and go to bed. And remember, once you feel good, you can always get back on track. Continue your fitness routine with the app or start today.

(If you’re concerned about your alcohol use, you can get help. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has resources and information to help you determine if you’re drinking and where to get help if you need it.)

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol

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Welcome to your guide to the healthiest life ever. delivers the highest quality fitness and health information from personal trainers and industry experts. Subscribe now for weekly inspiration and education. In 1885, when Coca-Cola introduced soda as a sweetened cocaine-based soda, both cocaine and carbonated beverages were considered health benefits, according to River Oaks Treatment Center. Cocaine was outlawed in 1914 and decriminalized by 1929 (via the National Institute on Drug Abuse). However, coke has yet to be considered

Capitalizing on Coke’s success, the soda industry flourished. But in 1942, when the American Medical Association labeled all sugary drinks (not just Coke) as high-sugar, the medical condition disappeared.

. Guess what grew during this time? If you guessed obesity rates, a study published in 2007 shows that you are correct.

Negative effects of drinking too much soda. But how do you know if you’re drinking too much soda? If you experience any of the following, it’s a pretty good indicator that you need to cut back on your sodas.

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The sugar in soda interacts with naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth to create acid. These acids soften the surface of tooth enamel and cause cavities, which can be seen in dental diseases such as cavities.

According to the Wisconsin Dental Association, acid can damage teeth for up to 20 minutes after you stop drinking.

Even if you don’t “sip all day long,” as the association warns, soda can still be bad for your teeth. Washing immediately afterwards will not help. In fact, rinsing immediately after drinking soda can be effective

What Will Happen If You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Damage. The dental experts at Manatee Dental say, “Because teeth are sensitive to sugar and acid, the friction of brushing can be even more damaging.”

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You should know that soda, the more you drink it and the more often you drink it, the more it poisons your teeth. Bottom Line: If you drink soda and experience tooth sensitivity or other signs of enamel wear, or cavities, it may be a sign that you’re drinking too much soda.

If your pants are too tight around the waist, you’ve had too much soda

According to registered dietitian and health coach Cassie Christopher, the sugar in sodas that you don’t use for energy can accumulate in and around your abdominal organs (known as visceral fat). Christopher’s view is supported by a study published in 2016

A 2016 study published in 2015 found no link between diet soda and diet soda, according to researchers.

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It followed nearly 800 seniors

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