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Has the Great Resignation made you think about job hopping? Glassdoor can help you find your next gig, via its annual 100 Best Places to Work (Opens in a new window) study.

Top Startups To Work For

Top Startups To Work For

Glassdoor bases its rankings on feedback from current and former employees who have posted anonymous reviews on their site over the past year. The rating numbers that Glassdoor actually publishes are quite limited, so you’ll see a lot of the same general numerical scores. When pressed how Glassdoor then ranks companies with the same scores, it says it uses a “proprietary ranking algorithm.”

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OK, that’s a bit vague, but the algorithm calculates a ranking not only based on total employee numbers, but also across several sub-ranks, including satisfaction, CEO leadership, career opportunities and compensation and benefits, among others. The 100 companies with the best ratings make the list.

Among the top 100 large companies, Nvidia beat Bain & Company’s winning spot, which it held last year. Glassdoor also reported 36 newcomers to the top 100 – several new tech companies among them, including electric car maker Rivian and help desk software developer ServiceNow. Overall, the list includes 40 technology companies with well-known names such as Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Zoom. If you’re worried about hitching your wagon to a new arrival, top-ranking Nvidia has made the list for the last eight years, while Apple and Google have been there for the last 14.

Among the companies with decreased rankings this year from 2021 were some notable names, including Meta, which dropped from number 11 to number 47 this year – presumably due to all the public scrutiny and negative press it suffered in 2021 . blue-ribbon loser, number 22 shot in 2021, but face plants in 2022, coming in dead last at 100. Then again, it made the list, so don’t count it out for your job search.

All the names have been big companies so far. But along with the top-100 behemoth employers, Glassdoor also has a top 50 list for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which it defines as companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

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At the tippy-top of that index is KlientBoost, a digital marketing consultancy. Other tech names you may know that made the SMB list are Lucid Software (14th), Grammarly (27th), Domo (42nd), and Sprout Social (44th).

Although hybrid work makes geography much less important, Glassdoor also crunched the data to come up with the best four metro areas in which to work. At the top of this list was, surprise, San Francisco; 30 of the top 100 companies have their headquarters there. After SF came Boston with nine companies, Los Angeles with eight companies (whose employees are not allowed to deal with traffic), and New York City with seven companies.

If you’re looking to slice and dice this data even further, Glassdoor has filters on its site that parse their results across the best CEOs, jobs overall, and highest paying jobs. Similar studies are coming for other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and a number of EU nations.

Top Startups To Work For

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I’ve covered business technology for more than 25 years, and in that time I’ve reviewed hundreds of products and services and written a similar number of trend and analysis stories. My first job in journalism was with

Between stints as a journalist, I worked as an IT consultant, software development manager and marketing executive for various companies, including Microsoft, where I was a senior technical product manager for Windows Server. My focus is on business tech reviews at As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, stakeholders are racing against time to implement technologies that ease the burden on companies during a lockdown. We analyze 503 remote work startups & emerging companies working on these solutions and feature Eloops, Plann3r, Proficonf, VRdirect, Taskblitz, and Aubot in this article.

Our innovation analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and emerging startups that are working on emerging solutions that reduce the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Here we take a look at some of the top remote work solutions.

For our 6 top picks, we used a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions worldwide. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 5 interesting examples of 503 relevant remote work startups. Depending on your specific needs, your top choices may look very different.

Top Remote Work Startups Impacting Companies During A Pandemic

During lockdowns, it’s essential that remote employees continue to work, stay engaged and feel connected. To keep teams involved, remote-friendly companies are using technology to introduce gamified company culture applications, embed continuous learning with virtual progress check-ins, as well as implement digital team building activities.

US-based startup Eloops creates an employee engagement automation solution for distributed teams. The solution helps in tracking job satisfaction with personalized surveys, polls, and feedback rounds and designed personalized messages and in-app notifications. In addition, the solution offers pre-made engaging content and virtual team building ideas.

While staying at home for extended periods of time like during pandemics, people need to allocate enough time for work and rest by establishing daily routines and discipline. This is where meeting planners come in handy. The software helps to plan availability, “busy” times, import external calendars, hold important meetings and ensure reasonable time management.

Top Startups To Work For

Belgian startup Plann3r is developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based secure meeting scheduling product. This allows companies to create a meeting page with templates and details to match the look of their brand. The solution integrates all calendars and third-party software, manages availability, as well as finds and sets the most suitable slots for meetings.

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Companies that conduct their customer sales presentations and marketing expos on site are experiencing tough times during the lockdown. This includes companies in the automotive, agricultural, real estate, and design sectors, among others. Virtual reality offers opportunities not only to further their presentation efforts, but also to offer their customers a richer visual experience and immersive emotional flair, without the need to leave their homes.

German startup VRdirect is developing a virtual reality platform for businesses. The solution provides VR content creation tools for sales and marketing teams, especially targeting car model presentations and real estate walkthroughs. Instant publishing and real-time updates allow teams to build interactive 360° experiences. These experiences are shared with customers or viewers at any time using special apps or virtual reality glasses.

Today, businesses face project management and task coordination challenges with the nature of the location-agnostic workforce. Emerging companies are developing innovative solutions to create all-in-one virtual project management and team collaboration environments. These platforms allow individuals to set goals, track progress, manage HR details, and hold each other accountable for project-related issues.

Austrian startup Taskblitz offers a team collaboration tool that focuses on project collaboration, communication and documentation. The solution helps teams organize personal/group drag-and-drop task management, milestone tracking, and appointment reminders. It also sets up a real-time chat and configures semi-automatic HR/invoices management.

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Since synchronous communication is an essential component for remote teams, it is wise to create prerequisites for successful virtual collaboration. Remote work startups use state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing to allow employees, partners and customers to stay connected face-to-face in real time, share screens and exchange files from different devices as if they were in the same meeting room.

Proficonf is a Ukrainian startup that offers a high definition video conferencing solution accessible from web browsers. The solution accommodates up to 250 participants, enables session recording, and facilitates instant file, screen, media and collaborative dashboard sharing. In addition, the solution is based on adjustable connection stability, which allows users with low bandwidth and a poor connection to participate.

While employees are primarily working remotely during a lockdown, it is still important to ensure that office spaces remain under regular surveillance for order, security and operational reasons. Telepresence robots assist managers in monitoring work areas from any part of the world, with just a few clicks. Telepresence robots move across spaces, change angles for better visibility and simplify office surveillance tasks. In addition, the technology enables a practical physical presence of a person in mandatory meetings, if requested.

Top Startups To Work For

, combines dual cameras, a wide-angle lens, ultrasonic sensors and dynamic robot height adjustments for better navigation. The solution also has a remote control interface and video connection, accessible from any browser.

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This is an unprecedented situation for many of us all over the world. The SARS outbreak in the early 2000s claimed 774 lives. This toll was enough to drive research & development into simpler healthcare solutions. It is an encouraging fact that several mobile health, e-health, diagnostics, and remote health startups and emerging companies are able to respond during a pandemic. With thousands of deaths already, we expect to see many new companies offering technology-driven solutions to help doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers and the greater public.

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