How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook – With 1.79 billion daily active users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to showcase your products to a larger audience and expand your reach.

However, simply promoting your products on Facebook is not enough to increase leads because you may be serving ads to a group of people who are not interested in your business in the first place. To get the most out of this social media weed, you should strategically use some free marketing tools to show your paid ads to a highly targeted audience.

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

In this article, we will explain some forms of Facebook advertising and how to get customers on Facebook who have already shown interest in buying products on Etsy.

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Facebook Interest Categories allow you to narrow your audience and show Facebook ads to an audience that is likely to relate to your brand.

To use Facebook Interest Categories, go to the Audience section on your page in Ad Center. Click on the Create Audience option and you will see the actual window as shown in the screenshot below.

Go to Advanced Targeting and click Browse. Here, you can narrow down your audience based on their interests, categories and behaviors. Click on Interests and type Etsy in the section.

Now your ads can be targeted on Facebook to people who have already shown interest in shops that sell products on Etsy.

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Click on Add Interests and type the interest you want to add in the section. As you can see in the screenshot below, we have added more interest in natural skin care. Our Facebook page now targets people who have shown an interest in both Etsy and natural skin care. To further narrow your audience based on their interests, click on other interests again.

If you run out of interest ideas, you can click on Browse and then Interests. There, you’ll find the main Facebook Interest Categories, which include:

Facebook gives brands the opportunity to design their ads using a variety of ad formats that are suitable for different goals and use scenarios. Each Facebook ad format has different design features and technical requirements. Some of the main Facebook ad formats are image ads, video ads, carousel ads, story ads, and collection ads.

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

Facebook carousel ads allow businesses to display multiple images, videos, headlines, links and calls to action in a single ad. Brands can use them to represent their products in a cool and attractive way.

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Additionally, carousel ads allow you to promote multiple products at the same time, which increases the chances of attracting leads. Lovoo found that carousel ads get 72% higher click-through rates than single-image mobile ads. Using carousel ads, brands can highlight specific products, promote product details, add promotions, and tell a compelling brand story that progresses with each carousel card.

Facebook has an automatic optimization feature that organizes the carousel photo array based on the performance of each photo. Facebook carousel ads are a great marketing tool for promoting the latest line of products available in your Etsy online store.

Facebook Stories ads are visual ads that are posted in the Facebook Stories section. Statistics show that Facebook Story Ads represent a powerful marketing tool as they attract more than 500 million users daily. They provide brands with a compelling ad format that drives engagement. You can use many creative tools to create an interesting story using effects, backgrounds, user tags, stickers, links and text.

Posting Facebook story ads for the product you sell on Etsy allows you to get audience feedback about your product. Facebook Stories Ads allow image ads to show for 6 seconds. Video ads can last up to 15 seconds. You can also post carousel ads in the Stories section and display 3 images with a link in one ad.

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The Facebook messenger app is used by 1.3 billion users worldwide and advertising through this channel gives you the opportunity to capitalize on Messenger’s global reach. Additionally, recent statistics show that Facebook Messenger Ads can reduce cost per lead by 30x-50x.

Viewers see these ads in the conversation tab in the messenger app and they can have a text conversation with your audience by clicking the call-to-action button. They drive traffic to your newsletter and allow you to interact with your audience and share details about your products.

Brands can also use Facebook messenger ads to send sponsored messages to customers who have previously interacted with their business. You can use this feature to send highly targeted ads.

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways for online businesses to promote themselves because it creates repeat customers. According to Statista, more than 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media in 2020. Notably, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 2.7 billion users. monthly active users. Therefore, social media marketing, especially on Facebook, has gone from a new idea to an absolute necessity for any business marketing strategy. Social media helps you connect with people who already love your brand, not to mention those who haven’t heard of your business yet. Therefore, it is necessary to connect Etsy with Facebook and other social media accounts to your Etsy shop.

How To Promote Etsy Shop On Facebook

So, how to connect Etsy to your Facebook account? We will break it down for you in this article.

Founded in 2005, Etsy currently has 63,765 live websites. Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace that allows you to register for an online kiosk and share the same space with other sellers. Like Amazon and eBay, Etsy helps you connect your store to a large number of online buyers worldwide.

For small businesses, Etsy is an option worth considering. Marketplace allows you to easily maintain and set up your store. Owning an online Etsy shop is also beneficial in many ways. First, sellers can set up an Etsy store at a low cost because they don’t need to pay additional fees other than listing, transaction, and advertising fees. Plus, it’s easy to use thanks to the simple process of loading items. Learn more about Etsy costs with a detailed estimate now.

Additionally, Etsy is also a great option for multichannel store owners because it can be integrated with their web stores for easier management.

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Last but not the least, Etsy can empower your business with many features and tools that make store management more efficient.

For more information, here we provide you with a list of the best-selling items on Etsy that may help your online business flourish with Etsy sales.

Now you have an Etsy shop with best-selling products, let’s make it better known by connecting your Etsy shop to Facebook.

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

Provides a well-optimized Cart to Cart migration service that will help you migrate all your data correctly, painlessly and with maximum security.

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More than half (54%) of surveyed consumers across generational groups say that social media influences their shopping habits. They often use social media to research products and reviews before making a purchase. Among social media platforms, Facebook remains a force with 44% of consumers across the Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and baby boomer age groups. Therefore, it is necessary to have a prominent online presence on various social media platforms, especially Facebook.

Additionally, Etsy allows you to link your shop to your Facebook page. When you do, a Facebook Like button will appear on your store page. Additionally, when you list new items, you will post information on Facebook during the listing process.

As mentioned above, selling on both Etsy and Facebook can bring many benefits, especially when you choose to sell on multiple sales channels. An Etsy listing tool designed to help with multi-channel sales solutions. If you like to expand your customer base while already having an online store on eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, or BigCommerce, LitCommerce – another brand – could be a good choice for you. LitCommerce is a SaaS system that allows e-sellers to list and sell products on the largest online marketplaces and allows data to be managed in one central location. In this way, traders can easily fulfill their orders from multiple markets and provide the best customer experience.

So now you know it’s worth promoting your Etsy shop on Facebook. Let’s jump straight into how to connect Etsy to Facebook. Stay tuned!

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By placing a Facebook “Like” button on your Etsy shop, visitors who like your shop can quickly become your Facebook fans. Your Facebook updates will appear on your audience’s/customers’ news feeds, reminding them of your store and products. This will help build your brand and increase your reach.

Additionally, please note that you must have a Facebook business page and an Etsy shop open to the public to do this.

Then, you can also link potential customers to your Facebook page by adding your page to the About section of your website. To be more specific, this part is where customers know who they are buying products from. In other words, it gives the truth.

How To Advertise Etsy On Facebook

Now, merchants can easily get sales thanks to Facebook Business Page. After that, you can convert random visitors into potential customers

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